Forgotton Anne iOS

Explore a magical Ghibli-inspired world in puzzle-platformer Forgotton Anne

The iOS version of Forgotton Anne, ThroughLine Games’ acclaimed puzzle-platformer, is now available for download. This Ghibli-like adventure tells the tale of the Forgotlings; household objects come to life that wish to return home to their owners.

Just from the screenshots included here, you can probably tell that the team has taken some inspiration from the legendary Studio Ghibli, creators of classic films like Spirited Away and My Neighbour Totoro. In fact, they went so far as to use many of the same hand-animated techniques that bring Ghibli’s vivid worlds to life.

Complementing the visuals is a powerful orchestral score from the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra, which plays a big part in Forgotton Anne’s most affecting and unforgettable story moments.

You play as the titular Anne, who, as an enforcer for her boss, Master Bonku, is tasked with quashing a potentially violent uprising among the Forgotlings. And, thanks to the game’s branching dialogue system, your decisions will have a direct impact on the way the story plays out.

The world of Forgotton Anne is large, incredibly detailed, and packed full of secrets to uncover. You’ll use your mastery of the magical power Anima to solve puzzles and work your way back to the world you once knew as home. You can also expect a nice amount of tricky platforming, with plenty of neat skills to discover and get to grips with.

The iOS port adds handy cloud save functionality and over 30 pieces of concept art to unlock, making this new release the most feature-packed version of the game to date.

Forgotton Anne is available now for download over on the App Store, and there’s an option to check out a free trial. It’s the ideal game for those who love a good story, and features a passionate fanbase that you can join via the game’s Discord page.