Fortnitemares Event

Fortnitemares event is here to spook you out

Fortnitemares 2019 Event is brought to you by the Fortnite Team and it “returns with a vengeance”. The Halloween ghastly celebration began on all platforms and it will last until November 4th, next Monday. So, get your game faces on and your masks on them as the weekend promises to be short but explosive!

Ghoulish creatures now swarm the entire new island, where Fortnite Chapter 2 brought the players through a tear in the space/time continuum. An ancient evil has risen its ugly head here and the players need to work together to survive, cause S*#T has hit the fan and things are about the get messy. The Halloween challenge includes but is not limited to the following features:

  • Storm King LTM – a challenge queue with the Storm sail umbrella reward
  • Mansion of Power – a Free For All unforgiving environment where five eliminations in a row wins the game. Go down and your winning streak is over and reset, no excuses, no exceptions
  • Phantom Outfit
  • Time Keeper Back Bling
  • New Sprays
  • Blackboard Back Bling
  • Extra free challenges and more

This 2019 Fortnitemares is centered around the Storm King, who is the villain from Save the World mode. However, this new skirmish has its own limited-time separate development which is well-inducted into the story that unfolded with the events of the Black Hole and the new Chapter 2. Now, players need to team up in squads to best the Storm King and the endless hordes of undead. Those that manage to survive get a spooky umbrella for risking their skin…how appropriate.

Fortnitemares Event - Storm King

“No sweet dreams here, only…Fortnitemares.”

However, the main Fortnite’s battle royale mode, which is what the community is most interested about, also features a few undead changes, with this being the first time the new Chapter 2 new map is changing. The new center is the Isle of Storms, appropriately named, from which the undead evil swarm out and will continue so until they are dealt with. There is a wide variety of new challenges and in-game features to follow up the spooky Halloween Fortnitemares 2019 event and the players will have six full days to enjoy them, starting now.