Saturday, February 23



Epic has announced in an update today that their decision to shelve guided missiles has been a product of all the feedback and the overall question of disbalance such weapon brings. It is not hard to imagine that if such a weapon is available everyone would prioritize it, and pretty soon Fortnite’s Battle Royale experience would be a lot like this:

Epic said in an update today that guided missiles are going bye-bye for now, until they figure out a way to make them a balanced part of the game. The official statement was:

“We’ve gotten a lot of feedback around the Guided Missile, in particular concerns over fairness and strength of the weapon,” Epic wrote on Reddit. “We share your concerns, so we’ve put the Guided Missile into the vault while we figure out the next steps for its future.”

Fortnite’s guided missiles were declared OP AF, although the missiles did not grow on trees and were rare enough, but ever since late March, when they were added to the game, players continually complained about guided missiles completely ruled out most of the strategic possibilities. But, even if they are rare, guided missiles proved to be an anti-climactic means to win the match, because you would fight tooth and nail the whole match, only to be blown to smithereens at the very end.