Fortnite 8.10 Patch

Fortnite Patch 8.10 is now available and it does have a lot of features

There is a lot of things players sought after from the new Fortnite patch, and they’ve got a lot of things to look forward to. Remind you, the game got controller support on IOS and Android with 7.30, which also allowed for 60 frames per second gameplay. The 8th season began recently with 8.00 patch and after one minor update last week, this is the first big patch for Season 8. Before we start talking about the new content, let’s say that this patch introduced one big change in matchmaking. From now on, Switch and mobile users will be in the same matchmaking pool.

It’s been known that Switch and mobile versions of Fortnite were basically the same compared to other platforms. Regardless, Switch players were matched by default with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players, until now. Epic believes that this will bring better gameplay experience for both groups of players included in this change. This change doesn’t affect crossplay, and it is still possible across all platforms.

Now about the features. The first significant addition is The Baller, a spherical vehicle which allows you to roll and perform various shenanigans. Other additions are vending machines that are single use, and after an item or weapon is retrieved they disappear. There is also the Getaway LTM with Jewels, as well as a bunch of mobile-specific bug fixes, some controller fixes for triggers and more. It seems that Epic Games is serious in keeping Fortnite relevant after a big decline in January, followed by the launch of Apex Legends. Let’s just hope they will keep swimming in a proverbial Battle Royale pond full of proverbial crocodiles.