Fortnite Removed the Boob Physics Animation

Just one day after Epic released Season 6 update for their smash hit Fortnite globally, they already faced a backlash. About boobs.

The Season 6 update brought a number of features to the game, like a more sinister tone, a creepy haunted castle and a floating island over Loot Lake. But what got the most attention is the physics of movement of the Calamity’s boobs. It only happens when the avatar is in default skin, but after one user noticed it and published his observation on Twitter – it all went viral pretty quick.  

Soon after, Epic stated in their statement to The Verge that the whole incident was “unintended, embarrassing, and it was careless for us to let this ship.” While it’s commendable they are on top of things so quickly, many of us can’t stop but notice that the game had to pass the QA process before being okayed for release.

If some of you are wondering what exactly is the issue with boob jiggle, the answer is that Fortnite is intended for a younger audience, as well. This is the reason while breasts in the game have all remained static until now. This is kind of funny, though, since Fortnite is a violent game with people running around the island on the killing spree. If I were to guess, I’d say that this was a test to see the gamers’ reaction since Calamity is dressed, not showing her nipples and jiggle is quite subtle considering her cup size.

fortnite boobs

A gaming industry is often accused of being juvenile and toxic especially when it comes to games involving mass murder like Fortnite. But it seems that just like they didn’t handle that well, the industry is still trying to find its bearing when it comes to objectivism. However, in this case, I don’t see a problem with the boob jiggle that is perfectly normal when a girl has bigger ones like Calamity. It’s simple physics, folks. It actually happens in real life, too only you can’t tweet to the police officer to ban the woman from jogging in the park for it, so you use social media to present yourself as a puritan.

For me, as a woman, this whole charade is embarrassing. From so many nice features Season 6 brought us, all people are talking about are boobs being boobs. Maybe Epic shouldn’t make them a larger cup at all and then everyone could chill, stop being sexist and just play the game.