Fortnite Revenue made a sharp drop in January

If we look at the number of consecutive players, Fortnite is still the biggest game in the world, with the new record-setting number every month. However, not everything is going smoothly for the Epic Games’ smash hit, for some statistics show a dramatic decline in revenue.


According to Superdata site, after having a record-breaking revenue in December, Fortnite recorded a sharp drop of 48% in January. Now all of you who are about to mention Apex Legends should hold their horses because that game wasn’t out until early February so it has nothing to do with the plummet of Fortnite profit.


It is still not clear what exactly happened. December is holiday season but it is harder for Fortnite to take advantage of it compared to the most of the games because you don’t have a physical copy of the game to give to someone as a gift. There were some holiday bundles and gifts during December in Fortnite, but almost all of those were digital, and therefore less prone to explosive sales during holidays. Although, kids were probably still buying Fortnite skins for holiday money.

Maybe one of the reasons for this unexpected fall was the fact that the new battle pass for season 7 was sold in December, not January. For now, season 7 mostly didn’t deliver with way less must-have skins sold in January and with the mediocre Ice Storm event that took place during that month, which was basically a reskin of Halloween event just a few months earlier.


Fortunately, February seems to be a comeback on track for Fortnite. In this month, Fortnite achieved two major world records for the concurrent number of players. There was Marshmello concert which gathered 10 million concurrent players and also in one point of February Fortnite has been played by 7 million people at the same time. The second record was made after the release of Apex, therefore it seems that Fortnite player base isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Nevertheless, it seems that Epic Games has got a bit worried because of that unexpected decline in revenue, which might be the reason why they are taking some extra steps in preparation for the 8th season. For starters, the game is offering the Season 8 battle pass for free under the condition of completing a few of easy challenges in the game. This might result in players being more engaged with the game and buy more tier boosts from the store.  Additionally, players who already have battle pass might boost their level in order to get to tier 100 if they don’t have the time or will to grind manually.


It is yet to be seen what Apex Legends will do to the success of Fortnite, considering the former is heavily monetized by Electronic Arts, having a store, loot boxes, character unlocks, and even a season battle pass coming soon. The thing is Fortnite didn’t have a competition this big since PUBG days and It’s too early to predict if Apex Legends will be a long-term threat to Fortnite.

Financially speaking, Fortnite might earn the third of its profit in 2018 and it still will be measured in billions of dollars. Considering that, we are still far away from speaking about the fall of Fortnite, and it looks like it will be like that for many years to come.