fortnite season 8

Fortnite Season 8 is here

A current most popular game in the world, Fortnite, is finally getting into Season 8. After not-so-bright season 7 which recorded a sharp decline in profit, Epic Games took the preparation for the new season very seriously. Nearly 3 months after Season 7, Season 8 arrived and brought a lot of new content.

In the last patch that arrived in Season 7, Epic Games brought back giving gifts, but more importantly, it let you earn the Season 8 Battle Pass for free if you managed to fulfill some simple challenges. This Battle Pass is really convenient if you don’t have the time or will to manually grind in order to improve yourself to the tier 100.

In this season there is a major change of the landscape in form of a huge volcano. There’s a lot of new skins, like Pirates and Ninjas, new Fighters and, of course, new weapons and legendary loot. With the volcanic vents on the map, there are two new locations you can reach, Lazy Lagoon and Sunny Steps. This new patch also brings you Party Assist feature, which lets you pick a daily or weekly challenge to get help from friends for completion. Concerning the weapons, the new one is Pirate Canon, which lets you launch yourself or a cannonball in order to destroy whatever is on the other end of the shot.

With volcano comes lava, which gives you 1 damage per touch, but there are also volcanic vents which launch players and vehicles into the sky. The еvents to begin the season will be 50 vs 50 and Close Encounters LTMs. The new battle pass will still cost 950 V-bucks and it will contain over 100 new exclusive rewards. If you purchase this pass, you will instantly get the Blackheart and Hybrid progressive outfits.

Apparently, Epic did extra mile to keep the Fortnite player base, by giving more content and making the season pass almost free. Let’s wait and see will Apex Legends manage to snatch the title of the best Battle Royale from Fortnite.