Fortnite Season 10

Fortnite Update 10.00 is now live

Fortnite 10.00 update is live as of August 6 and it brought new content, rifles, useful tricks, and more. The classic Battle Royale meat grinder now has a new spin to it with this content update as the patch notes indicate that there were several significant changes. Stuff like Tilted Town, an auto sniper, and more await all Fortnite Battle Royale enthusiasts, so dive in!

Season X story begins with a mysterious rift explosion that sucks our heroes into a..well, a rift. As everything is floating left and right, people are grabbing new clothes, armor, weapons, and are making new enemies/friends. The reality of it all is that a giant meteor is about to hit one of our favorite areas – Zero point. Epic Games now brings us a spun version of Neo Tilted…which now ‘isn’t so Neo anymore’, and according to the official statement: “A Rift Zone has turned this location into what it was many years in the past: a Wild West settlement. What’s even wilder than this western twist is that building and harvesting are prohibited.”

Besides this radical change in prohibiting building, Epic also added an Automatic Sniper Rifle, which is said to be handy for pinning down enemies at great distances. It is, of course, available in all the variants (Rare, Epic, and Legendary) and it is available as a Floor, Vending Machine, Chest, Loot Carrier, and Supply Drop pickup. The full list of contents for Fortnite Season 10.00 update is below

Limited Time Rotation:

Arsenal  (coming soon) – Team Type: Solo – Respawning: On

In this limited time mode, which is coming soon, the players will be able to work their way through all the weapons, from higher to lower rarities, and respawn until one reaches the final weapon and reaches elimination. Ammo is set to infinite and eliminated players will drop materials.

Weapons and Items:

Automatic Sniper Rifle
  • Rare, Epic, and Legendary
  • Medium Ammo
  • Faster projectile travel time compared to other Snipers
  • Damage range: 31/33/35 – Headshot damage range: 62/66/70
  • 4 RPS (rounds per second)
  • 16 RPM (rounds per magazine)
  • Reduced zoom scope
  • Available from a Floor, Vending Machine, Chest, Loot Carrier, and Supply Drops
Tilted Town exclusive weapons:
  • Double Barrel Shotgun – Epic and Legendary
  • Six Shooter – Uncommon, Rare, and Epic
  • Hunting Rifle – Uncommon and Rare
  • Infantry Rifle – Common