Police Swat Team

Fortnite World Champion was “Swatted” while streaming

Funny story, Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, Fortnite’s World Champion, got ‘swatted’ two nights ago. This 16-year-old gamer was in the middle of streaming on Twitch, when his father came into his room saying that that the police are at the door, armed, and are looking for him, to which Bugha replied: “I got swatted?”. This was all seen and heard on his Twitch live stream.

If you are not familiar, the term “swatting” describes criminal harassment. It is a case of a false police call or hoax, in which the perpetrator files a false report with the police with the hopes of them dispatching an armed unit to the targeted person’s address. This criminal offense has become quite popular among gamers and streamers, unfortunately, especially among popular members of the community like ‘Bugha’.

Bugha recently made the headlines when he won the Fortnite World Championship held this July and won a sum of $3 Million. When the police came to his door and his father called him away from his computer, Bugha left for approximately 10 minutes. It was later reported that he did not face any difficulty due to one of the police officers being from the same neighborhood and recognizing him. Bugha was at the time streaming with his fellow pro gamers – Fanny “Dubs” Walsh from FaZe clan and Timothy “Bizzle” Miller from Ghost Gaming.

It is unknown if the perpetrator of this criminal offense is identified and if that person will face any repercussions for his actions. Bugha was fortunate to not have any complications in this unfortunate event. A case of “swatting” due to a Call of Duty dispute in 2017 resulted in a death of a 28-year-old man, who police shot and killed.