Forza Street Coming for Android and iOS

Forza Street coming to iOS and Android

Forza Street Mobile and PC free-to-play racing game is coming to Android and iOS, as the game is available for Windows 10 already. Microsoft made sure of that, as a FTP version is downloadable via your Win10 installer. The game is a racer collector with attractive looks and a big developer behind it, so it is naturally starving for attention.

Forza series

Forza Street is the last installation in the Forza (Italian for “power”). The developers included in the series are Turn 10 Studios, Playground Games, and Sumo Digital, with Xbox Game Studios being the sole publisher. Thus, the platforms this franchise is reserved for are the Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, as is this last installation Forza Street.

Forza Street’s FTP racing game developer is Electric Square and the game is now available for PC for almost a year. However, the rebranded iOS and Android version is coming later this year. The game’s naturally quick pace makes it an ideal candidate to be ported for mobile. Its races are short and quick to set up and the very game is meant for weaker devices with low-end capability, meaning everyone will be able to pick it up on their mobile device.

Release Date TBD

Forza Street release date is yet TBD but since we already got a trailer and an official announcement, it is probably a matter of months. When the game finally arrives, the players will be able to enjoy all the standard racing features like collecting and upgrading cars, racing on the street in all kinds of mods and conditions, and enjoying cinematic moments and epic stunts.