Marvel Strike Force Update

FoxNext presented us with new Update and New Heroes!

Holidays are near and FoxNext made sure to award their community with early presents.

The new update fixes a number of bugs and announces new upcoming events. In the days to come, we will participate in the Spider-Man [Miles] event with our TECH characters. There is also new Miles Milestone which will grant Gold Orb fragments, T3 and T4 Ability material and Purple and Orange Gear Orb fragments for upgrading Spider-Man [Miles]. We will see how many Milestones will be doable for average players but at first glance, awards are very nice.

After that, we will be presented with Sabretooth and Pyro Event Campaign. For Sabretooth Campaign, you will need only Villains and for Pyro Campaign, the player will use Blasters and Support characters. Also, new Gamma Raid for Juggernaut will be available shortly.

New heroes are Green Goblin and Spider-Man[Miles]. With new Heroes, we got new Hero trait – Spider-Verse. Spider-man (original) and Venom inherited this trait so now we have 4 Spider-Verse Heroes.

Green Goblin is a well-known Villain from Marvel Universe and he is one of Spider-Man archnemesis. Several different characters were behind Green Goblin suit during the years but Norman Osborn is the most famous (others are Bart Hamilton, Phil Urich and Nameless Construct). In Marvel Strike Force Green Goblin has very powerful abilities but his speed is very low and I believe that his role in the game will be equal to the role of Thor which means that he will not be used often unless FoxNext introduces more Spider-Verse Heroes (Green Goblin’s passive ability clears positive effects on each Spider-Verse Hero turn).

Msf Heroes

Spider-Man [Miles] aka Miles Morales is an African-American Latino boy who took the Spider-Man Costume after the death of Peter Parker. The character is introduced in Marvel Universe after 2011 and there were opposite opinions about him from the start. Stan Lee approved the creation of positive African -American Latino teenage role model but the majority of Marvel Fans disapproved this character because they thought his creation is another political correctness in the Marvel Universe. in Marvel Strike Force, Miles is agile City Hero with very useful skills who can be combined with almost every existing team. Miles is faster then original Spider-Man and he can apply Defense Down on the random enemy each turn. He begins combat with a Stealth and he is able to enter Stealth every time he uses his special ability. Above all that his ultimate can strike all enemies for a fair amount of damage.

Msf Heroes

BlueMoonGame also thinks about our community and we decided to present you with the new Guide about StarkTech and Red Stars Promotions. Red Stars brought balance change into Marvel Strike Force and nothing will be the same in the future. In my opinion, FoxNext failed to understand the impact of RNG with current Red Star promotions and I think that the game will be ruined for a lot of players. Nevertheless, BlueMoonGame will continue to feature all news about MSF in the days to come, impatiently waiting for Red Star Promotion fix.

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