Dark Phoenix X-Man

FoxNext’s Guide – How to ruin a successful product in just one week

BlueMoonGame features MSF for more than a year now and during that time we wrote numerous articles in our attempt to promote this game in the best possible way. It is true that we sometimes criticized FoxNext’s decisions but that was only because we wanted to be constructive and helpful, hoping that someone in FoxNext actually read the suggestions from the community we try to represent. As a matter of fact, we normally pointed out only good things mentioning the problems just when that was absolutely necessary and even then some people claimed that we complain too much. Unfortunately, today we must talk about the major problem caused by FoxNext which led to an accelerated decrease in the playerbase.

As you all know three weeks ago FoxNext announced a new Arena Meta Team which will change the balance of the entire game. That new team is the X-Man team composed of 4 new characters: Psylocke, Colossus, Cyclops, and Phoenix. For a brief period, we were able to see the skill-set of all the mentioned characters and it was instantly clear that Phoenix is the core of that team. Her skill-set is so overpowered that even someone who never played Marvel Strike Force is able to understand that collecting her is the most important task for further participation in the game. Characters needed for obtaining her must have Villain, Mystic and Controller traits which mean that you originally required Hand Assassin, Nobu, Ronan, Mordo, and Loki at 5 stars for Phoenix Legendary Event. That was ok because you needed 2 HAND characters at 5 stars at the moment when the majority of players haven’t invested any resources in HAND characters at all. The problem occurred when FoxNext realized that players who are active for a long time are already close to fulfilling the requirements since they opened enough Premium Orbs and Basic Orbs to have Hand Assassin and Nobu on at least 4 stars and that they will be ready for Phoneix Legendary Event without spending Power Cores on Refreshes. Out of pure greed, FoxNext decided to change the requirements for Phoenix announcing that we will have to assemble the Villain Mystic Controller team with 6 stars in order to acquire her. This indicates that you will need to obtain 200 more shards per character and when we know that the average amount of shards collectible from mission nodes is 2 per day we come to the conclusion that we will need at least 100 more days of playing in order to reach given demands. Above all that this suggests that now you will be forced to farm shards for more than 2 characters you will not use at all, and you will need to maximize those characters because 6-stars combats in Legendary Events requires level 60 characters and T10 gear (some rumors on the net even say that we will need T13 gear for unlocking her but that is not official). This awkward (I will not use stronger words) decision immediately backfired at FoxNext – in just one week Marvel Strike Force dropped from top twenty top grossing games in Google Play to below top fifty with the possibility of dropping even further. Worst of all, a lot of players simply decided to leave for good, which drastically influenced the popularity of the game causing it to fall below the top 50 games on the Google Play.

Dark Phoenix X-Man 1What should FoxNext do to emerge from the mess they caused? First of all, they should compensate all players who invested resources in Psylocke and Colossus because they all feel betrayed at the moment. Then they should stop stealth nerfing the game because that irritates everyone. If they are not satisfied with the difficulty of the game content and if they want to make some nodes or missions harder they must announce that officially so everyone knows what they should expect. This leads to the next issue – FoxNext must admit when they are wrong and must realize that the only way to earn more money is to make the game competitive and interesting instead of just expecting that the players will spend money whenever FoxNext wants it.

Today, FoxNext made the first step in redeeming themselves. From now on you will receive 1000 War Credits, 50000 Gold, 100 Elite War Credits and 10 Advanced Basic Catalyst when you lose an Alliance War. This is an upgrade, not significant, but still an upgrade. FoxNext advertised this upgrade with the sentence “You spoke and we listened” which suggest that they will listen to the community from now on. Better late than never, I would say, but this guarantees nothing because that does not ensure the return of players nor indicates the change in FoxNext’s overall policy. My opinion is that we need to remain optimistic and that we should give the game another chance. I am aware that my words and this update are not enough to restore the broken confidence but I am hoping that Marvel Strike Force will recover from this soon.

America ChavezIn the days to come, we should expect America Chavez Event and Phoenix Legendary Event. America Chavez will be a nice addition to Ms.Marvel/Brawler team and hopefully, the community will change focus from bad things to something nicer.

BlueMoonGame will continue to feature Marvel Strike Force regardless of everything. We will implement Cyclops and Phoenix in our Tier Lists and Best Team Tier List as soon as they appear in our rosters because we want to be sure of their value and not to assume things before the official release.

Until then, be patient and have faith that FoxNext will do everything in their power to keep the game alive.

Good luck Heroes and may the Random Number Generator be with you!