Star Trek Fleet Command Fractured Empire

Fractured Empire Event

Welcome to our short overview of the newest event in Star Trek Fleet Command. Fractured Empire is the new event in which all players can participate, regardless of level, and earn valuable rewards.  The rewards can be earned in three separate events: Fractured Empire Leaderboard, Fractured Empire Alliance and Fractured Empire Solo Event. One very nice thing here is that earning points in one event will also earn you (some) points in the other two. Do note that these are daily events, so each day, until 29th of May, you may play and earn rewards.

If you’re new to the game or just looking for some additional info, check out our Star Trek Fleet Command guides.

Now, let’s talk a bit about each of these Star Trek Fleet Command events.

Systems in which you can find Elite Separatist and Bosses (Bosses will appear only in level 26 systems).

Federation Space

  • Achillon (17), Rada Ban (22), Parleon (26)

Romulan Space

  • Rana Nur (17), Aesuri (22), Constina (26)

Klingon Space

  • Ka’Bi (17), Kol Ran (22), and Urthak (26)

Since Elite Separatist ((17) ~ 25k strength) and Elite Separatist ((22) ~65k strength) are both interceptors it would be a good idea to use Explorers against them (Turas, Jellyfish, and Valkhas).

Fractured Empire Solo Event

In this event you won’t be competing against other players for rewards, instead, you’ll have to earn a certain amount of points to get the prize. Frankly, these rewards are great, especially when you consider how easy it is to get the top reward in this event. Getting a solid amount of additional resource, plus Premium and Ultra recruit tokens, for destroying just a few hostiles (well a bit more than a few, but you get my point) is something that I really like about this event. The ability to get high tier recruit tokens is something that I really like because you always need those to upgrade existing Star Trek Fleet Command officers or unlock new ones.

Awarding Points

In the Solo event, amount of points and level of hostiles that you need to destroy/damage in order to unlock all rewards will vary depending on your level. For example, level 15-16 players can get the rewards by destroying level 13 – 18 hostiles, and to get top reward will need 150-200k points. On the other hand, players level 25+ will have to hit level 26 elite separatists and bosses and earn millions of points to unlock top rewards, but those rewards are also much greater than those that can be acquired by lower level players.

Now, about earning points. You’ll earn points by damaging elite separatist and bosses (or hostiles, if you’re lower level). A certain amount of points will be awarded for each 1 point of damage dealt to enemy ships. To view the exact amount of points earned tap on the bottom left icon on the event screen.

Fractured Empire Leaderboard

In this event, you will be competing with other players for the top ranking positions and rewards. Only the 50 highest ranking players can get rewards, so getting rewards from this event will be possible only if you have a high-level account (probably higher than level 25) and you’re willing to put in the time to grind. A good thing here is that everything that you’ve done to earn rewards in the solo challenge will also grant you some points here. However, unlike in the Solo event, here you’ll earn points only for destroying ships, regardless of damage.

Getting rewards in this event will earn you a solid amount of resources, but more importantly, you’ll also get a large amount of 3-Star Refined Gas (some of it Uncommon or even Rare depending on your leaderboard position)

Awarding points        

  • 1 point per 1 hostile destroyed
  • 5 points per 1 level 17 Separatist destroyed
  • 25 points per 1 level 22 Separatist destroyed
  • 500 points per 1 Separatist Boss destroyed

Alliance Leaderboard

In this event, your whole alliance will participate and you’ll compete with other alliances for rewards. So, if you’re in an alliance of active, high-level players it is possible to get into the top 20 alliances and earn one of the rewards – the rewards for this event are a lot of recruit tokens (common, premium and ultra) and alliance credits.

Points are awarded the same way as in Faction Leaderboard event, so even if you’re a low-level player you can still contribute to your alliance rating by killing hostiles.

We hope you enjoyed reading through our overview of the Star Trek Fleet Command Fractured Empire event. If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to post a comment as we greatly appreciate all feedback from our readers.