Frozen Adventures Review

Disney Frozen Adventures Review

Frozen Adventures is the latest project released by Jam City, the acclaimed developer behind many successful video games in the past. The game also has the Disney stamp on it, being that it contains licensed characters and story from the acclaimed animated movies, and it comes out not just as Frozen 2 is about to hit theaters. So, this brings it up to a whole new level of seriousness, which naturally deserves a deeper look.

Development and reception

As mentioned, this title has been developed by Jam City, which is a video game developer founded by co-founders of MySpace, Aber Whitcomb, Colin Digiaro, and Chris DeWolfe, and a former 20th Century Fox executive Josh Yguado. Their team is behind such acclaimed games as Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, Cookie Jam, and many other titles predominantly for mobile devices. This latest title is a match-3 style game, similar to Cookie Jam, but aside the fact that it also has Disney universe featured in it, it thrives on the company’s experience with building snappy and easy-to-pick-up gameplay.

On Google Play, Disney Frozen Adventures – New Match 3 Game currently has a 4.2-star rating out of just over 7k votes, which is still a too small sample. On the iTunes App Store, however, the game has kicked the doors in with a 4.9-star rating out of 600 votes and is currently #10 in Family.

Disney Frozen Adventures


The story of this game follows the movies closely and it continues where the first movie left off. However, being that it came out a week or so before Frozen 2, it presumably does not contain any plot points that would reveal the sequel’s storyline. The player joins Elsa, Olaf, and Anna, all familiar characters from the first movie and spin-offs, as they need to renovate the Kingdom of Arendelle and their castle. This is where the game expands on its basic gameplay and includes Disney’s universe big time.

Disney Frozen Adventures review


As mentioned, at its core, the player is presented with hundreds of different levels of puzzles where you need to match 3 to clear them and eventually beat the level. So far so familiar. However, besides becoming increasingly challenging, the levels are all Frozen-themed and adapted to the movies, meaning there are special moves you can make attuned to the movies, like using the Ice Pick or Freeze. Also, next to your board is one of the characters that helps you occasionally, when you make big combos.

Outside of the puzzles, The player can decorate and build up their own castle and the Kingdom of Arendelle, in a point and click style. In this stage of the game, the original Disney characters will play a much more important part as there are a lot of dialogues and features. Naturally, decorating and building up your castle is well-done, with depth-mechanics of its own.


Disney Frozen Adventures mobile game pushes the boundaries of casual games in terms of gameplay and story. While it contains licensed Disney’s characters, it also follows it all up with impressive visuals and original Disney models. All of the characters and the whole universe look as if the players have stepped into the Frozen universe. Graphics and textures are very pleasant and also push the boundaries of the match-3 genre, to say the least.

Frozen Adventures


Disney’s Frozen Adventures mobile game represents another victory by Jam City, no doubt. After making the perfect adaptation with Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, the developer capitalizes on its now proven methods. It immerses the player in the story and the world of animated movies, and just days before Frozen 2 world premiere, which is not accidentally of course. This is an easy-to-pick-up casual game, with challenging, snappy gameplay, and it is a fun pastime.

Frozen Adventures



Disney’s Frozen Adventures mobile game represents another victory by Jam City. Frozen Adventures is an easy-to-pick-up casual game, with challenging, snappy gameplay, and it is a fun pastime.

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