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Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy VI, and  XI…

Another Eden mobile game review, tips, guides, tricks

As hinted by the title, Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space isn’t just your generic, off-the-rack JRPG like the ones that are mass-produced every year. No wonder: this splendid space-time adventure is actually a work of legendary Japanese game designer Masato Kato (Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy VI, and Final Fantasy XI – to name just a few titles from his extravagantly rich portfolio) who once again teamed up with composer Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger) to create something truly special.

Thanks to this fact, as far as the gameplay, combat system and visual identity, Another Eden confidently walks a beaten track known and cherished by all true JRPG aficionados. At the same time, this is a slick and modern JRPG with sweet visuals, truly bewitching musical score and refreshingly unobtrusive gacha elements that won’t put off those players who aren’t inclined to spit out extra cash on something basically advertised as a free-to-play game.

Last but not the least, this game developed by Wright Flyer Studios is an exclusive for Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch – a nice touch for the game of this quality and high production values, which will certainly make all users of these platforms feel pretty special.

★ ★ ★ ★


Is this Ogre Rancorem in Your Pocket or You’re Just Happy to see me?

Another Eden mobile game review, tips, guides, tricks

So, what’s the story behind this intriguing title, and what on earth cats have to do with time travel? The protagonists of the game are siblings Aldo and Feinne, orphans of mysterious origin and yet-to-be-discovered powers which were found in forest and adopted by the kindhearted mayor of sleepy little Barouki village. Fast forward sixteen years, and we find Aldo on the very first day of his job as a village guard. At first, it seemed that it’ll be just a routine patrol day of a novice small-town sentry, who spent his time solving blissfully simple quests, showing off his oversized blade, flirting innocently with feisty village maidens and reducing the population of local goblin tribes with apparent ease.

However, several scores of puny foes later, things started being increasingly weirder: Aldo meets up with a time-warping kitty capable of opening interdimensional portals and enigmatic Gallery Master who presides over genuine space-time conflux called Dream Gallery. This will set into motion a chain of events leading to the kidnapping of his sister by the rough paws of the infamous beastfolk leader. This unsavory character is appropriately known as Beast King obviously has pretty genocidal plans for the unsuspecting humanity and will somehow try to tap into Feinne’s dormant powers to put them into action.

As any tenderfoot champion with more zest than know-how, Aldo will have to pay the full price of his inexperience and rescue his sister from Beast King’s furry clutches, traveling through diverse time-zones. And, oh…have we failed to mention that Aldo’s rusty old sword is, in fact, sentient – it is actually fabled Ogre Rancorem known and feared through the planes as the bane of all the beastfolk?

Thankfully, just like any self-respecting JRPG hero, Aldo won’t have to do it all alone: he’ll have a proper motley crew by his side, consisting of some of the most colorful and rambunctious characters you’ve seen in any JRPG. This extensive character list includes secretive tough-as-the nail humanoid frog, a lethal android girl from the future who looks like chibi Hatsune Miku impersonator and dozens of other potential companions from all parts of the space-time continuum.

★ ★ ★ ★


No-Fuss Gameplay with the Smidgeon of Gacha…

Another Eden mobile game review, tips, guides, tricks

The gameplay of Another Eden is pretty standard for this type of game, which will certainly bring joy to all lovers of classic JRPGs. Of course, since this is a narrative-driven game, it also has a few unique twists of its own that complement its rich storyline. In essence, this is a side-scrolling game with extremely simple and intuitive controls – and we have a hunch that is something that all mobile users will certainly greatly appreciate. This no muss, no fuss interface will allow you to easily move through the world and interact with NPCs and objects that came across your way.

The same goes for the combat system which is as typical for JRPGs as can be – on the right side will be deployed Aldo with his party members, while the left belongs to the enemies. You’ll be able to choose from an array of different combat specials, moves and attacks with different effects and damage – all clearly described including the cost of the magic points and other requirements for their activation. Although a bit formulaic, the combat system still offers plenty of possibilities for tactics, thanks to the wide array of possible companions you can take into battle and their varying personalities, classes, and skills, which make the entire experience sufficiently unique and enjoyable.

We already mentioned subtle gacha elements lurking behind the surface of this officially free-to-play game. However, to all those gamers who are just about to throw the towel and call it quits, we’re delighted to report that they are extremely discretely integrated into the overall gameplay. They are related to the unlocking of the new characters for your party, which is done through the aforementioned Dream Gallery. The currency which you’ll use for these transactions is the so-called Chronos Stones, which you’ll procure for real money or solving various quests and in-game challenges. Luckily, Another Eden isn’t restrictive at all on this point, so the way you’ll collect Chronos Stones is completely up to you.

★ ★ ★ ★

Graphics and soundtrack

Picture Pretty Visuals and Soundtrack to Die For…

Another Eden mobile game review, tips, guides, tricks

As we mentioned before, both graphics and soundtrack are exquisite. Of course, chibi character design and restricted animations have almost become a norm in many Japanese styled RPGs, which may not be to everyone’s liking. Be that as it may, visuals are fantastic nonetheless and are perfectly polished to a dazzlingly high sheen, exhibiting a level of talent, artistic proficiency and attention to detail which we don’t encounter too often even in the best JRPG games. The same goes for music: it is absolutely addictive and will make you feel like you’re traveling right beside Aldo on his quest through space and time to save his sister. As far as the visuals and soundtrack go, creators of Another Eden really outdid themselves this time.


How to improve your gaming experience and gameplay…

Another Eden mobile game review, tips, guides, tricks

By now you must be all pumped up for a little field trip into the realm of Another Eden? If that is the case, we have just the thing you’ll need: a compilation of most useful tips, tricks, and walkthroughs, a field guide of sorts through the exciting world of Another Eden. Mind you, these aren’t cheats per se, but rather a few selected walkthroughs for some of the hottest and trickiest Another Eden quests, which are at the moment in the highest demand by the fan base on sites across the web, from dynamic Another Eden Reddit page to bunch of random forums. And, believe it or not, the very first one has to do with flowers.

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Mourning Flowers Quest Walkthrough

You’ll get this quest in chapter 9, from a rather clueless maid, located on the second floor of Palsifal Palace. Chief Maid gave her the task to buy flowers for the graves of the late queen and prince, but she has forgotten which kind she should get. That’s where you’ll jump in to save the day and save her from the wrath of the Chief Maid. One important notice, though: you’ll be able to get this quest only after you’ve cleared Actuel.

Go to the first floor and find the Chief Maid herself. Listen to her long-winded rant, since it’ll give you the clues about royal taste in flowers and where you might find them. After that, return to the absent-minded maid and tell her to clean the corridor, then go to Actuel’s marketplace to get the flowers. The florist will ask you several questions, and these are the answers you’ll need, in this specific order: Red White Pink (for the color), 5 (for the number of petals) and, finally, Cordina Rose (for the name of the flower). Now all you’ll have to do is to bring the flowers to the maid. And that’s how you’ll do flower quest – as the maid herself said, it was actually easy-peasy and you’ve finished it in no time!

Tower of Time Walkthrough

Speaking of time, there’s actually a dungeon in Another Eden known as Tower of Time. You’ll eventually get there in Chapter 12 after you’ve completed the above-mentioned Palsifal palace. Those of you who already had the opportunity to roam its stuffy corridors, certainly know that near the top awaits you a rather tricky puzzle in the form of an ancient-looking clock. If you want to get to the very last floor of the Tower of Time, you’ll have to solve it, which can be challenging because it actually involves manipulating with several different gems and opening a bunch of portals – all with the goal to move the clock’s hands to 12.

Luckily we’ll spare you the frustration and tell you the proper way to do the tower of time quest. First of all, go to the clock, examine it and note that its hands are currently set at 6:00. Then go downwards through the clock chamber to the newly opened circular portal, step on it and you’ll acquire the so-called Gem 2 (Blue) – the first one needed to move the hands of the clock. Bring it to the clock and use it, thus moving the clock hands to 8:00. This will open another portal at the bottom left part of the chamber. Go there, enter and grab a new gem; this time it’ll be Gem 5 (Yellow). Use it on the clock, setting the time to 1:00. As you might guess, another portal has opened, so head to the upper right corner of the chamber, enter the portal and return with Gem 4 (Green).

Now, return to the clock, take out Gem 5 (Yellow), thus setting the hands back to 8:00 again. Then, place Gem 4 (Green) in the clock, and voila – you’ve just opened the portal that will take you to the Tower of Time top floor. There you’ll be briefly able to witness infinite possible futures and pit yourself against a nasty cybertronic boss.

Tower of Stars Walkthrough

While we’re still on the topic of towers, let’s move on to our next Another Eden walkthrough concerning another tower which had been mystifying gamers a bit – and that’s the Tower of Stars. As you might guess, the basic goal here is rather simple – you just need to make your way to the top floor of the tower. However, there’s a catch to it: there are various closed portals, doors, and walls blocking your way.

Thankfully, there is a relatively simple way to do Tower of Stars and the key to it are several reagents you’ll gather on your way. The first two (Reagent K and Reagent M) you’ll get at the very beginning of Tower of Stars and they’ll enable you to open sealed passages. Note that at the side of the passages typically stand unusual pedestals with oval crystal-looking ornaments on the top. You should use reagents on ornaments in order to activate passages and open them. Which one? Well, since there are lots of passages and like gazillion pedestals, we can’t be really specific here. You’ll just have to experiment using one of the two reagents you’ve picked up at the bottom floor, in order to open the sealed doors and make your way to the top of the tower.

On your way, you’ll be able to enter various research laboratories, gather various valuables and other useful goodies and, of course, dispose of numerous enemies. At one point you’ll be able to mix the first two reagents and create a new one (Reagent C) – which will enable you to open extra passages. You’ll also procure fourth reagent (Reagent E) which you’ll need near the very end, to gain access to the peak of the tower. Finally, you’ll make your way to the topmost floor of Tower of Stars where you’ll converse with mysterious Oracle aka Professor Chronos and whiteness some interesting and important events that will propel you further towards the ending of this great game.

Fishing Guide

All this running up and down the stairs and scaling out-of-the-way towers can be quite draining, don’t you think? Fortunately, Another Eden offers the possibility of engaging in one of the world’s favorite pastimes – fishing. You’ll get introduced into fishing by tackling The 1000 Year Ark of the Ocean Palace quest which will take you on the white sands of Kira Beach where Kamasu Tackle Shop. There you’ll be able to buy your gear and bring your catch which will earn you so-called Kamasu Points which you’ll exchange for various upgrades, baits and other things which will up your fishing game.

But how exactly you’ll fish? Easy: just find the appropriate location marked with the fishing icon, activate it, and select the bait of your choice. This will initiate the fishing mini-game where you’ll see the silhouettes of the fishes inhabiting the particular spot (approximately 10 of them). If you’ve chosen the right bait, the fish will approach the bait, the float will start dancing, and eventually sink into the water completely, which will be your cue to pull the fish out. If nothing happens, i.e. if fishes are only mildly interested or uninterested, you’ll have to offer them some other, more appetizing type of bait. The bigger the fish, the bigger its level will be, which means that it’ll be more difficult to catch. In the case you prove a genuine fishing master and exterminate all fishes in one place, their respawn time is 30 minutes.

Of course, these are just the basics. Just like with real fishing, there’s much more to it. There are some factors you always should keep in mind while fishing. For instance, the higher the level of your fishing rod, the higher the level of fishes you’ll be able to successfully reel in. Upgrade your hook, and you’ll be able to have multiple catches. A word of warning, though: some of your “unfortunate” catches won’t be so helpless, in fact, some of them are proper piscine Horrors, so prepare for the fight of your life which just might yield you extremely valuable prizes.

Hide and Seek Guide

As you can see, this game also offers many distractions apart from the main questline. Here’s one more Another Eden guide for an amusing and happy-go-lucky subquest which may grant you the lofty title of Hide’n’Seek King, as well as several other nifty rewards. You may take this amusing little quest while you’re still in your home village of Barouki. While you’re doing your Water Prisma activation job with Feinne at your side, you’ll come along well with a Water Prisma at its side.

If you’ll descend down the well, you’ll find a creepy kid hiding at the bottom who introduces himself as Hide’n’Seek King. The kid will present you with a challenge – find him three times and the Hide’n’Seek King title will be yours. He’ll also graciously give you a few hints where you’ll be able to find him, but we’ll do something even better – provide you with his exact hiding locations. The first place will be almost directly down from the Mayor’s house, in the street parallel to it – you’ll see the kid lurking in the shrubbery beside a statue.

Next, you’ll find him half-hidden beneath a tree, close to the well where you’ve first encountered him. Finally, the third location should send you on a wild goose chase all across the village. However, what you actually should do is just enter the house next to his second hiding place, look for the drawer on the left side and you’ll find the kid. See, it wasn’t so difficult after all. Long live new Hide’n’Seek King!

First Encounter Guide

Another Eden features literally dozens of heroes which may lend a hand to your quest, but there’s a trick on how you can get a really good one early in the game. You’ll get this opportunity when you’ll first visit Gallery of Dreams and meet its caretaker Gallery Master. This is the place where you’ll be able to recruit new party members using Chronos Stones and this first encounter will allow you to choose from the roster of 25 prospective allies – for free. The catch is that the game won’t divulge any specifics about them, so you’ll be doing it completely blindly, which means that you can end up with a hero not suited to your gaming style if you aren’t careful.

While this choice may be a completely individual thing, here’s a couple of champions you certainly won’t regret taking. Currently, Miyu and Ciel might prove as the best choice in the long run, since they are four-star characters who can upgrade to five stars rank, and also have some really cool skills. Miyu is an accomplished debuffer – always a great thing to have in your party – who in the later phases of the game will be able to develop it even further and use it with a devastating effect. Also, her different fiery slashing attacks come with nice multipliers and will certainly come in handy in combat. Ciel is a bard (and, apparently, an accomplished soprano singer), armed with a bow, which does pretty decent piercing damage whose strong defensive buffs can make a difference between life and death in the thick of battle. If these two aren’t enough, some of the other heroes worth your attention are Nikeh, Akane, Raven, and Lele.

Reroll (and is it worth it)

Finally, here’s our two cents on the topic of rerolling in Another Eden. The question that is bouncing around the heads of most Another Eden fans right now is whether you should bother with rerolling or not. It is understandable that you’re looking for the additional edge to beat the game, or, at least, to make the overall experience more smooth and fuss-free.

Now, since this process of rerolling can be quite tedious and time-consuming, if you’re into it solely because you’re afraid that you won’t be able to finish the game with the weaker heroes – then, rest assured, your fears are entirely unfounded. Even if you’re just aiming for the particular hero, you’ll eventually probably be able to get then during the normal course of the game. However, if you’re really keen to have the best heroes – the mightiest of the mighty – from the very start, then it pays off to invest some additional time. With a little help from Lady Luck, you just might secure yourself heroes such as Mighty, Lokido, Shion or even the universally sought-after Mariel.