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A lone ranger, an archer faced with impossible odds! Archero is an interesting take on the arcade action genre. Here, the players go against all odds as a lone archer through countless stages, dodging enemy fire and disposing of them with an arsenal of various ranged weapons, taking care at the same time not to get cornered or overwhelmed. These are all hallmarks of the arcade action gaming genre, but Archero does bring interesting features to the fold and we will now take an in-depth look at the gameplay as well as compose guides in the second part of this page.

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This title is on Google Play and the iTunes App Store and it has achieved critical success on both…

archero mobile game

Archero is developed and published for mobiles by a company called Habby, which has a few other titles on the market, like Flaming Core, Slidey®: Block Puzzle, and Penguin Isle. This title is on Google Play and the iTunes App Store and it has achieved critical success on both. On Google Play, it has a 4.4-star score with over 1 million votes and it was downloaded more than 10 million times. The situation is similar to the iTunes App Store, with Archero iOS having 4.5 stars from several thousand ratings and being #30 in the action genre. However, it is important to note that most of the negative feedback is aimed towards this game is too challenging, which is just not what some people want. On the other hand, it is very welcomed by many, isn’t it…?

★ ★ ★ ★


There isn’t a dull moment in Archero…

archero mobile game

This game brings the action survival arcade genre with the sole focus on engagement. With its gameplay elements, this game will engage you 100% of the time to 100% of your ability, because there isn’t a dull moment in Archero. Player engagement is the primary tool for setting an atmosphere, and here it is obvious that everything is aimed at your skill and thumb-eye coordination.

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As an action arcade, Archero looks quite simplistic at first glance, but this is not true as the basic gameplay features are only the tip of the iceberg…

archero mobile game

As an action arcade, Archero looks quite simplistic at first glance, but this is not true as the basic gameplay features are only the tip of the iceberg. You control a single archer and move him through the stages as he is besieged by endless enemies, waves of monsters, and rain of enemy projectiles. Right off the bat, a player will need to make a good balance between moving and firing, because you can only fire when you are standing. Moving to dodge enemy fire too much will enable them to multiply, while just standing and firing is a good way to get you killed.

And, this is where diversity comes into play, as the number and types of enemies are incredibly wide in Archero. If you attempt to count them all, you will end up with a pretty long list. Enemies all drop in-game resources that you spend between stages in the shop, but they also leave power-ups for your weapon, which is a standard mechanic for these kinds of games. Also, the content amount is huge in this game, where a single chapter can have around 50 stages, and the number of chapters is growing over time, with Habby adding new content regularly.

Also, the game’s developers constantly expand players’ toolkit as well, adding different characters i.e. archers to choose from. Some are available by default, others need to be purchased and unlocked with the in-game currency. Also, all characters have different and unique abilities, like double arrows, increased damage at low health, and stuff like that. Also, Archero rewards skilled play, as you are helped by an Angel in each stage of the game. If you are wounded, the Angel will heal you, but if you are not wounded, the Angel will unlock new abilities for you. Thus, as you progress and get more skilled, this game becomes very complex for an action arcade.

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Archero possesses a minimalistic art style with 2D models and environments but presented in a 3D manner…

archero mobile game

Archero possesses a minimalistic art style with 2D models and environments but presented in a 3D manner. The screen can often get overwhelmed in various colors and effects, all from different enemies and projectiles, which is why it was important to keep the basics minimalistic and clean, and this game achieves it nicely. This also helps with its fast pace and adrenaline-pumping action, which is a recipe for that nice satisfactory feeling of mowing through hordes of enemies all by yourself, if played correctly of course.

★ ★ ★ ★

Tech Compatibility

It is good to play it on Smartphones with a good screen refresh rate..

archero mobile game

The stages can get overwhelmed with enemies and enemy projectiles, which is why having a basic minimalistic approach to models and animation is what makes this game run smoothly on low-end devices. It also makes the gameplay itself a lot more comprehensive and intuitive, as players need to have a good overview of things happening to maximize the response time, and Archero handles it nicely. With that said, it is also good to play it on Smartphones with a good screen refresh rate.

★ ★ ★ ★

Free-to-play friendly

You can progress through all stages of the game and unlock all content without paying a single dime…

archero mobile game

Archero is free to download and play. You can progress through all stages of the game and unlock all content without paying a single dime. There are in-game purchases and ads for extra resources, which are entirely optional and are there to enable players to get more characters easier. But, as mentioned, the game is entirely playable 100% for free without anything as a paywall being even a remote possibility.

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A very fun and engaging game that provides a deeper experience for those with a higher level of interest in it…

archero mobile game

Action arcades attract a certain type of gamers, usually, veterans as the genre originate from consoles back in the ‘80s and the ‘90s, where it was very big and popular. However, the good thing about this genre is that it never gets old because it never loses its spark. It is every bit as challenging now as it was before and, even with the additions of new mechanics and elements, it still rocks your socks. Archero is just that, a very fun and engaging game that provides a deeper experience for those with a higher level of interest in it, or it can also just simply provide engaging entertainment to anyone. Your choice.

archero guides and TIPS

How to improve your gaming experience and gameplay…

archero mobile game

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While we were very happy with Archero as a game, we’ve also delved a bit into the community. As mentioned, many people play this game, with its Android version alone having over 10 million installs. YouTube and Reddit are filled with various questions from players, but also with guides and tutorials. We’ve composed guides based on community feedback and our own experience with the game, and also answered the most frequently asked questions about the gameplay.

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How to beat chapter 7?

According to Reddit and other community sources, it seems that Archero players have the most problems with several of the same chapters. Among those is Chapter 7, which is agreed by many to be one of the hardest in the game. There are several different ways to go through it, with different skills and strategies, but we’ve chosen this one. To make matters worse, bosses are also quite challenging in Chapter 7, so we will cover them separately.

Chapter 7 has 3 sections in total, each of which has 4 bosses, which makes for 12 bosses and there is 1 end boss. For most of them, you’ll need to clear all the mobs in the stage with the boss first, with some exceptions. Also, beating this chapter will require you to be skilled in stutter-stepping, which is explained in the “How to stutter step?” section below. Lastly, it is recommended that you have some gems for reviving, around 30 gems-worth of reviving is recommended.

If a particular boss fight is being too hard for you, you should level-reroll by closing the Archero app completely and re-opening the game. Resuming your progress will change the variation of the boss, but you may lose 1 free ability.  If the devil appears, you may do the deal with the devil if he offers a good ability you can use in chapter 7. The devil mostly appears if you take no damage in a boss fight, and if you do get the deal, look for extra life, front arrow, or multishot abilities. They are the best for this chapter according to many other guides we’ve checked out, while invincibility, dodge master, slow projectile, wingman, and shield guard are good.

Try to grind at least one epic weapon, like the serpent armor and rings, which stack up dodge. Laser bats are your recommended pets, while the Death Scythe is considered the best weapon for this chapter and in-game. As far as the bosses themselves go, they all have separate strategies depending on the randomly generated stage and mob combo.

How to get a pet?

Pets are a highly praised feature in Archero, which sets it aside from other action arcade games. Pets help your character in many ways, mostly increasing your efficiency in dealing with waves of mobs, and you can get a pet in several ways. Firstly, pets drop randomly from chests that you get from completing stages. Also, you can purchase a pet from a Mystery Vendor, when you come across. The spawn chance for Mystery Vendor starts after you get to chapter 2 and in his random stock there is a chance for a cool pet. Laser Bat is a recommended purchase and he will cost you 240 gems.

How to get a tornado?

The Tornado weapon is a weapon that returns to you as you throw it, like a boomerang, dealing damage along its whole flight path. The best thing about Tornado is that it pierces enemies, but its damage is reduced with each new enemy hit. This makes it a bit less efficient for mobs, but it is a killer weapon for boss fights and monsters that move slowly. You need to be lucky to get the Tornado weapon, as it drops from chests or mobs, it is not purchasable on any shop, as of the current in-game update.

How to get gems?

We rated Archero pretty high in the free-to-play friendly section because the game does not have anything like a paywall and won’t require you to spend any real money to play every feature and every section of the game. With that said, Gems are pretty hard to come by. They are the in-game premium currency, but you can get them for free in certain ways. Firstly, viewing ads is the main and the easiest way to get gems. Also, when you do your Lucky Spin after a boss, you can then watch an ad for another spin, which now guarantees some Coins or Gems. This, however, has a daily limit which you should always max out. Leveling up your account also awards Gems on each level up and chapter progression is a good way to earn them, as every 10 stages you go through will award some Gems. Lastly, you can top-up and purchase some Gem packs in-game, with the cheapest being 80 Gems for $0.99 and the biggest being 14,000 Gems for $99.99.

How to spend gems?

Presuming you want to play Archero entirely free, without purchasing any gems via microtransactions, you do need to be wise with your gems spending for they are scarce. Firstly, everything can be earned or unlocked in Archero by playing it, it just might take a long time. The FAQ in community sources, mostly, Reddit forums, states that it is best to spend gems on top tier heroes, like Helix or Meowgik. Having a strong hero will enable you to progress through the stages and chapters and earn all else you might need. However, if you are bent on spending gems on something else, Obsidian gear is the next recommended thing. After that go for other gem costing heroes, you might want, and lastly, you can purchase chests, though this is the worst option and it is best to save your gems for future updates or additions.

How to beat chapter 5 in Archero?

Chapter 5 is where many players get a bit stuck, but it is no way nearly as hard as chapter 7. Just hanging in there until you reach enough levels will solve your problems. As far as abilities go, the best skills recommendations for Chapter 5 are Multishot, Ricochet, Extra Life, Front Arrow, Wingman pet, Invincibility Star, Ricochet, Slow Projectile, Diagonal Arrow, Bouncy Wall, Piercing Shot, and some others. Since stages get more and more walls and corridors at this point in the game, Bouncy Wall, Diagonal Arrow, and Piercing Shot are the ones that work best for a majority of players. Of course, Multishot is always a good choice and the most popularly used ability in the game.

How to beat Chapter 3 in Archero?

Chapter 3 is the first time things get a bit noticeably difficult in Archero, although it is nothing players can’t overcome on their own or with some simple tips. It is nowhere nearly as tough as Chapter 7 and much easier than Chapter 5, but it is a challenge at this stage of the game with the average level and best skills available. Again, the best skills and abilities you can pick are Multishot and Ricochet, Bouncy Wall, Diagonal Arrow, Piercing Shot, and perhaps Front Arrow. Bosses are not that hard so it is best to focus on abilities that work best with the types of mobs that are spawning, and some mobs shoot in 8 directions, both cross and diagonally, which is perhaps the biggest challenge here. This is where Ricochet will do you wonders, but don’t forget melee enemies as well.

How to get Brightspear Archero weapon?

Brightspear is perhaps one of the most controversial weapons in Archero. Reddit and other community sources are filled with rumors and tales about this weapon of choice, saying it can pierce enemies and walls. This is not true, but it is still awesome without the fabled hyperbole. However, Brightspear is popularly called “boss killer” and we must agree on that one and it is all because of what this weapon’s ability does. Brightspear deals 1.26x attack damage, and that is just on a basic hit. Each consecutive hit on the same target will add a further 0.3% to this bonus, up to x10 in total. Also, what makes Brightspear powerful is the fact that it fires lasers that instantly reach their destinations. There is no missile travel time, so it is very precise. The downsides of it are a bit slower attack speed and no knockback. As far as how to get brightspear, it will pop up eventually as you go along through the game, but you may have to be lucky to get a higher rarity type.

How to stutter step?

Stutter step is an old school gaming term that was invented with the invention of these kinds of action arcade games like Archero is now. The whole idea of the game is to avoid enemy fire and not get killed, while at the same time killing the enemies yourself, but the twist is that you cannot shoot and move at the same time. So, an optimal balance had to be created between moving just the right amount and standing enough so you can fire and deal enough damage. Stutter stepping is just that, a good balance between moving and standing.

One might think that if more enemies are aiming and firing at you you need to move more, but exactly the opposite is true in Archero. If you move too much while multiple enemies are firing at you, you will get an entire screen filled with projectiles that you cannot possibly predict. The best thing is to keep calm and let all of the enemies’ fire in the same position you are in and move at the last possible second. Also, only move enough to avoid that fire and again stay in that place. This will buy you the most possible time window for return fire. Things do get increasingly complicated with melee enemies that charge you, which is why abilities like Ricochet and Knockback come in handy.

How to get spirits in Archero?

Spirits can pop up from any number of sources in Archero, like chests, random drops from the wheel, boosts, and they can be bought from the Mystery Vendor if you’re lucky. Spirits mostly focus on improving your attack, with attack value or speed and things like that. They have no damage modifiers themselves, except the Elf, and no attack speed modifiers. Spirit types available in Archero at this point in the game are Elf, Laser Bat, Living Bomb, and Scythe Mage.

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It is every bit as challenging now as it was before and, even with the additions of new mechanics and elements, it still rocks your socks...

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