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BMG team together with EVE Echoes content creators are preparing a complete set of in-depth guides that will cover all parts of the game. We will start rolling out these guides in a few days.

EVE Echoes is no less than a revolutionary step in mobile gaming, adapted from the cult-favorite EVE Online, and dished out by Netease Games. The title is firstly famous for its community and the fact that that community is included in the very game development closely. This is important because the community feedback for this mobile version of the game has been quite positive, the fans are satisfied as well as newcomers to the franchise, so it is everything they promised.

The game is now live and it brings a deeply immersive Sci-fi sandbox massively multiplayer online gameplay through the world of EVE Online we all love and respect. It took quite a while for the critically acclaimed space-based MMORPG to get ported to mobiles, but it is finally here and it brings the untainted experience and quality which made the franchise the hit game it is and continues to be.

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The game is ported and offered by Netease Games, a veteran on the mobile gaming market…

eve echoes mobile game

The original game was developed and published by CCP Games and their subsidiary Simon & Schuster. EVE Online launched in 2003 and has never stopped being online since achieving unimaginable heights through these sixteen years. It has well over 500k active subscribers at all times and it uses the limited free-to-play model. Since then, the game has spawned a cult following and a lively community, with many of the important aspects of the game being directly influenced by players and coalitions.

The game is ported and offered by Netease Games, a veteran on the mobile gaming market, based in China. Players can access it now on Google Play Store and App Store.

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Venturing into outer space, humankind founded new colonies and managed to manipulate the wormhole phenomenon…

eve echoes mobile game

EVE Online is set over 21000 years from now, where humanity has spent Earth’s natural resources and reached the peak of overpopulation, which meant the Earth became too small and unable to sustain life further. Thus, with the development of space technology, we began colonizing our Solar system, which, since we are what we are, has set the stage for new wars for resources and dominance. However, the entire war game is brought to a higher level with the discovery of natural wormhole traveling, which opened up deep Space for us. This new frontier was named “New Eden”.

Venturing into outer space, humankind founded new colonies and managed to manipulate the wormhole phenomenon, which was at first a natural, random occurrence. However, once the colonization was well underway and several generations have now lived in this uncharted part of Space, the Wormhole collapsed, destroying the gate and that part of humanity has remained cut off from our home galaxy, supplies, and any aid. The story of EVE Online begins a thousand years after this event, with many of the races and colonies extinct, and new ones which survived have prospered, rebuild and come to call this New Eden home.

With the Earth and our past life now only ancient history, this new humankind has organized its societies in a new way. There are five major societies, all distinct in their way and apt at interstellar warfare, and they are:

  • The Amarr Empire
  • The Gallente Federation
  • The Caldari State
  • Jove Directorate
  • Minmatar Republic

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It happens in a parallel New Eden, where things begin anew…

eve echoes mobile game

EVE Echoes, the mobile adaptation of the original, takes place in the same setting. It happens in a parallel New Eden, where things begin anew. In this game, the open-world concept is replaced by open space, as the universe is the stage for interstellar combat, piracy, exploration, harvesting resources, industrial manufacture, trading, and many other multiplayer social activities. There are hundreds of solar systems open for players, and they all come in this mobile edition too. In this respect, the story and the history of this game were written by the players themselves, and it was so in the past.

Mainly, EVE Online was host to the biggest PVP MMO moment in the history of video games. This extraordinary event transpired on January 27-28th, 2014 and it was a conflict was between the (CFC) and their allies the (RUS) Russian alliances against the N3 and the (PL) Pandemic Legion. The conflict lasted for 21 hours and had a total of 7548 players participating, peaking with 2670 participants at any one time.

If you haven’t played EVE Online, the majority of in-game content is supported by an in-game currency that can be bought and translated to real money worth easily. The total amount of ships, cruisers, and destroyers lost in the B-R5RB, by both sides, accounts for a total of up to $330.000 real-life money’s worth.

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What makes it a special game out of all MMOs is the fact that everyone plays on a single unified server…

eve echoes mobile game

As mentioned, EVE Echoes mobile game is an MMO, the same as its PC predecessor, and it brings all the hallmarks to mobiles. We can forge our path within the massive sandbox environment, form allies with other pilots and be part of Alliance to influence the entire galaxy. The game offers real-time combat, mainly via space crafts, but also competitions in exploration, piracy, gathering, tech development, and more. Trading, for instance, is a very important part of the whole experience and it has decided the balance of power more than once in the past.

To start the game, you need to create a new character if this is your first time playing it. You are given a choice between one of the four races, which are Amarr, Minmatar, Gallente, and Caldari, and then you can further delve into bloodlines, which all influence the game experience. Naturally, we can then go in-depth with customizations of our own and tune everything about our characters to suit our preferences.

What makes EVE Echoes and its predecessor a special game out of all MMOs is the fact that everyone plays on a single unified server. All or most other MMOs have multiple servers in which things happen simultaneously, but here everyone is a part of one big world, which makes the experience much more immediate and engaging, and is one of the primary things this title is praised for. With that said, there are technically other universe servers, which are two public test realms, one for the Asian market, and the one for the mobile version.

However, each universe in both the mobile and PC version of the game consists of over 5000 star systems. There are also 2500 wormhole-accessible systems, all classified by Security Status, all with its riches, enemies, and dangers. This and much more needs to be accounted for when you are choosing what to do in-game, in terms of travel, missions, quests, and combat.

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The combat is revolved entirely around space ships and takes place in real-time…

eve echoes mobile game

EVE Echoes does come with the fascinating story from its predecessor and it is an incredibly open and wide game, but at its heart is its combat gameplay. It’s where the fun starts. The combat is revolved entirely around space ships and takes place in real-time. The sub-light speed of combat can vary between 100m/s and 8000 m/s, which doesn’t mean that the gameplay mechanics will change at higher speeds, just that if you possess a fast ship you will get an entirely different experience than those with slow ones. And, ships all come in numerous variations, but are classified into six groups:

  • Frigate (smaller ships with a focus on dealing damage)
  • Destroyer (larger than frigates, destroyers are also good damage dealers and are pretty fast)
  • Cruiser (high damage output, are larger than Frigates and can fit a greater number of modules)
  • Battlecruiser (between Battleships and Cruisers, in terms of combat balance)
  • Battleship (slower than most, Battleships focus on combat for the most part)
  • Industrial Ship (industrial ships are focused on out-of-combat activities and are quite weak in combat)

Ships are used for combat and travel and they are, for all gaming purposes, your main character/s in this game. We tweak them, customize their appearance, utilize modules, improve performance, travel times, arm them, armor them, and virtually do anything you would normally do to your character in an MMORPG. However, unlike most other games, in EVE Online and Echoes the ships will advance continuously. By training skills, we can achieve progress and upgrade over time as a passive process, which happens even when we are logged off. You can set up a 50 task-long queue for skill training schedule.

There are over one hundred unique space ships available currently to deploy in over 8000+ star systems. A single player can operate more than one hundred ships, all with unique cosmetics and features. Of course, as mentioned, galactic wars are a big part of the game and it is expected to be so here as well, so choose your coalition well. Players can form alliances, corporations, or just groups and do everything together, and in such environments players usually focus on one aspect of the game, whether its monetary, technological development or combat.

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It brings an open economy market, which is player-driven for the most part…

eve echoes mobile game

Another important part of the game is obtaining, gathering, and managing your resources – i.e. economy. And, as with other MMOs, resources are precious here. EVE Online brings an open economy market, which is player-driven for the most part. This has become a whole separate aspect of the game, in which players from all over the world compete for market manipulation and commercial success.

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Graphics are well-enough not to mess with the immersive experience of the game, but they won’t overburden your Smartphone…

eve echoes mobile game

In terms of graphics and appearance, this mobile version brings the same style and look as the original does. EVE Online was released 16 years ago, and its graphics have been improved over time, but the game still uses its original basis. Thus, this mobile version is much like the original. The graphics and appearance are well-enough not to mess with the immersive experience of the game, but they won’t overburden your Smartphone.

The music tracks are composed specifically for the game and include such artists as Real-X, Quarashi rock group, and others. The general vastness of space and the ironic feeling of solitude are present in the game, which gives off a realistic sci-fi atmosphere like in some of the best movies of the genre. However, this feeling you are alone in the universe quickly diminishes when you are in a fight, which can turn into massive galactic warfare.

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The game compatibility is supported for both iOS and Android systems for mid-range Smartphones and up…

eve echoes mobile game

In its current state, EVE Echoes mobile compatibility is supported for both iOS and Android systems for mid-range Smartphones and up. iOS owners can play the game on iPhone 6S or newer models, while Android users with anything above and including the Samsung Note8, Google Pixel 2, and Huawei P30 can run the game. The download size varies with the device and can be cumbersome, unfortunately. It is recommended you have at least 3GB of free storage space available, or possibly more with upcoming updates prior to the game’s full release which will undoubtedly expand the game even more.
With that said, this game will drain the battery pretty fast on pretty much all devices, so it would be a good idea to have a Smartphone with Fast Charging 2.4 Amps or higher.

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They promised they will follow some of the minimal microtransaction models available…

eve echoes mobile game

Both EVE Online and Echoes are free-to-play games, but what is the question everyone asks immediately when starting out an MMO game is – is it really free-to-play friendly and not pay-to-win? It’s an even bigger question because mobile games tend to follow the standard free-to-start model and pay-to-play in any serious capacity, sort to say. NetEase is still in an open discussion with CCP Games about the monetization method of the game, which is probably the biggest reason it’s still in early access. The developers are naturally striving to keep the free-to-play experience with an equal opportunity that made the original game so great, and they promised they will follow some of the minimal microtransaction models available.

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Fans of the games can rejoice and others can join in on the interstellar fun…

eve echoes mobile game

At the time of its initial release, EVE Online reviews were mixed, in 2003. However, they quickly changed for the better as more people caught on, and today there are endless communities of people who are living a life in-game. Many of the famous online publications, like Metacritic, have included the game on several of their Top 100 or Top 10 lists. It also won many awards and accolades, like the PC Gamer Sweden: Best Online RPG 2003 and 2011 Game of the Year award.

Even before its official release date, EVE Echoes reviews showed that the game is ready to grow the community and include mobile gaming as well. The game brings the same experience as the original, with the same possibilities, and the social aspect of the game is still impressive almost 17 years later. Some basic features from the original are reportedly missing, but they will undoubtedly come later. All in all, fans of the games can rejoice and others can join in on the interstellar fun.

EVE Echoes guides and tips

How to improve your gaming experience and gameplay…

eve echoes mobile game

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Now that we’ve covered the basic layout and functionality of gameplay in EVE Online mobile version, it’s time to address specific questions in this EVE Echoes Guide. Players who get past the beginning stages of the game will need to use the basic stuff seamlessly and also learn some tricks on how to make stuff, use their resources smartly, advance their tech, and even how to level up properly, what to choose and which path to go. Also, figuring combat, travel, piracy, trading, mining, manufacturing, and exploration are all such large portions of the game that each could have its fully-fledged guide.

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How to use insurance?

Insurance is a concept that was also present in EVE Online as it is ported now to EVE Echoes. Insurance vouchers are earned throughout the game and are used to bring back destroyed ships, sort of resurrecting them. They are stored in a hidden “wallet”. Once you obtain them you have them and they will be expended when one of your ships is destroyed and you get the option to repair it. The option to repair a destroyed ship will be in the killmail (mail notification for the destroyed ship).

How to get pyroxeres?

Pyroxeres is one of the more sought-after ore types because, even though it is quite plain for the most part, it can yield Nocxium when deep core refined. This increases its value significantly, but Pyroxeres also has some Mexallon, Pyerite, and even large portions of Tritanium.

In EVE Echoes, you can find pyroxeres in solar systems that have a 0.3 level security or less, like in Evati. After you warp to the clusters and find it, all you will need to have is mining lasers equipped. You should always check the map for system security.

How to get skill points?

This is one of the main reasons people would go Omega i.e. pay-to-play. It will provide skill points per hour as a passive increase. Paired with the additional one-time purchase of around $30 bucks that also provides some skills per hour, it will prove invaluable to all serious players.

How to get plex?

Plex is one of the many things ported from EVE Online to EVE Echoes. It is a 30-day Pilot’s License Extension, which is in fact a 30-day subscription. You can buy it with cash, but the card is also tradable in-game and can be sold for ISK, like a token. If you want to purchase it for ISK, try Jita, the market, pilot services, or just watching the trade channels.

Is EVE Echoes the same as EVE Online?

The short answer is: Yes and No! Yes, this is virtually the same game, with only slight visual and gameplay changes, but it happens in the same universe, the goal is the same, the experience is the same. However, EVE Echoes starts anew, with new servers, and everyone starts from scratch, so you can’t transfer your progress from EVE Online if that was your intention.

Will EVE Echoes be wiped?

All progress people made in beta and early access was wiped. The game was downloadable before the official launch, but the servers were down so that everyone could start at the same moment. This caused some negative feedback on the stores, with people giving the app negative reviews for not working.

Can you play eve online on mobile?

You can’t play EVE Online on mobile because it is a PC-only game, or rather you can and it is called EVE Echoes.

Is eve echoes cross-platform?

EVE Echoes is not cross-platform in terms of combining the PC version with the mobile version. However, players that use iOS and players that use Android are all playing on the same servers, regardless of their device.

how to avoid trade scams

Since the game is fresh and beginning anew sort of, on mobile and since it is a much wider audience outreach, there are bound to be people who are not used to the dangers of online gaming. This attracts a lot of scammers and tricksters so there are a few ground rules we should establish right away:

  • If you trade something to a person you just met, it’s probably gone forever.
  • Never do business or play co-op with anyone who asks you to trade something to them and they’ll give it back later etc…
  • Never lend your account info to anyone, even a high ranking officer in your Alliance. Your account is connected with your Google Play store account, which is connected with your Gmail, and it also has authorizations for your device, which is more than hackers need to hack into any place they want

Free-to-play VS pay-to-play?

Free-to-play or pay-to-play? The alpha vs the omega game plan… This seems to be the central question for all players that intend to go perhaps a bit more seriously into EVE Echoes. EVE Online veterans are mostly going for pay-to-play for the many benefits, of course, and because of the competing nature of the end game.

The good thing is that this is not a gacha game. There is a monthly subscription plan and that is the only expense most pay-to-play people go for. However, one thing both types of players need to remember and that is – don’t fly a ship that you can’t afford to lose. Once it blows up it is gone for good!

Going Alpha or Omega is a choice between if you plan on playing serious or you’re just testing the game. The subscription plan, the Omega, comes with a few ships and items, but the main thing is the full accessibility to the economy, while the alpha is limited.

Also, the omega plan gets additional skill points per hour, which will prove invaluable if you are a serious, competitive player in EVE Echoes. You will level quicker. The game also offers a one-time $30 top-up boost that can also increase your skill points per hour permanently, which is something to consider.

How to be a good pilot?

With the current state of the game, there are 14 skills you will need to be a good pilot in any ship. We currently don’t have the exact names of the skills in EVE Echoes but these are from EVE Online and they will be an exact match in the mobile version:

  • CPU Management (Intelligence + Memory)
  • Power Grid Management (Intelligence + Memory)
  • Capacitor Management (Intelligence + Memory)
  • Capacitor Systems Operation (Intelligence + Memory)
  • Mechanics (Intelligence + Memory)
  • Hull Upgrades (Intelligence + Memory)
  • Shield Management (Intelligence + Memory)
  • Shield Operation (Intelligence + Memory)
  • Long Range Targeting (Intelligence + Memory)
  • Signature Analysis (Intelligence + Memory)
  • Navigation (Intelligence + Perception)
  • Evasive Maneuvering (Intelligence + Perception)
  • Warp Drive Operation (Intelligence + Perception)
  • Spaceship Command (Intelligence + Perception)

How to make ISK

EVE Online Echoes in-game currency is ISK, which is short for Interstellar Kredits. This is not to be confused with the real-life Icelandic krona currency code. However, the development studio for both EVE Online and Echoes is located in Iceland, so there’s the connection.

The economy in EVE Echoes uses an open market model and it is player-driven for the most part. There are also several methods in which you can make ISK through NPC vendors i.e. merchants, but they are more important for purchasing skill books from them.

Most of the basic methods in which you can make ISK in-game are quite similar to what the players used before in the PC version, so we can call it the EVE Online mobile method. Basic stuff revolves around professions and basic trading, gathering, progression, and exploration, but also PVE combat. So, the three basic methods are:

  • Mining
  • PVE Combat
  • Exploration
  • EVE Echoes Guide for Mining

When starting, mining is one of the easiest and safest ways you can get into to gather that capital you need to do stuff, but it remains viable indefinitely as well. The main thing is to try and maximize your earnings per mining site, for which you will need a proper ship setup. Luckily, you can get a decent Venture mining ship from Agent Missions right from the start, which you can only tweak a bit to get an optimal setup for mining. Simply equipping your Venture mining ship with some basic rigs and modules can produce sufficient results, so, depending on your funds and if you have a Venture I or higher, you can consider throwing in:

  • MK3 Miner
  • MR5 Miner
  • MR5 Miner
  • No Drones needed at the start
  • MK5 Cloaking Device
  • MK5 Small Shield Boost

All you need to do next is to name your first, basic mining ship to whichever name suits you and you are set to start mining. Providing you’ve gotten a basic Venture mining ship from an Agent Mission, this setup won’t cost you more than 500k ISK. However, if you are really low on cash and just beginning, getting a Frigate can work also. Just find an EVE Echoes ship affordable for your price range on the market, with a decently sized cargo hold.

When it’s all set up, you need a place to mine. When choosing locations in your travel menu, you should consider the number of Jumps made to that location within the last hour. What you need is a spot with as few Jumps in the last hour as possible, which you can see if you go on the galaxy map or when you arrive you can trace nearby ship signals. Furthermore, you naturally need to factor in the time your ship will need to get there. So, anything taking you below 5 jumps to get there and with less than 100 jumps in the last hour can work for you, but if you find a mining spot with even fewer people, it’s even better. If you are short on ISK, you can only set up your drone and general windows.

List of Asteroids in EVE Echoes that yield ore, according to community feedback, with Space Security info:

  • Hemorphite, Hedbergite – lower than or equal to 0.2
  • Kernite, Jaspet – lower than or equal to 0.4
  • Kernite, Plagioclase, Omber – lower than or equal to 0.7
  • Pyroxeres, Plagioclase – lower than or equal to 0.9
  • Veldspar, Scordite – lower than or equal to 1.0

How to mine?

  • Equip a ship with at least a mining laser
  • Undock and travel to an asteroid belt
  • Mine to the maximum of your capacity or the availability of the asteroid
  • Bring the ore back to your station, deposit it, and go mine again
  • Level up Mining in Skill tab to the maximum as fast as you can

How to compress and sell ore?

Once you gather the ore through mining, it’s time to sell. However, with the Common Ore Reprocessing skill leveled up to a decent tier, you can also refine your ore to increase its price. Compressing or reprocessing ore is a service available from your Inventory, in your Ship’s hold. Once you find the ore you want, you tap it and you will see the option for re-process and the output expected after the re-process.

Reprocessing will break down your ore into minerals, which sell better and are more valuable, but might take more time for you to get a return on your investment.

Minerals you can get by refining ores, from most common to the rarest in descending order(from highest security to the lowest):

Pyerite: Puroxeres, Scordite, Plagioclase, Jaspet, Omber, Bistot, Spodumain.

Tritanium: Veldspar, Scordite, Plagioclase, Pyroxes, Kernite, Omber, Hemorphite, Gneiss, Arkonor, Crokite, Dark, Ochre, Spodumain.

Mexallon: Plagioclase, Pyroxeres, Kernite, Gneiss, Jaspet.

Nocxium: Puroxeres, Jaspet, Hemorphite, Hedbergite, Crokite, Dark, Ochre.

Isogen: Omber, Kernite, Hemorphite, Hedbergite, Gneiss.

Zydrine: Jaspet, Hedbergite, Gneiss, Hemorphite, Arkonor, Dark, Ochre, Bistot, Crokite.

Megacyte: Arkonor, Spodumain, Bistot, Morphite, Mercoxit.

Selling guide

To be able to trade properly, you will need to switch your skill pane to Generic, tap More Skills, and then level up skill titled Trade. You should have it already, but the higher it gets the more market orders you can place. Meaning, the higher the skill the more stuff you can sell at the same time.

To sell your Reprocessed Ore, all EVE Echoes guides agree that you need to check the local market to see the prices. If they are too low, you should perhaps hold on to precious compressed resource prices, until the price moves up a bit to suit you more.

Combat and Exploration

The investigation, Transport, and Combat are the three Encounter Mission types in this EVE Online Mobile version, similar to the original game. It is also a very decent and fast way to make ISK, but the only drawback is that they are limited, which is why people who specialize in the economy can’t depend on Encounter missions. When starting a mission, be sure to read up on all the details and set up properly. Mission difficulty will increase as you increase your tech level, and Expert tier missions will yield the best loot. To access them, tap on the avatar of your pilot and then tap Encounters button.

how to use drones?

Drones are currently, in this EVE Echoes beta stage, only available as weapon upgrades for ships, while there will be more types later on, presumably for there are many in the EVE Online mobile version will get as well. They are high-slot upgrades and are not recommended for going into at the start, when low on cash, and when you don’t need to pursue the ship‘s advanced battle conditioning. In EVE Online, there are mining, logistics, shield repair, and many other drone types.

If you do need and want to delve into Combat Drones, currently available, you first need to learn which ships can use combat drones. And, those are ships that have drone launcher slots in their module layout. All drones come with their stats and they are essentially little spacecraft that launch from your ship in combat, to serve different purposes with their smaller size, increased speed, and perform tasks that require precision. Once you arm your launch tubes with drones, they will fly out in combat and attack your opponent, orbiting around the target during combat. They can get destroyed while out, of course, so you need to be careful.

How to get blueprints?

Blueprints let you build ships and rigs, and can be obtained in several ways. However, mostly you will need to search the Market for a good opportunity to purchase some of the better quality blueprints when the price is suitable. So, purchasing them from other players is the easiest, most direct way, but apart from paying loads of ISK on the market, you can also create or manufacture your blueprints. But, for this, you need various resources which might be high in demand and even ship parts. Generally speaking, blueprints are obtained in these three ways:

  • The market
  • Anomalies
  • Trade Hubs
  • Creating your own

As far as anomalies go, you will have to have a little bit of luck, for these are random encounters that can vary in difficulty and thus its reward. Winning in an anomaly encounter will yield random resources and goods, with a fair chance of a decent Blueprint. The best loot is found on Inquisitor anomalies, and the lootable debris found inside.

After a time spent in the game, you might notice some Trade Hubs offer better quality goods. Those that stand out will offer better goods and some good Blueprints. To find such Trade Hubs, you might check Jita, Amarr, 5ZXX-K, and Matar.

After you purchase or create a Blueprint, you might be having a hard time finding it in your inventory. When at inventory pane, just tap the Personal Assets button at the bottom-left side of the screen. It will give you the options checklist, to help you find what you need. After you find it, just tap Use Blueprint.

How to level up?

Leveling up is mostly done through EVE Echoes gameplay itself, with some skills, tech levels, and advancements being awarded through missions and others by purchasing them with ISK. That said, leveling is not done in a standard way like in other MMOs, where you gather experience and then once you fill-up the level bar, you get skill points. Here, when you advance enough, you can upgrade tech levels and create advancement opportunities, and then you need to train skills you want to pursue, which takes time in and of itself. However, you can choose to train and upgrade multiple skills and upgrades. You will unlock new Tech ships, be able to research and upgrade propulsion, repairing, and many other aspects of your spaceships. Your pilot’s Tech Level dictates everything else available for research, so that is your primary focus.

Our EVE Echoes guide concludes here, covering beginner and advanced (mid-game) level. For more end game guides, tips, and cheats, a little time has to pass and the game will probably be in its official launch phase by then, but we will keep you posted. EVE Echoes release date is set for spring 2020, probably when the developers decide on the monetization model they want to use, and they might also make some changes and tweaks in-game. We will also update the info here as we go along.

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The game brings the same experience as the original, with the same possibilities, and the social aspect of the game is still impressive almost 17 years later.

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