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Do you like playing relaxing and idle games? Are you a fan of the RPG Hero Collecting genre? Do you enjoy harem Anime in which the main character is surrounded by all types of cute girls? Well, if the answer to any of these questions is yes, you might want to give GxB 2 a try.

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It’s evident that this game is massively popular among the gaming audience…

girls x battle 2 guides, tips, tricks

GxB 2 was created by video game development studio Carolgames. The game was officially released on Jun 27th, 2018, and ever since its release, it’s been a massive hit among gamers. In a bit over a year and a half, GxB 2 was downloaded over 5 million times on Google Play alone where it currently sits on 4.5 out of 5 stars rating with around 150 thousand user reviews. On the iTunes App Store, GxB 2 currently has 4.8 out of 5 stars rating with over 11 thousand user scores. Judging by these numbers alone, it’s evident that this game is massively popular among the gaming audience.

★ ★ ★ ★


The idle combat system removes a lot of stress and makes it much easier for players to progress…

girls x battle 2 guides, tips, tricks

For the most part, GxB 2 plays just like many other Hero Collector Role Playing Games, aka Gachas. However, the emphasis here is on Idle play. In other words, players only need to deploy their girls into battle, and they will battle on their own. Before the battle, players can choose to set up the formation of their characters. They can place up to two girls in the front line and up to four of them in the backline. Each of the characters has one active skill and up to three passive skills. Many of these will have various bonus effects based on their positioning, their allies, enemy characters, their placement, and etc.

As with most other Gachas, leveling the girls up will increase their combat capabilities. Also, each of the characters has their initial star rating, which can go up to five stars. This represents their initial power, and the higher, the better. The girls are divided into six different factions: Ghost, Human, Monster, Fairy, Demon, and Angel. Each of these is strong against one other faction and weak against another. On top of that, players can mix and match girls from these factions to gain some additional bonuses. For example, using all of the girls from the same faction will grant various buffs to the entire team, based on the faction used. Likewise, if the players mix some of the girls from different factions, they can also receive certain bonuses. These bonuses can be seen during the battle preparation, and players who want to mix and match will be able to set up their team composition to receive some of these buffs during battles.

There are many different ways to improve girls. Players can level them up to a certain level, determined by their grade. Once they hit the level cap, characters can be further leveled up by increasing their grade. Later on, there are various end-game options to further increase stars and grades of girls, which will open up a lot of options to progress. Players can also equip their waifus with various gear, which will grant them additional bonuses and stats. Other than that, it is possible to join guilds as well, and participate in some additional content only available for those that are members of a guild. All in all, there is a lot of content available that will keep players occupied for a pretty long time.

It is also worth mentioning that the whole emphasis of the game is on the idle play. In other words, players can let their girls battle even while they are not in the game. This way, their girls can battle for up to several hours, and once players log back in, they can claim all the goodies that their waifus collected. Unlike some other games, where it is required to mindlessly grind for hours, this idle combat system removes a lot of that stress and makes it much easier for players to progress, which is another reason why GxB 2 is so popular.

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If you are a fan of Harem or Magical Girl Anime, you will feel right at home…

girls x battle 2 guides, tips, tricks

If you are a fan of Harem or Magical Girl Anime, you will feel right at home. The overall vibe of the game is very much reminiscent of an Anime, and the game does a lot to contribute to that. Many of the girls are voiced by professional voice actress, which will immensely increase the overall Anime vibe. Also, the girls are very “vocal” during combat, which “some” players may find especially interesting. Other than that, it’s worth mentioning that the music in the game is pretty relaxed and non-imposing, and it greatly adds up to the overall atmosphere. All in all, Anime lovers will feel right at home with this game.

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GxB 2 is an Eye-Candy, especially for Anime fans…

girls x battle 2 guides, tips, tricks

This is one of the parts of GxB 2 that makes it so appealing for the players. All of the girls look like they’ve been taken straight out of Anime, which is honestly really nice. Each one of the girls has a distinct artwork, and in most cases, it’s very detailed and nicely drawn. In some particular cases, some of the girls have very “suggestive” poses in their artwork, which is perhaps another reason for this game’s immense popularity. Also, some of these artworks can be used as a wallpaper, so players can keep their favorite waifu very close to them.

During battles, however, most of the girls are drawn in the “Chibi” style, meaning they have big heads and tiny limbs, and they’re portrayed this way in order to make them look cuter. Most of their combat animations are rather simple, but nicely animated, which fits very well in the whole game. All in all, GxB 2 is an Eye-Candy, especially for Anime fans, and it’s no wonder why it’s been growing in popularity ever since its release.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Tech Compatibility

It’s evident that the developers did their best to optimize their game to make it accessible to a wide variety of devices…

girls x battle 2 guides, tips, tricks

This is another aspect where GxB 2 shines. Since the game has a rather simplistic, but colorful graphics, it’s not too demanding when it comes to system requirements. On Android, the game runs pretty smoothly on pretty much all supported devices, and it’s fairly well optimized. The loading times aren’t long, fights play out nicely, and all things considered, it’s evident that the developers did their best to optimize their game to make it accessible to a wide variety of devices. As for iOS, the minimum requirement to run GxB 2 is an iOS 8 compatible device, which is fairly low compared to most other games. All things considered, as long as you don’t have a “brick” of a phone, you should be able to run this game.

★ ★ ★ ★ 

Free-to-play Friendly

Going fully F2P in GxB 2 will likely be a difficult journey, especially when it comes to PvP…

girls x battle 2 guides, tips, tricks

This is where the opinions on the game differ for the most part. If you want to play as a free to play player, it will take you a long time to reach the end game. While the game has its advantages when it comes to idle play and farming, it is not as F2P friendly as some other Gachas. To access the real endgame, and collect some of the rarest characters, players will pretty much have to play for months, if not years. And even then, most of the girls have some exclusive “skins” players can purchase. Other than changing characters’ appearances, these skins will also grant them unique combat stat bonuses. Unfortunately, most of the skins are only unlockable via microtransactions, which puts free to play players at a significant disadvantage, especially when it comes to the PvP content of the game. Still, if players are dedicated, they can reach the endgame without spending a dime, but given that there are numerous bonuses and advantages that can simply be purchased with real money, going fully F2P will likely be a difficult journey, especially when it comes to PvP.

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Girls x Battle 2 is a must-play for all lovers of the Gacha genre…

girls x battle 2 guides, tips, tricks

All things considered, GxB 2 is a must-play for all lovers of the Gacha genre, especially those that are fans of harem Anime. The overall cuteness of some of these girls, the whole atmosphere, as well as the ability to collect many different waifus will make you want to play this game for a long time.

Girls x Battle 2 guides and TIPS

How to improve your gaming experience and gameplay…

girls x battle 2 guides, tips, tricks

Hundreds of Anime Girls under your command does sound good enough to give it a try, doesn’t it? Well, we compiled a list of helpful tips and guides that can make your gaming easier and more pleasurable? Enjoy!

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How to Graduate?

In GxB 2, there is an option to increase the characters’ rank past their maximum number of stars. This is done via the Graduate option available at the Campus. In order for one of the girls to Graduate, players need to have a certain number of girls from the same faction, all with the right number of stars. Some of those need to be a specific girl, while others can be any girls with the required number of stars, as long as they belong to the same faction. After fulfilling all of these requirements, the girl in question will graduate and gain an additional star, while the other girls will be used up in the process. Players should be very careful when using this option since the girls used up will be gone for good.

How to Awaken a girl?

Awakening is a process to further increase the star rank of girls after they graduate. Namely, this option is used to upgrade girls with at least six stars. To do that, players will need to have the required number of characters with a specific number of stars. Each of these will be used up in the process, and the girl they want to awaken will gain one additional star. This will increase stats for the awakened girl as well as her level cap. Similar to Graduate, the Awaken option should be used with caution since all of the other girls will be used up in the process.

How to get skins?

In GxB 2, you can obtain specific skins for some of the girls. There are many different types of skins. Firstly, there are skins girls will gain after Graduating or being Awakened. These skins won’t provide girls with any special bonuses but will change their looks and the artworks. Secondly, there are skins that provide various combat bonuses for girls. These skins can be acquired during some limited time events. Also, some of these skins can be purchased in the shop, and this is probably the easiest, but the most expensive way of obtaining skins. If you’re looking to acquire some of the nice skins for your favorite waifus, keep an eye out for the events, and try your best to complete them while they’re active in order to unlock these skins.

How to get Seals?

Seals are used to Enroll girls. Enrolling will allow you to gain 4-star or 5-star shards or girls for a specific faction of your choice. Each Enroll costs one Seal. You can get Seals by taking part in the events, by doing some Internship Quests, or by obtaining them via Market. Since Seals are used to complete some of the Events, they are one of the most valuable resources in the game, and you should be careful when using them since some of the most powerful girls are obtained via Events that require you to use a certain number of Seals via Enroll option.

How to get Hearts?

In GxB 2, Hearts are used for buying BFF Capsules. While these are not as good as the Advanced Capsules, they have a decent chance of awarding you some nice girls, which makes them a valuable resource. In order to get Hearts, you will have to add a lot of friends and constantly send hearts to them. Still, there are a few things you should consider when doing so. First, make sure that you have the maximum number of friends. This will maximize the number of stars you can receive each day. Second, be sure that all of your friends are active players. If some of your friends stop playing, you might want to consider removing them and adding someone else who is more active. Third, be sure to send hearts to all of your friends every day. By following these simple steps, you will be able to maximize the number of hearts you gain each day, which will allow you to get more girls overall.