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The end is nigh! Apocalypse has come, and the doom is knocking on our door! Well, these are the words one would expect to hear in case of a zombie apocalypse. Luckily for us, that day hasn’t arrived (yet), but the Last Day on Earth Survival is here for all that are interested in experiencing it.

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The game won The Most Innovative Mobile Game award in 2017…

last day on earth 2020 review and guides

Last Day on Earth Survival was created by video games developer, Kefir Games. It was released on May 24th, 2017 for Android and iOS. Now, nearly three years following its initial release, LDoES was downloaded more than 50 million times on Google Play alone where it currently sits at 4.3 out of 5 stars with over 3.6 million user review scores. On the iTunes App Store, the game currently has 4.5 out of 5 stars user score with more than 34 thousand votes and is currently rated #30 in the strategy genre. It is also worth mentioning that LDoES won The Most Innovative Mobile Game award in 2017, and was nominated for Google Play User’s Choice Awards in 2018.

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Do all in your power to survive and avoid getting eaten by a horde of ravenous zombies…

last day on earth 2020 review and guides

The story of LDoES is set in 2027. The world is in a poor state, following the outbreak of an unknown infection that nearly wiped the human population. Well, wiped out isn’t exactly the most accurate term since the majority of the human race was turned into bloodthirsty zombies. The remaining survivors must do all in their power to survive and avoid getting eaten by a horde of ravenous zombies. However, avoiding zombies isn’t the only hardship the survivors will face. They will have to worry about acquiring food and water, and they will also need to build shelters to stay safe from roaming hordes of ever-hungry undead.

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This is a survival game featuring elements of action, role-playing, strategy, and base building all mashed up together in a sandbox setting…

last day on earth 2020 review and guides

Last Day on Earth Survival is a mix of several genres. In its essence, it is a survival game featuring elements of action, role-playing, strategy, and base building all mashed up together in a sandbox setting. Once you start the game, you will be taken to the character creation screen, where you can customize your character. When you’re done with that, you’ll get thrown into the harsh, post-apocalyptic world with nothing but your underwear. From the get-go, you’ll need to look around and scavenge whatever you can to defend yourself from the undead.

As for the gameplay itself, your character can equip various pieces of equipment and weapons. Shortly after you start, you will notice that your biggest enemy is limited inventory space. You will have to collect many different resources such as food, water, wood, stones, ores, cloth, ropes, etc. All of these are used to craft different items you can use for various situations. For example, in order to chop wood, you need a hatchet. You can craft it using some of the materials you collect while scavenging around. Likewise, to mine, you need a pickaxe. And each of these will take up one inventory space. When you start, your character has 10 inventory slots, and you can quickly expand it by 5 when you craft a backpack. Still, these 15 inventory slots will quickly fill up since most of the craftable mats can only stack up to several items per slot. Because of this, it is very important to manage your inventory space properly. Luckily, you can create storage boxes that you can place in your shelter. You can store the items you don’t urgently need (such as crafting materials, extra food, etc) into these boxes.

Speaking of crafting, you can create many interesting items and objects that will help you survive the harsh post-apocalyptic world. For example, the campfire will help you prepare food, you can grow vegetables in the garden, you can get water using the rain catcher, and etc. All of these will be mandatory tools for survival. Once your character is high level, you will be able to create more advanced stuff, like guns, choppers, and many other useful items.

Another important mechanic to mention here is the energy system. After playing for a short while, you will clear the initial area, and you will be able to access the world map. There, you will notice plenty of other areas to explore. However, you will also notice that traveling to some of these takes quite a long time… unless you use some of your energy. This way, you will be able to travel to remote areas very quickly, but depending on the location, it will require you to spend some of your energy. Many of the rare items and resources are scattered around the world, and the only way of acquiring them is via exploring. Also, it is imperative to monitor your energy and plan your trips accordingly. Other than that, while visiting remote areas, it is really important to manage your inventory. Taking some unnecessary items with you will result in less inventory space for picking up rare materials and important items. This is why managing your inventory is so important for progressing through the game.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is, of course, food and water. As time goes by, your character will start getting hungry and thirsty. This is indicated by two numbers shown when you open the inventory screen (one is for food, and the other is for water). There are many different consumable items that can help keep your hunger and thirst at bay. However, they also take up inventory space and you pretty much need to have some food and drink in your backpack as you travel and explore the areas.

When it comes to weapons, at the start, you will be using some basic melee weapons like cleavers, bats, or spears. Each weapon has a durability bar, and using it slowly depletes the bar. Once the weapon is out of durability, you can no longer use it. As you progress, you will find some rare and more powerful weapons, but you will always be in a dilemma whether you should use those or not. Generally, they are best used for fending off zombie hordes and getting out of sticky situations.

While playing, each action that you do will award you some experience points. Once you earn enough XP, you will be able to level up. Each level will let you learn one skill, and these will improve your survival in one way or another. For instance, you can choose to learn a skill that grants you bonus experience, or the one that improves the potency of bandages, the one that reduces your hunger, and so on. These are given to you at random, so each time you level up, you will get to choose one out of three random skills that are offered to you. Also, crafting some powerful items and objects is locked behind certain levels, which is why it’s very important to earn as much experience as possible.

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You are thrown into the harsh environment of the post-apocalyptic world with nothing…

last day on earth 2020 review and guides

When it comes to the atmosphere, LDoES is sure to deliver. From the very beginning, you are thrown into the harsh environment of the post-apocalyptic world with nothing but your underwear on, and you need to do whatever you can to survive. You will have to collect whatever resources you can in order to avoid starvation or becoming food for the bloodthirsty undead. Also, the inventory system will constantly remind you that you cannot simply pick up everything you find, so at times, you will be faced with difficult decisions. Should you take some rare resources from the area you just explored, or maybe that rare weapon you just found? This will immensely increase the overall immersion and atmosphere, which is one of the reasons why the game is so popular, even nearly three years since its initial release. Also, the feeling of getting overwhelmed by the zombie horde will make you s*** your pants at times, further increasing the survival feel of the game.

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The game sort of looks very ‘old’…

last day on earth 2020 review and guides

As for the visuals, Last Day on Earth Survival isn’t really the most impressive title. All of the characters and models are very low-poly and you will feel like you’re playing the game from the late ’90s. The effects are also not too impressive, and all in all, the game sort of looks very ‘old’. Yes, it is clear that the developers were aiming for kind of a ‘retro’ feel, but when compared to some other games, LDoES isn’t nearly as good looking.

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Tech Compatibility

Despite the game looking ‘not too good’, it is very well optimized…

last day on earth 2020 review and guides

Despite the game looking ‘not too good’, it is very well optimized. LDoES runs pretty well on most of the supported devices, and the gameplay feels very smooth and polished. On Android, the minimum requirements are Android 4.1, while the iOS users will need to have at least an iOS 9 compatible device. This is very low when it comes to hardware requirements, and it is evident that the developers wanted to make the game accessible to a wide variety of mobile devices, so they toned down the graphics and gave it a ‘retro’ feel to compensate. Luckily, this turned out very good when it comes to compatibility, and it doesn’t ruin the atmosphere in the slightest, so all in all, it was a smart move.

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Free-to-play Friendly

Every player will be able to progress, the only difference is the time invested in the game…

last day on earth 2020 review and guides

This is where the majority of the complaints about the game are pointing at. Basically, there are many factors in this game that will limit your progression. Some of those you can overcome simply by waiting and taking more of a ‘casual’ approach. Unfortunately, at times, you will be forced to either grind to oblivion or to open up your wallet. While most of the content is available for entirely free to play players, it is evident that you can skip some of the grinding by simply purchasing required items via microtransactions, which was one of the major downsides pointed by many players. Still, every player will be able to progress, the only difference is the time invested in the game. If you play on a daily basis and complete all of the tasks each day, you will be able to progress relatively fast, but you will need to grind at times in order to acquire the necessary materials for some important items. Overall, the game is not too horrible when it comes to being F2P friendly, it’s just a matter of whether you want to invest your time in it or not.

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You will definitely feel like you’re trapped in the zombie-infested post-apocalyptic world…

last day on earth 2020 review and guides

All things considered, LDoES is the game that has an incredible atmosphere and the survival feeling. Sure, it has its flaws, but while playing it, you will definitely feel like you’re trapped in the zombie-infested post-apocalyptic world. Definitely worth trying for all fans of the genre.

Last Day on Earth Survival guides and TIPS

How to improve your gaming experience and gameplay…

last day on earth 2020 review and guides

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Here is the part when we get a bit more in-depth. We compiled a list of useful guides, tips, and tricks that will help you throughout your gaming journey and hopefully make it more fun and easy! Enjoy!

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How to make cloth?

There are a few ways of making cloth. Firstly, you can get pieces of cloth as a common drop from zombies you kill. This can be somewhat risky in certain situations, so be aware of that. Secondly, you can create cloth using a Sewing Table. It is unlocked at level 18, and once you create it, you can use it to make cloth. You can use two plant fibers to make one piece of cloth, or you can use two pieces of cloth to make one thick fabric. These are commonly used in many crafting recipes, so make sure to create the Sewing Table as soon as you hit level 18.

How to fish?

Fishing is a fun and interesting activity. This guide will aim to explain how to fish successfully. In order to fish, you need to have a skill Fishing. Next, you have to create a fishing rod. Once you do that, you need to look for fishing event locations. These can randomly show up on the Global Map. When you see one appear, go there and you can start fishing. In order to fish, equip a fishing rod and once you approach the pond, you will get the icon that will allow you to fish. This will open up the mini-game where you have to keep the orange bubble on top of the fish icon until the green bar fills up. Tapping on the fishing icon will cause the bubble to move up, and not pressing it will cause the bubble to move down. You basically have to follow the movement of the fish icon and keep the orange bubble on top of it in order to catch the fish. However, this is easier said than done, so you’ll likely need to practice for a while until you can catch the fish.

How to get water?

This guide will try to explain how to get water. The easiest way to get water is by building a Rain Catcher. Once you do that, all you have to do is place empty bottles inside it, and after a while they will fill up with water. This is by far the easiest way to get water in the game. You can also get water as a random drop while exploring various areas, but that method isn’t too reliable, so as soon as you’re able to build a Rain Catcher, make sure to create one.

How to make fire?

Everyone knows that in order to cook food, you need to make fire. Luckily, you can create Campfire pretty easily. It is one of the first crafting stations you’ll unlock, and it will help you cook food. You can make it by accessing the crafting menu. Creating it requires some Pine Logs, Limestones, and Plant Fibers. Each of these materials is easily obtainable in the starting area, so you shouldn’t have any trouble creating the Campfire. As soon as you do, you’ll be able to turn raw food materials into cooked meals. This will severely increase the potency of raw materials, which is why it’s recommended to always cook the food and never eat it raw.

How to use a chopper?

The chopper allows you to quickly travel to remote locations using gasoline. In order to make a chopper, you’ll first need to reach level 6. You will then be able to unlock the structure in your base that will allow you to make a chopper. Creating this structure is fairly easy since it doesn’t require any rare materials. Once you’re done, you will be able to make your chopper. This is the hard part because you will need to collect a lot of different materials. Once you manage to collect all of the necessary components, you will be able to assemble your chopper. In order to use a chopper, you need to have Motorcycle Driver skill. After that, “Drive” option will be available on the global map in addition to the “Walk” and “Run” options. Also, you can add fuel to the chopper using the “Pour On” option. Bear in mind that the fuel will be consumed even when you’re driving the chopper on your home base or any of the zones, so try to avoid wasting too much of this precious resource.

How to change name?

In order to change your name, you’ll need to construct a Wardrobe in your base. To do that, you’ll first need to reach level 28, which will open up the option to unlock Wardrobe. Once you build one, you can access it anytime you want and customize your character by changing the appearance, name, or gender. Keep in mind that this will require some coins, so be sure to pick the name or the appearance you want carefully.

How to get bigger backpack?

As mentioned in the review, the inventory space is your biggest enemy. You will start the game with only ten inventory spaces, and with Basic Backpack, you can have five additional spaces for a total of fifteen. In order to get a bigger backpack, you will need to acquire a Military Backpack. This one can be unlocked at level 64, and in order to craft it, you will need to acquire 10 Thick Fabric, 15 Rope, and 2 Steel Plates. Out of these, Steel Plates are the only difficult thing to obtain. You can get some of these on Floor 4 of Bunker Alfa. They can also be created by placing a Steel Bar on the Workbench. Once you gather all of the required materials, simply craft the new backpack and enjoy some extra inventory space.

How to get and use a dog?

In the game, it is possible to get a dog pet. First, you need to find a puppy. These are often located on many of the maps, so it won’t be difficult to get one. Next, you will need to create a Dog Crate in your base. Once you do that, you can place the puppy inside it by clicking on the “Use” option on the puppy box in your inventory. After that, you will need to place some food in a feeder inside the dog crate in order for your puppy to grow. Once your puppy reaches adulthood, it will gain traits according to its rank. In order to use a dog with you, it needs to have Rank 4 and a very rare trait called “True Friend”. As for your other dogs, you can let them walk around the base by placing them in the “Walking on Base” slot in the Kennel Management. Another way to get a dog is via crossbreeding. Using this option, you can crossbreed two adult dogs, one male, and one female, and get a puppy that is of equal or higher rank than its parents. Keep in mind that once you do this, the parents will run away, and you will need to grow the new puppy to adulthood.

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Last Day on Earth: Survival

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F2P Friendly


You will definitely feel like you’re trapped in the zombie-infested post-apocalyptic world...

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