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“Avengers Assemble!”

There’s no better way to kick off this review than with that famous Cap’s line from the movies. And, this game sure does compliment the movies a lot, but comic books as well. Faithful to the source material, MFF is one of the best games that has managed to fuse virtually all of the characters from the movies and comic books, both heroes and villains. However, it brought an entirely new epic storyline and gameplay elements that have withstood the test of time. We now revisit this game that will turn 5 years since its release this April and we have also come up with a guide and tips list from everything we’ve gathered about Marvel Future Fight.

★ ★ ★ ★


4.4-stars out of over an incredible 2.7 million ratings so far…

marvel future fight review

Developed by Netmarble Games, this is a game affiliated directly with Marvel Entertainment, which had certain benefits to the game’s features. One of those features involves an entirely new and immersive story arc that includes all fan-favorite characters. It is also done under Disney’s patronage, so the game truly looks good. It is available for both single and multiplayer. It came out in 2015 and it still looks like the latest game on the market.

On Google Play, it has a score of 4.4-stars out of over an incredible 2.7 million ratings so far. The game has over 50 million installs as of early 2020 and it is one of the most popular gaming apps in the store. On the iTunes App Store, it scored 4.3 stars so far out of over 27k votes, and its ranked #124 in Role Playing, although that is not an entirely accurate genre to label it with.

★ ★ ★ ★

Atmosphere and story

The collapse of dimensions that causes massive anomalies in the universe…

marvel future fight

Marvel Future Fight has a story of its own and it begins with a collapse of dimensions that causes massive anomalies in the universe with our Marvel characters. After the team investigates the anomalies, they find their alternative (opposite) versions, i.e. their villainous counterparts. After facing some of the usual enemies, like Ultron, MODOK, and Venom, the team finds out that there is someone behind it all. Someone even Ultron is calling “master”.  After fighting with extra-dimensional versions of themselves some more and even future versions, something ominous happens. A dimensional split causes havoc and disarray and threatens the entire reality.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


This game offers an enormous amount of content and endless re-playability…

marvel future fight

We (the players) come in place of Nick Fury, at the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. and we assemble our Avenger teams and deploy them on missions. But, we also control and fight with our heroes on those missions in an arcade typesetting.

There are over 200 Marvel characters currently in the game and they are all divided into three tiers:

  •  Tier 1 Marvel Characters – can level up to 60
  •  Tier 2 Marvel Characters – can level up to 70
  •  Tier 3 Marvel Characters – can level up to 70

Also, all of the characters are organized into battle types that have advantages over one other type, and disadvantages over the other, like in a “Rock, Paper, Scissors” model. There is also a universal type, which is an exception to the rule. For a character to move up a tier, it has to be completely leveled and mastered, although not all can advance. There are four types for both heroes and villains, and they are:

  •  Combat – Melee fighters, dangerous at close quarter combat
  •  Blast – Efficient ranged combat
  •  Speed – The highest damage output with quick abilities
  •  Universal – Balanced in all areas

We take a team of 3 characters at a time on missions but we control only one character. You can switch between all 3 characters with only a short cooldown being the limit, provided the character is alive and battle-ready. But, when you fight with one character, other ones will jump in and help you in combat occasionally, using their abilities.

Abilities of the characters are abundant. Each Marvel Future Fight character has a default attack which is melee if the character is melee and it will also be a melee attack for a ranged character if done at melee range. But, a ranged character will use a ranged attack at a distance with its default attack. Default attacks deal significant damage in this game and do not represent something to be skipped over, like in many similar genres.

Also, when a player uses an ability or a default attack, the currently controlled character will lock onto the nearest enemy, so no abilities will be wasted completely. If there are no enemies, any ability used will automatically lock the character towards the next checkpoint in an auto-pathing manner.  Other abilities make up for a faithful representation of each Marvel character and are done quite well, with animations faithful to the source material and a well-balanced effect mix.

Besides going through stages and doing combat, outside of action the players will be focused on their S.H.I.E.L.D. base of operations, in which you do everything else behind the curtain. Obtaining, leveling, evolving, and gearing up your Marvel characters and organizing your teams, choosing missions from the story, challenge, or other modes. Doing quests and obtaining rewards and much more await all who delve into mastering this game that offers an enormous amount of content and endless re-playability.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


It looks every bit as fresh as it did on its release and it is on par with even AAA titles today…

marvel future fight

Given the fact that Marvel Future Fight came out almost 5 years ago, this game looks impressive. It looks every bit as fresh as it did on its release and it is on par with even AAA titles today, both in appearance and gameplay. This is undoubtedly due to the game’s enormous popularity, which prompted Netmarble to constantly work on it, improve and tweak it. Marvel characters all look faithful to the source material, with additional costumes and cosmetics optional that make the game so much more interesting. Abilities and animations are just the way they should be, visualizing abilities from the characters exactly as they should be.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Tech Compatibility

Not a demanding game at all in terms of system requirements…

marvel future fight

With all that said, Marvel Future Fight is not a demanding game at all in terms of system requirements. The Android version requires Android 4.1 or later, while the iOS version requires iOS 9.0 or later. Gameplay and graphics-wise, this game feels fresh, with smooth and flashy animations and numerous diverse gameplay elements that are at play. But, despite the detailing, it will run smoothly on most devices today.

★ ★ ★ ★ 

Free-to-play Friendly

For the most part, you do not need any microtransactions to be successful…

marvel future fight

Marvel Future Fight supports microtransactions and offers them on every step of the way, including packs, special limited-time deals, and similar stuff. You do not have to buy any of it, but it gets kind of annoying for after each stage you will be offered a pack to purchase, and if you select ‘NO’, the game will ask you if you are sure you do not want to purchase it. However, the game itself is completely free to play and, for the most part, you do not need any microtransactions to be successful or competitive. Spending real money in-game is mostly oriented towards cosmetics (character costumes) and for people who want to own the most characters and level them up fast.

★ ★ ★ ★


It is just an awesome game!

marvel future fight

Marvel Future Fight is an awesome game! This is evident by its 50+ million downloads, enormous player database, and its 5th year as a very popular and highly-rated mobile game. Its gameplay is very well adapted to the source material, the characters themselves are a faithful representation of the originals, and the storyline is something new to enjoy. The only thing missing is character voices, as everything is done via written messages. But, this is nothing too important, as the rest of the game is pure pleasure. You don’t have to spend a single dime one it to have fun and any Smartphone released in the past 6-7 years can run it with no problem.

Marvel Future Fight guides and TIPS

How to improve your gaming experience and gameplay…

marvel future fight guides tips and tricks

During these 5 years since the game came out, Marvel Future Fight guides, reviews, tips, and tricks gathered aplenty. The game also changes significantly and it is constantly updated and thus there’s a need for updated guides. We’ve checked the community for most recent feedback and frequently asked questions about the gameplay, and we’ve also included stuff we came up with, like tier lists for instance.

Use links below to jump to the guide sections. 


How to get Thanos, the Mad Titan?

Thanos is one of the most sought after characters in Marvel Future Fight and the method of obtaining him is not a secret, but it does require a lot of farming. First, the player needs to beat Thanos 10 times. This will unlock him with 1 star. Now comes the hard part as you will need to evolve him, preferably to 6*. This is doable for 20 Bios, but if you don’t want to spend any real money on the game, it might take you over 6 months of farming Black Antimatter. Antimatter is a World Boss drop.

How to get Gwenpool tokens?

Gwenpool or Gwen Poole character is an amalgam (union) of Wade Wilson (Deadpool) and Gwen Stacy, a character from Spider-Man. She is a Tier 1 character in Marvel Future Fight, of the Speed type, but the players’ community is also interested in Gwenpool’s Toy Token Shop. The event lasted throughout the winter Holiday season, through which players that have acquired Gwenpool Snowman Dolls could exchange them for various items at the shop.

How to level up fast?

The basic question everyone asks once they start getting into the grind – How to level up fast? Well, grinding some heroes up to level 60 and evolving them can take a tremendous amount of time, like Thanos which could take anywhere from six months to God knows how long to evolve fully. However, there are some tricks into leveling up standard characters, and the latest guides show several methods.

Firstly, make sure that your characters have the Best Condition Effect as long as you can. It is an effect that diminishes the higher the level of your Marvel Future Fight character is. It is the most effective at level 1 and it decreases as you level up, but it does remain in effect even at level 60 and it affects Enemy Kill EXP, clear EXP bonus, and clear bonus Gold you get, so it’s a win, win, win. Bonus Gold does not stack and you only need one character in your Team to have it to get the bonus Gold, while the other two bonuses are valid for each character.

Recently, Netease changed the Best Condition Effect buff so that it resets daily, with the standard daily reset.  But, this effect is not that strong as specific game modes. Special missions on Level 60 yield crazy amount of experience points and you should find some you can clear fast, in under 1 minute preferably. Daily missions are also important and should be grind as much as you can. The priority order for the best EXP grind is this:

Special missions (as much as you can, including the un-lockable one)
Daily missions (the two missions)
Story Missions (best EXP is gained from the last mission, but its HARD difficulty, so Auto 10-5 might be better than 10-8)
This grind should be done primarily during the HOT TIME. Just tap the Event in the bottom part of the base interface and check the schedule. Study it and make sure you are logged in proper periods, mainly for the Hero EXP Boosting Event, during which hero EXP gain is up for 50% from all stages and all contents in the game.

How to get more Crystals?

When talking about how to get more Crystals, we assume its without actually paying real money for it. Do not worry, there are a lot of ways to obtain them without spending a dime. Each Daily Challenge done will yield 25 Crystals, while completing Daily Challenges every day of the week will yield an additional 30 Crystals on the 7th day. Daily log-in can also yield Crystals and you should always play the Timeline battle, aiming to win with the highest possible rank, for this will award Crystals at the end of the week.

Character rankings can also yield Crystals based on that particular character’s rank and leveling up character brings Crystals on its own. When each of your characters hits level 50, you will get 20 crystals. The reward increases to 40 at level 60, and then 60 Crystals at Level 70. Each Marvel Future Fight character can yield these rewards, so it is worth it to try and level up as many as you can, at least to level 50, which is not too time-consuming.

  • Leveling up as many characters as you can
  •  Daily missions
  •  Log-in rewards
  • Timeline battle
  •  Challenges
  •  Inviting Facebook friends to play

How to get 3099 uniforms?

Netease recently released a new content update, with the Avengers 3099 uniforms. It’s skins for future versions of the Marvel Future Fight characters, and they are currently highly sought after. 3099 uniforms for Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Widow are free and you get them by completing the new story mission, but they offer no uniform bonus. However, they do change and bring new abilities to characters, which is a boost for some of them.

How to get to Tier 3?

Leveling a character up to 70 and getting it to Tier 3 is one of the most important plays for any player in the game. Depending on when you are reading this guide, you can get around 40 characters up to level 70, but only a select few can get to Tier 3, and, currently, those are Iron Man, Captain America, Ant-Man, Black Panther, Thor, and Deadpool. Getting a character to Tier 3 will double its base stats and also provide a new active skill. Whichever characters are available for Tier 3 at a certain point you will need to go through these steps more or less with all:

  •  Get the character to Tier 2
  •  Get 20/20/20/20 on native Tier 2 gear
  •  Raise character potential to 100% in WB/WBU
  •  Raise character level cap and potential cap
  •  Use X-genes or bios
  •  Upgrade gear from +20 to +25
  •  Get the 4 WBU materials

How to get rank up tickets?

Rank up and mastery tickets are found in player inventory, in the consumable sections. Rank Up Tickets increase the rank of the selected hero to the respective level, while Mastery Tickets increase character’s mastery to the appropriate level. Rank Up Tickets are sold during special limited time events but are also awarded on rare occasions, mostly for VIPs.

How to get Iron Man? (3099 Uniform)

Iron Man is one of the three basic characters every player gets by default in Marvel Future Fight, alongside Captain America and Black Widow. He is a Blast type hero and is one of the most player characters in the game. The question about how to get Iron Man might be aimed towards his new Avengers 3099 Uniform, which is free to get and only requires you to play for several hours to farm it. You just need to complete the new story mission and you will get the new heroic Iron Man 3099 uniform.

How to Install and play on PC?

Since this is a mobile game and it is only available for Android and iOS devices, you will need a mobile emulator to play it on PC. The most recommended currently on the web is the NoxPlayer. Download it, install it, sign in with your Google Play Account or iTunes App Store account, find Marvel Future Fight and install it like any normal app.

  • Download NoxPlayer or any other Mobile Phone Emulator for PC
  •  Install the Emulator
  •  Sign in with your Google Play or iTunes App Store account
  •  Find Marvel Future Fight and download it
  •  Install like a normal app