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More than 10 million downloads and an average score of 4.3…

marvel strike force review and guides

Marvel Strike Force is a turn-based RPG made and released by FoxNext on March 28th, 2018. At this moment Marvel Strike Force has 2 years behind itself and it is still one of the most important turn-based RPGs (Gatcha) on Google Play with more than 10 million downloads and an average score of 4.3.

The goal of the game is to collect characters from Marvel Universe and use them in several different game segments where they will be assembled in 5-man teams to fight against various enemies. New players will be limited on few early Heroes and Villains but with every new day, they will be closer to opening new stronger Heroes that will allow them to make limitless combinations in searching for the right one. After two years, I cannot say that the game is friendly to new players but fortunately, all new players will be placed on a new server where they will compete with players of similar strength.

Marvel Strike Force has 131 different Heroes and Minions at this moment. With every new update, FoxNext introduces new Heroes or make balance changes of existing Heroes or Minions in the attempt to make Marvel Strike Force as balanced as it could be. Some people think that the pace of releasing new characters is too fast and that new Heroes are usually much better than older Heroes but frankly that is not true. New players could have difficulties to make a decision which characters should be prioritized, but players who play Marvel Strike Force from the beginning can easily acquire all the new characters in the game with a good chance to maximize them in the process without spending too much.

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Pay for play

Some META heroes are only available for money…

marvel strike force review and guides

This leads us to the question of whether Marvel Strike Force is a pay-to-win game or not. It is true that some offers are ridiculously expensive and that some irrelevant stuff must be paid handsomely but it is also true that you can progress without paying at all or by investing only in Power Cores. Many people will not agree with me, but I am certain that the game can be successfully played without spending money. Armored with patience, constant players who log in on a daily bases can achieve everything they want and more. Unlike other mobile games, Marvel Strike Force enables players to rule in PvP even if they haven’t invested a cent in-game. The right strategy and careful planning allow you to assemble META teams with no problems, but at the same time, it requires full dedication and activity. It is important to say that recently some players who invested a lot in the game complained about the fact that people who are not paying can compete with them. After that FoxNext changed its strategy and made some META Heroes (Black Bolt, Hela …) available only for money. The community immediately recognized this problem and reacted accordingly but in my opinion that was all in vain, because people known as Whales fueling this game and they want to be better than the rest of us for one simple reason – they are spending money and keeping the game alive while we are just playing the game. To be honest, FoxNext has every right to listen to Whales and, frankly, I am not mad about it. I just hope that they will not cross the line and that they will try to keep a close gap between pay-to-win players and free-to-play players.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


FoxNext made a new visual standard for graphics in mobile games…

marvel strike force review and guides

I must say that Marvel Strike Force is one of the most impressive-looking mobile games if we speak about graphics and special effects. Models are beautiful and precise but that is not all. Different characters interact between themselves when certain abilities are about to be executed, there is a different kill-animation for each Hero and different animation for every ability. When we know that every Hero or Minion has 3 active abilities and that there are more than 130 characters in the game currently, we conclude that FoxNext did a really good job to provide us a breathtaking visual experience. Unlike in some other games, animations in Marvel Strike Force are not annoying and do not hurt the eyes making you want to play on the lowest speed and to enjoy visual effects. I must say that FoxNext made a new visual standard for graphics in mobile games.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


It is highly addictive to any new player but things have become really stale to older players…

marvel strike force review and guides

When we talk about the game atmosphere I must say that the game is highly addictive to any new player. In the beginning, when everything is new, every game segment is a game for itself. Collecting Heroes in 5 different ways, constant competition and the pursuit of progress force players to log in every single day and makes them occupied all the time. At some point, new players will want more doable content because when they spend all energy and do everything that is needed to do, the game will draw them to stay online looking for more things to do. However, endgame gives you completely opposite feelings. After months and months of repeating the same tasks, when you are already in possession of the majority of available Heroes, you will want more – you will want something new. To be honest this is a big problem because I have the feeling that old players play MSF only because their Alliance depends on them and I think that they do things automatically, without of joy or excitement, with only one thought in their mind – whether to permanently abandon the game or not. The community already addressed this problem and sent the open letter to FoxNext. Leaders of the most powerful Alliances asked the community to back them up and made a list of desires which should be fulfilled or they will stop to spend money in the game. They asked for new content (New Campaigns, Raids, etc…) that will be updated regularly, for lowered prices of end-game gear ingredients, for slower pace of introducing new Heroes and for stop stealth-nerfing existing Raids ( FoxNext changes the difficulty of Raids, without notification, if they see that it is doable by a certain percent of Alliances). I will now quote the end of the letter sent to FoxNext by the leader of the Legion of Cabal (the strongest Alliance in the game):

“End Game: FoxNext your frustration game design philosophy has evolved into a predatory, abusive, and repulsive dynamic that has sucked all the oxygen from the room. We can no longer breathe in this environment. What we are prepared to do and have already started. Community support for a boycott. Enlist the aid of Content Creators and any other press coverage we can. We will spread this as far and wide as possible. We will boycott for an undetermined amount of time. I hope you understand what this means. It’s not when we cave. IT’s when you do. It is understood that some of what is mentioned takes time. Some of it does not take much as well. You can easily update rewards structure as a show of good faith effort that you are no longer just sitting idly and that you are actively engaged to create an environment people have more joy then discontent. A boycott is easily avoidable. Will you? Before you answer that I would like to encourage you to stop and ask yourselves is it really so bad to make people happy via the means they all benefit from. Progress. The juice needs to be worth the squeeze whether it’s time or money. As to the proposed solutions above, they are just that. You can do better. You should do better.”

As you can see the community is furious at the moment and FoxNext must do something to keep this game interesting for players who are with the game from the beginning. That doesn’ t changes the fact that Marvel Strike Force is highly addictive to any new player and that new players simply do not understand why older players are furious. FoxNext now has a difficult task to renew the game and to satisfy old players and new players alike. Implementing new features that will be unplayable by new players is simply not an option for the long term and FoxNext must realize what to do to keep everyone calm and satisfied.

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The gameplay in Marvel Strike Force is quite simple and interesting…

marvel strike force review and guides

The gameplay in Marvel Strike Force is quite simple and interesting. After the initial success of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, a lot of people realized that this genre is the recipe for success and tried to design similar games with other iconic characters. Some games like DC Legends or Middle Earth: Shadow of War weren’t exciting enough but Marvel Strike Force, on the other hand, had everything needed to achieve success and draw a wide variety of different persons into it. The possibility to collect Marvel iconic Heroes and to use them in combat was appealing for both Marvel fans and Gacha fans. Everything they had to do was to unlock certain Heroes, combine them using strategic thinking and then carefully decide which skills should be used and in what order to provide them the joy of victory. This concept is simple even for kids – you don’t need fast reflexes, you have enough time to think what course of action is the best and most importantly after a short time you know exactly what is needed for achieving your goals.

★ ★ ★ ★

Starting Goals

Unlike other Gacha games, you have the opportunity to unlock almost anyone you want which allows you to plan and strategize…

marvel strike force review and guides

Unlike other Gacha games in Marvel Strike Force, you have the opportunity to unlock almost anyone you want which allows you to plan and strategize. As the game evolved, Heroes that should be farmed first have been changing according to their availability in certain game modes. Heroes can be farmed in Campaign missions, Blitz Store, Arena Store, Raid Store, Alliance War store, Supplies, Legendary Events or it can be bought for money in various Offers. Once you acquire a certain Hero you must level it up and equip it with gear. At this moment maximum level of the Hero is 75 and it can be equipped by 14 Tiers of the gear. Higher gear tiers unlock new skills that can also be upgraded granting new and stronger effects. For leveling, you will need gold which can be obtained in different game segments. Gold is very important and always insufficient for your current needs. Gear ingredients can be bought for gold in Supplies Store, for Raid Credits in Raid Store, for War Credits in War Store or it can be farmed in Campaign missions and Raids. For upgrading skills, you will need Ability material which is mainly gathered by participating in Raids. As you can see Raid is one of the most important segments in the game but for participating in it you will need the help of Alliance. Alliance can have up to 24 members which all need to be active and participate in Raids if you want to progress in the game. This basically means that after some point you cannot play Marvel Strike Force alone and that you are dependent on other players. This proved to be a big issue for a lot of new players who failed to find an active alliance and because of that stopped playing the game. So in short, if you want to play the Marvel Strike Force you have to be in the active Alliance. This is mandatory in the true meaning of that word. Finding suitable Alliance is a hard task, especially for the new player, and I suggest that you use Discord, Reddit or Facebook for fulfilling that task. Being in random Alliance is almost like you are not in Alliance at all.

When you fully leveled and geared your character you can continue to farm it because every character can have up to 7 stars. Every subsequent Hero star significantly increases its primary stats. The number of Hero’s shards needed for the next star is gradually increasing and even when you reach 7 stars with some Hero you can still continue to farm it but its shards will be transferred in Ultimus’ shards (Ultimus is the Hero who can only be farmed by collecting shards of 7-star Heroes).

The most frequently asked question for new players is what team they should build first and which characters should be prioritized for the fastest progress. After the rework Defenders team became the team that is usable in all game segments especially for the new players. All members of the Defenders team can be obtained relatively early in the game and they can be used with success in the Arena on new servers. More than a year passed since the Defenders update and now we have a lot more farmable Heroes who can help you in various parts of the game. New players need a plan and they must understand what is needed to get in position to recruit META heroes capable of doing end-game content. Meta Heroes at this moment are Black Bolt, Ultron, Phoenix, Minn-Erva, Magneto, Mister Sinister, Scientist Supreme, Hela, Falcon, and Vision. To get those Heroes, players need to complete all Campaign missions where they can farm some mentioned Heroes (Vision, Falcon, Scientist Supreme) and Heroes needed for unlocking other Meta Heroes. This practically means that assembling a Hero team, Villain team, Cosmic, Team and Mystic Team should be the priority. For the Hero team, Defenders should be sufficient. Building the Villain team is a little bit trickier and I suggest that the best course of action is to try to obtain all Kree Minions and Ronan. Kree minions are needed for unlocking Nick Fury who is the legendary character and leader of the S.H.I.E.L.D. team and they could be farmed in early Nexus and Cosmic nodes. Before obtaining Kree Minions players must rely on Heroes like Crossbones, Vulture, Juggernaut, etc… (Heroes available in the Arena Store and Blitz Store). For Cosmic Campaign, a new player should first open Guardians of Galaxy Heroes (Drax, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, Mantis, Groot) and Yondu, Those Heroes are needed for unlocking Star-Lord and they are good enough for most of the Cosmic Campaign. Mystic Campaign is hardest and it will be cleared last but it is important to know that Heroes with Villain, Mystic and Controller trait are also needed for unlocking Phoenix so it might be wise to try to get those Heroes first. Mentioned Heroes are Ronan the Accuser, Mordo, Loki, Nobu and Hand Assassin. Aside from Phoenix who is needed for the Arena and the Alliance War most important character at this moment is Ultron. After the introduction of Black Bolt, Ultron’s importance has been lowered in the Arena but he is still the most important character for entire PVE content (Raids, Dark Dimension, high-level Campaign missions, some Challenges). Ultron can be unlocked in the Dark Dimension. Dark Dimension has 3 stages at this moment. “Enter the Darkness” is the first stage and it requires characters with 6 stars. If you are a new player your primary goal would be to earn 6 stars for the Heroes of your current main team (Defenders, Guardians, etc…) and to try to beat “Enter the Darkness” as soon as possible. For clearing the first stage of Dark Dimension players will be awarded much-needed Tier 13 gear and Tier 13 ingredients which are needed for the second stage of Dark Dimension. “Enter the Darkness” provides rewards 2 times so it is important to complete it again after the initial clearing. “Fear the Darkness” is the second stage of Dark Dimension. For participating in the “Fear of Darkness” the player needs a team of Heroes equipped with gear Tier 13. “Fear of Darkness” awards player with Ultron and with additional Tier 13 gear and ingredients. The team for clearing the second stage of the Dark Dimension should be carefully assembled because it is really hard to beat this stage without a proper team combination. Minn-Erva is the Hero who is essential for “Fear of the Darkness”. Her healing will allow the player to endure much longer and to finish battles in fewer attempts. The problem with Minn-Erva is that she can’t be farmed at the moment unless by spending money. This could be a big issue for free-to-play players so it is important to mention that Phoenix and Scientist Supreme can also be used are prime healers in some team combinations. The other problem with Minn-Erva is the cooldown of her healing. For being effective in the “Fear of the Darkness”, Minn-Erva will need someone to constantly provide her with additional ability energy. There are several options for that role but Star-Lord is probably the best option. During the progress in “Fear of the Darkness,” the main issue will be constant debuffs. Because of that, it is of utmost importance to add a Hero with cleansing abilities (Jessica Jones, Groot …) to the main team. The rest of the team should be filled with Tank who will defend the team and stay alive long enough to receive healing and with someone who is the best for damaging purposes. ”Fear of the Darkness” also awards players two times meaning that for the second clearing Ultron will be available. Adding Ultron to the team will significantly ease the difficulty of this stage. It is important to say that there are almost limitless options of assembling the team for “Fear of the Darkness” and that it is not mandatory to build the team in the way we proposed. When BlueMoonGame challenged this stage for the first time, we used the team without cleanser with Juggernaut, Minn-Erva, Star-Lord, Magneto, and Pyro (Nick Fury was the substitute) and we completed it easily in 7 days. The second clearing was even faster but we maxed up Ultron immediately and started the clearing when he was ready. “Dread the Darkness” is the third stage of Dark Dimension and it is the end-game content currently. For this stage, you will need a team of Heroes geared with Tier 14 gear. Assembling 5 Heroes with Tier 14 gear is extremely hard and slow if you are free to play, so it is important to buy all unique and mini unique items whenever it is available in the Supplies shop. The strategy for this stage is almost identical as for “Fear of the Darkness” and once you equip 5 Meta Heroes (Ultron, Phoenix, Mister Sinister, Minn-Erva, Invisible Woman) you will be able to clear “Dread of the Darkness” eventually.

In the end, it is important to mention that some of the mentioned Meta Heroes simply cannot be obtained via normal means. Black Bolt, Mister Sinister, Hela, and Minn-Erva cannot be farmed and those Heroes can be obtained only through Offers. I suspect that those Heroes will become available for farming soon but at the moment, new players cannot plan to unlock them unless they pay. It is frustrating I know, but as I said before players who spend money for Marvel Strike Force wanted to be in a better position and this is how FoXNext answered to their pleas.

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Shortly said, this is one of the best Hero collecting games on the market…

marvel strike force review and guides

Shortly said, Marvel Strike Force is one of the best Hero collecting games on the market at this moment. It will draw you into it fully and once you start playing you will not notice that months are passed since the first login. The pay-to-win aspect is acceptable while all technical features represent what is the best in the mobile gaming industry. Because of all of this Marvel Strike Force will be copied by a lot of publishers and the market will be flooded with its clones. If you are a fan of Marvel Universe and want to have a constant amusement in your free time, Marvel Strike Force is the right thing for you!

Guides for each game segment

The game has several segments that have to be played on a daily bases…

marvel strike force review and guides

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Marvel Strike Force has several game segments that have to be played on a daily bases for steady progress. Blitz, Raid, Arena, Alliance War and Challenges need to be played whenever it is possible if a player wants to progress fast enough. Each of these segments is a game for itself and provides important rewards needed for unlocking and enhancing Heroes from the Roster. We will now talk about each segment.

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Blitz is part of Marvel Strike Force where you fight a great number of battles with the different teams in the attempt to earn as much blitz points as you can. We can characterize Blitz as PvP because you fight against other players Blitz teams but the main difference between Blitz and Arena, except rewards, is that in Blitz you get Blitz points for winning instead of progressing in rank. Blitz events occur a few times in the week and the usual duration is one or three days depending on the event. Every Monday we have Red Star Blitz and Premium Orb Blitz. The rest of the week is usually filled with 2 other Blitz where you can farm certain character’s shards. After the introduction, some new characters can be obtained only in Blitz so it is important to participate in every Blitz because there is no guarantee that you will be able to farm those characters later.

Blitz Charge

In order to fight blitz battle, you need blitz energy and every hero has his own blitz energy ready to be spent which means that if you use 5 heroes in 1 team other heroes in your roster can be used in other teams regardless of their power and role. Blitz energy for all your heroes refills every 2 hours and, when it’s used, that not necessarily ends your journey in blitz because you can use blitz charges instead of blitz energy for next fights.

The first three battles with blitz charges cost 5 blitz charges per hero (total 25 per team) second three battles cost 10 charges per hero (total 50 per team), The third three battles cost 20 blitz charges per hero (total 100 per team), etc. Blitz charges can be obtained through Medical Supply Run CHALLENGES which are available on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays, and through DAILY OBJECTIVES rewards. Of course, when you run out of blitz charges you can always use power cores.

MSF Blitz Points

As I said before the main goal in blitz is to earn as many blitz points as you can. You earning blitz points by winning battles and by completing milestones. There are a total amount of 750000 blitz points and 14 milestones in certain character Blitz, 400000 blitz points in Red Star Blitz and 200000 points in Premium Orb Blitz, Gold Blitz and Gear Blitz. The number of blitz points needed for each subsequent milestone is gradually increasing. Also, the number of points u get for the win can be multiplied by the Blitz multiplayer. Four consecutive wins increase the tier of your multiplayer by 0.5 and there are 8 tiers of multiplayer which totally multiplies your points by 4 on tier 8 (FoxNext changed the multiplayer amount for tiers and it is now varies depending on player level and Blitz event).

As the multiplayer tiers and level of milestones are increasing, the power or rival blitz teams is also increased but when you lose, you lose only your multiplayer tier progress and you keep the number of blitz points earned till then. It’s good to know that the base amount of blitz points you get is determined by the total power of the enemy team which means that the more difficult the battle is the more points you will win. When the blitz event is over your total number of points is added to the final list of all players from your server and you get a reward depending on your ranking.

MSF Blitz Rewards

Every Blitz offers 2 kinds of rewards. There are Milestones rewards and Ranking Rewards. Each Milestone awards player with various in-game resources like Blitz Orb Fragments, Blitz Credits, Gold, Character Shards, Red Star Orb Fragments, Premium Orb Fragments, etc… It is important to know that by finishing all milestones in character’s Blitz you can earn up to 21 character’s shards and up to 7000 Red Star Orb fragments and 6350 Premium Orb fragments (2000 fragments is needed for opening 1 Orb). Ranking rewards offer better loot but it depends on the player’s ranking compared with other players on the server. A player can earn up to 295 character’s shards for the first place and up to 13000 Orb fragments. 4 different Rank rewards are divided to first 2000 players and after that ranks are divided for top 1-2%,3%-5%,6%-10%,11%-25%,26%-60%, and 61%-100%. Some YouTubers post the Blitz predictions regularly so it is not hard to inform how many points are needed for certain Rank. Those predictions are not 100% accurate but nevertheless, it can really help because everyone uses them.

MSF Blitz Store

Blitz Orb Fragments and Blitz Credits are used in the Blitz store.

In Blitz Orb Store player can unlock Blitz Orb and Purple Catalyst Orbs. Blitz Orb fragments are used for unlocking Blitz Orb which contains all Heroes form Blitz Supply Store plus Rescue who can be obtained only in Orb and it is not available in Supply Store. Purple Catalyst Orbs are unlocked by using Purple Catalyst Orb fragments that can be obtained by completing certain Milestones (Game Milestones not Blitz Milestones). Those Orbs award players with the purple gear needed for one of 5 Hero’s traits (Tech, Bio, Mystic, Skill, Mutant) and with purple catalysts.

In Blitz Supplies Store, a player can buy shards for

  • The Thing,
  • Rhino,
  • Spider-Man [Miles],
  • Mantis,
  • Ant-Man,
  • Spider-Man,
  • Gamora,
  • Crossbones,
  • Luke Cage,
  • Aim Monstrosity,
  • Hydra Rifle Trooper,
  • Hydra Scientist,
  • Kree Royal Guard,
  • Mercenary Riot Guard,
  • Ravager Boomer.

Price for 5 shards of each Hero is 500 Blitz credits and price for 5 shards of each minion is 400 Blitz credits.

MSF Blitz Tips

My advice is that for blitz you have as many different teams as possible because more teams mean more free fights and more points. You should build your teams around 1 protector and 1 controller at the start and later you should assemble teams around certain synergies. When Tier 7 Multiplayer has been reached, the serious problem begins and you will have to fight teams that are much stronger than you.

A good thing is that you can choose 1 of 3 enemy teams which you will fight and in the most of cases you will always find 1 team you can beat if you have good team composition because the A.I. is limited.

Building a Blitz team is a serious task. You should use all Heroes available in your Roster and put them in use in the best possible way, In the beginning, you will have 2-3 teams at most but later more than 10 teams will be at your disposal so it is important to fully understand advantages and disadvantages of every hero to use their maximum. The complete list of the best Blitz teams can be found HERE


The Arena is unlocked when you reach level 30 and you are immediately placed on the server with 10 thousand players who have similar progress as you or started the game at the same time as you. You are starting on place 100000 and by winning one of three suggested opponents you are ascending on the Arena ladder. Most of the players find that the Arena is the only accurate indicator of someone’s strength in Marvel Strike Force (which is not true) so be prepared on a long and complicated journey to rank number 1.

MSF Arena Screen

When you open an Arena screen you will see several things. In the foreground is your current Arena team. Above your team, there are three tabs: “Set Defense”, “Rewards” and “Store”. On the bottom left there is the overall ranking tab, on the bottom right there is a “Go”, and in the top right corner you can see (from right to left) amount of power cores, arena credits, and attempts.

When you click on “Go”, the selection screen will appear where you can choose your opponent. You will see the ranking and team power of possible targets and how much time left until the next attempt. You have 5 attempts per day and you should use them wisely because every day before resetting your ranking is counted and calculated for winning daily Arena rewards. After you choose your opponent you will fight with its team and if you win you will take up its ranking position losing 1 attempt in the process. If the enemy team prevails, your ranking will remain the same but you will lose an attempt nevertheless.

MSF Arena Rewards

When you click on “Rewards” you will see the list of possible rewards depending on your Arena rank. Every day at 12 o’clock (depending on your server) your rank will be counted for that day and you will receive a reward. You will get Power Cores and Arena Credits in relation to your ranking.

MSF Arena Store

Arena credits are used for purchasing Kingpin’s Vault Orbs in Arena Orb Store or for character’s shards in Arena Supplies Store.

Kingpin’s Vault Orb costs 675 Arena Credits and can award you with Kingpin’s shards, L4 training modules, purple and orange gear or purple and orange ability material.

On the “Arena StorSupplies” screen you will see available heroes and minions whose shards can be bought for Arena credits. Those are

  • Heimdall,
  • Human Torch,
  • Vulture,
  • M’Baku,
  • Juggernaut,
  • Deadpool,
  • Scarlet Witch,
  • Mordo, Drax,
  • Quake,
  • Daredevil,
  • A.I.M. Researcher,
  • Hand Archer,
  • Shield Security.

You will need 500 Arena Credits for 5 shards of the selected Hero or 400 Arena Credits for 5 shards of the selected Minion. At this moment it is really hard to say which Hero should be farmed first every Hero in Arena Store has its uses but if you are a new player and you want to assemble a synergy team as fast as possible you should buy Daredevil’s shards first and then Drax’s.

MSF Arena Ranking

“Ranking” screen provides you with the information about the first 100 players on the Arena list. You can also see your ranking along with information about 50 players ahead of you and 50 players behind you. This could be useful if you want to know the composition of teams which are controlled by players who have a higher rank then you.

MSF Arena Defense Teams

“Set Defense” screen allows you to choose a team that will fight against other players who want to assault your ranking position. “Set Defense” is very important because when you master how computer controls your heroes you will know that your defending team must be chosen with care and you will often replace your standing heroes with the new ones.

What is the best MSF team for Arena?

One of the most frequently asked questions is what is best Marvel Strike Force team for the Arena. The answer is not easy because every player thinks that his strategy is the best and supports his opinion by his ranking position. If you are a free-to-play player you will often think that your actions are limited and that there is no way for you to beat players who invested money in their teams because their power is significantly higher than your team power. Well, that is not entirely true because it is possible to beat those teams since they are controlled by a computer who doesn’t appropriately use abilities.

New players have only a few options for improving their Arena ranking fast. Obviously, the Defenders team is the team with decent synergy which is assembled fastest and which is devastating against early custom teams. However, Defenders are not META for a long time and if someone wants to be in the first 100 on the Arena List they should try to unlock META characters as soon as possible. Metacharacters for the Arena Defense at the moment are Black Bolt, Phoenix, Ultron, Captain Marvel, Magneto, Juggernaut, Invisible Woman, Colossus, and Yo-Yo. Some other characters like Daredevil, Punisher, Ms. Marvel or Hela can also be used in certain team combinations. Most of the community think that Mister Sinister is also META for the defense but in my opinion, Mister Sinister is so easily deceived when controlled by A.I. that he is often a weak link in the team who will do more harm than good (this is my opinion and I might be wrong) Obviously, the list of Meta Heroes will be changed with the introduction of new characters but at the moment mentioned Heroes rule the Arena. Arena Offense is a totally different story since you can assemble team specialized for your next opponent. For example, if enemy leads Mister Sinister you will want to use Ultron because Sinister will clone Ultron spawns most of the time. Also, if an enemy uses Black Bolt you will want to avoid leading Ultron because he will be almost useless and you will have to rely on enhanced X-Men team. Keep in mind that Vision and Mister Sinister are very helpful in Arena Offense because Vision can use ability block early in the game and totally undermine the threat of some Heroes while Mister Sinister can clone the Hero of your choosing allowing you to completely control the outcome of the battle. FoxNext did a great job and every team has its own counter which is amazing in the games of this type, where often some teams are so overpowered and you are left without options or with just one option. In Marvel Strike Force you can win against any team with the right team composition and the right strategy, even it is much stronger than you.

MSF Arena Team of Choice

Meta teams for the Arena change regularly with almost every MSF update. In our guides, we proposed many teams until now which were META at some moment but all those teams are now outdated. That is why we cannot segregate one team which will be Meta in the future but we can only talk about current Meta teams. Picking the META team for Arena Offense is easy but it depends on 1 thing – whether you have Black Bolt or not. If you have Black Bolt the best team for the Arena Offense should be assembled from Phoenix, Black Bolt, Mister Sinister, Captain Marvel and Invisible Woman or Yo-Yo. This team has an answer on anything. Black Bolt neutralizes Ultron, Mister Sinister can clone Ultron or another Phoenix, Phoenix cleanses the initial debuff threat and inflicts enormous amount of damage, in any case, Invisible Woman or Yo-yo provides the best sustain in the game while Captain Marvel is the hero who has synergy with all other Heroes and who can always help with her amazing damage, self-healing, and cleansing. If you do not have Black Bolt you must rely on Ultron-Phoenix synergy. If you add Vision, Juggernaut, and Magneto to this duo you will not be able to beat teams with Black Bolt but you will be able to beat all other teams regardless of team composition. The trick is simple – at the start on Magneto’s turn (he will play first unless he is against another Magneto but even then he can use his special and ultimate), Magneto’s special should be used on the enemy’s Ultron instead of ultimate, because if Ultron has the Disrupt on himself he cannot enter stealth on Phoenix’ turn, therefore, he is vulnerable to Vision’s Ability Block. When you place Ability Block on Ultron he will not be able to summon minions for 2 whole turns (in second turn A.I. will use the ultimate) and that means that all buffs and ability energy granted from his minions will not be available for him. Without his spawns Ultron is useless, and your team is out of danger. If you are facing Mister Sinister on the opposite side, you should not be afraid because A.I. clones Ultron’s minions most of the time. Currently, this team should grant you a certain place in the top 100 of any Arena which is good enough for any free-to-play player in my opinion.

I hope that this little guide will help you to achieve the highest rank possible in the Arena. If you have a different opinion or other Arena tactics, feel free to share your opinion with us.


Raids are open when you reach level 20 and the goal is to beat a certain number of consecutive fights along the line you take on the Raid map. In order to complete the Raid, you will need the help of your alliance buddies because you can’t do it alone. For progress in the Raid, you are awarded ability materials that are essential for upgrading the skills of your characters (power of your heroes in the early stages is mainly determined by the level of their skills).

Currently, in the game, we have 7 Ultimus raids and we have limited Alpha, Beta and Gama Raids that are changing as time passes. For opening the Ultimus raids players from the same alliance must contribute Ultimus keys which are collected by spending game energy. One player can earn six hundred Ultimus keys in one day and it is very important that everyone collect all six hundred keys so the alliance can open at least one Ultimus raid per day. After finishing the Ultimus Raid, a player is awarded various rewards in relation to his damage contribution, raid progression and the level of the Ultimus Raid. Rewards vary from Raid credits and already mentioned ability materials to two types of Raid Orb fragments. Raid credits are used for purchasing in the Raid Store, ability materials are used for enhancing skills and Raid Orb Fragments are used for opening blue, purple and orange Raid Orbs. In Limited Raids rewards are different. Limited Rids offers Gold Orb fragments, Gear Raid Orb fragments and Limited Raid Orb fragments (Limited Raid Orbs grants shards for certain Heroes)

There are 7 different Ultimus raids at the moment, which are intended for players of different levels – Level 20- 25 Raid, Level 25-30 Raid, Level 30-35 Raid, Level 35-45 Raid, Level 45-60 Raid, Level 65-70 Raid but in the end, only Level 75+ Raid is what it matters because when you level up you will play only that raid. Nevertheless, I will provide you with information about each raid.

  • Level 20-25 raid is meant for low-level players who just started the game. Raid is built for only 3 players and it ends with Boss who has 12 k power. You need only 1800 Ultimus keys for opening this raid.
  • Level 25-30 Raid is a little bit more serious and you will need 7 more alliance members to participate. It needs synchronization and raid planning if you want to have 100% success because raid will not be entirely finished if just one node is skipped. Level 25-30 raid has 35 nodes in total which means that 5 players need to clear 4 nodes and three other players 5 nodes. With a little coordination, it can be done easily and after one or two attempts u will realize that this raid is even easier than level 20-25 Raid. Opening this raid cost 2500 Ultimus keys.
  • Level 30-35 Raid is built for two teams of eight players and it has 52 nodes. This means that you will need more than 1 login per day to finish it since every player must beat at least 6 nodes ( 1 fight cost 10 raid energy and you have a total of 50 raid energy by default). The power of nodes varies from 8k enemy power to 24k enemy power and there are 6 Bosses. It may seem a little bit difficult but when you are used to enemies in nodes it is not that hard. Opening this raid cost 6000 Ultimus keys.
  • For Level 35-45 Raids we need a full alliance. Raid is built for 24 players and it has 36 nodes along with 7 Boss nodes. You may think that this raid is easier than Level 30-35 Raid since it has fewer nods but the team power of the nodes is much higher and it varies from 11k to 85k which is the strength of the last Boss. Alliance with players whose average team power is greater than 35k should be able to clear this raid with no difficulties. Feel free to use more than one team for clearing this raid because for some nodes you will have to attack with second-team first to make it easier for the first team. Opening this raid cost 10000 Ultimus keys.
  • Level 45-60 Raid has 51 nodes along with 11 Boss nodes and enemy power varies from 22k power to 220 k power. It takes full synchronization of all members of the Alliance to complete this raid. Aside from synchronization, the team power of all members of alliance needs to be high enough to endure clearing at least 6 nodes. From our experience, the average team power of alliance members should be at least 75k to clear Level 50 Raid, although even players with a team power of 50k can clear two or three easy lanes. It is important that everyone knows their job and to follow the orders of Alliance leaders and captains in order to avoid any possible problems. Remember – Greed is not good!
  • Level 65-70 Raid has 52 nodes along with 11 Boss nodes. Enemy Power varies between 140k and 792k on Ultimus Boss nod.Unlike all other Raids before this Raid needs specialized teams and full Alliance synchronization for completing. Using only Defenders in this Raid will not be enough and the player will need to use certain premade teams that can beat several Nodes without healing in the meantime. Every player in a team will have to clear at least 6 nodes. Players without Ultron can use the team assembled from Minn-Erva, Groot, Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon and Thanos or Vision. This team with at least 160k power is more than capable of beating all nodes in Ultimus 6 without healing. This is not the only team that is sufficient for this raid. Wakanda Team and Asgardian Team can also do the job. At this point, players will be familiar with all secrets in Marvel Strike Force and this Raid will not be hard for them. Only the lack of strength of their main raid team can slow them down.
  • Level 75+ Raid has 60 nodes along with 12 Boss nodes. This Raid is the end-game content of the Marvel Strike Force at this moment. The Raid is extremely hard – the power of nodes varies between 620k and 2048k (2048210). It might be an overstatement but in my opinion, players who have less than 2.5 million Total Collection Power have nothing to do in this raid. Ultron is mandatory for this Raid but not only him – players will have to use all available teams at their disposal just to clear the first 5 nodes along with the Boss node. Boss nodes are made to be cleared by a joined effort of several players. For example, BlueMoonGame has a META Raid team of 340k team power and we need to use at least 2 teams on the first Boss node or in the best case to fight 2 times in a row because of the timer. However, the rewards for Ultimus 7 are so good that it is definitely payoff to spend resources just to complete 30% of this Raid – 30% of Ultimus7 provides better rewards than 100% of Ultimus 6.

MSF Raid Credits

After every raid, you are rewarded with Raid Credits that can be used in the Raid Store. In the Raid Store, you can purchase raid orbs or supplies. There are 3 kinds of raid Orbs – Raid Orb that containing the shards of current raid heroes in raid supplies, Blue Gear Orb with the materials needed for blue gear, Purple Gear Orb with purple materials, and Orange Gear Orb with orange materials.

MSF Raid Supplies

In Raid Supplies, you can purchase the random blue, purple and orange gear materials along with shards for various heroes and minions. Heroes and Minions available in Raid Store at this moment are

  • War Machine,
  • Thor,
  • Sabretooth,
  • Ronan the Accuser,
  • Rocket Raccoon,
  • Namor,
  • Mysterio,
  • Killmonger,
  • A.I.M. Infector,
  • Hand Sentry,
  • Hydra Grenadier,
  • Kree Oracle,
  • Mercenary Soldier,
  • Ravager Stitcher,
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Trooper.

The price for 5 shards of the Hero is 1400 Raid Credits while 5 shards of the Minion costs 1125 Raid Credits. Raid Supplies Store resets every 8 hours and only 3 Heroes or Minions are available in the shop at the time.

Meta Raid Team for Ultimus 7

Assembling a team for Ultimus 7 that can clear multiple nodes and that doesn’t need to be healed after every node, is really a hard task and depends on the Node composition. That’s why I will not talk about a specific team but I will talk about Heroes who are good for Ultimus 7. As I said before Ultron is mandatory. Phoenix can also be very useful because her incarnation can do miracles but the problem with Phonix is that she must be revived after every Node. That’s why she should be used only when there is no other option. Minn-Erva’s importance in Ultimus 7 is slowly diminishing because enemies hit so hard that her healing is simply not enough while her damage potential is ridiculous. Scientist Supreme, on the other hand, has great potential for most of the nodes in Ultimus 7. The cooldowns of her special and ultimate last only 3 turns, therefore, she can debuff all enemies almost all the time while buffing and healing all her allies in the process. Invisible Woman is another Hero whose importance is significant in Ultimus 7. Her ultimate basically undermines 1 received strike for each ally while also placing Offense Down on all enemies for 2 turns. With Ultron in her team that buys enough time and sustain for a team to survive against any possible threat in the first several nodes. Her special ability has also a major impact on the team because it cleanses negative effects and grants Stealth, Defense Up and Deflect to all allies. Falcon is the hero who is ideal for some nodes where enemies receive a lot of buffs because with his special he grants a free turn to all allies which is especially effective with Speed up from Ultron minions. If you lead a Tech-based team Vision is your man. He will provide initial Defense Up and can prevent heroes like Luke Cage of buffing their team. Mister Sinister is the last hero that will be mentioned as Raid Meta only because of his ability to clone enemies. This ability is not effective on some nodes where you will fight against overpowered Minions with a ridiculous amount of power but it can be very helpful on some other nodes. If you want to use premade teams nevertheless, only X-Men will be able to clear nodes after the first boss. All other premade teams will be able to beat one node at the most. In the end, it is important to mention that Yo-Yo could be very helpful in Ultimus 7 if strong enough and combined with the right team. His ability to place Offense Down on any enemy before its turn during the whole battle significantly reduces the overall damage-received of your team. BlueMoonGame uses Ultron, Scientist Supreme, Invisible Woman, Falcon, and Minn-Erva as the main Raid Team but the problem with this team is that it often doesn’t have enough damage potential to clear nodes inside 4 minutes.

We hope that we helped you in understanding Raids. If you need answers on certain topics, be free to ask. Also, every good idea and suggestion will be implemented in this guide.


One year after global release, FoxNext finally unlocked the most anticipated MSF segment – Alliance War. Alliance War is simply everything we desired and more. We can now compete with other alliances using our whole roster and most importantly our wits.

Alliance War is divided into two phases: Set Up Defense and Attack. During Defense Phase you can set up your defenses and arrange the position of rooms on your Hellicarrier. The attack phase is scheduled on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, lasts 24 hours and during this phase, you attack enemy defenses.

We will talk about each phase separately and in the end, we will talk about Alliance War Store Rewards.

Your Hellicarrier has 12 different rooms that can be arranged according to your desires during Defense Phase. On the top of your Hellicarrier, you have 3 Flights Decks which does not provide any bonuses. Flight Decks are the first line of your defense and those rooms are only rooms available for an attack at the beginning of the Attack Phase. The position of Flight Decks cannot be changed. A position of other 9 rooms can be changed but let’s talk first about each of these rooms before we start to discuss their positioning:

  • Cargo Bay
  • This room applies 8 positive effects randomly to Defending allies. This buff is applied only to defenders of Cargo Bay. Cargo Bay’s value is 50 points.
  • Engineering
  • This room applies Defense Up to Defending allies. This buff is applied to defenders of Engineering and defenders of all adjacent Rooms. Engineering’s value is 50 points.
  • Hangar
  • This room applies Deflect to Attacking allies. This buff is global and it affects all attacking Heroes. Hangar’s value is 50 points.
  • Security
  • This room applies Defense Down to attacking enemies. This debuff is applied to attackers of Security and attackers of all adjacent Rooms. Security’s value is 50 points.
  • Barracks
  • This room grants +20% Max Health, Damage, Armor, Resistance, and Focus to Defending allies. Military allies receive 30% instead. This bonus is global and it affects all Defending allies. Barracks’ value is 50 points.
  • Armory
  • This room grants +20% Max Health, Damage, Armor, Resistance, and Focus to Attacking allies. Military allies receive 30% instead. This bonus is global and it affects all Attacking allies. Armory’s value is 50 points.
  • MedBay
  • This room grants +40% Health to Defending allies. This bonus is global and it affects all Defending allies. MedBay’s value is 50 points.
  • Reactor
  • This room applies to Disrupt to Attacking Enemies. This debuff is applied only to attackers of the Reactor. Reactor’s value is 100 points.
  • Bridge
  • This room apply Counter to Defending Allies. This buff is applied only to defenders of Bridge. Bridge’s value is 100 points.

Each of these rooms can be defended by 2 different players and each of the players can set up to 8 different defending teams. It is important to say that Heroes who are selected for Defense cannot be used in Offence and that defending teams cannot be changed once the Attack phase is started. This means that you need to be extra careful when you set up the defense and that you need to decide what characters you have to save for Attacking phase, which is not an easy task especially because you will never know what is the strategy of your opponent. Possibilities are countless – you can even decide to ignore defense at all and leave S.H.I.E.L.D. bots to defend your room but I must say that is not the smartest decision. The point is that every Hero from your roster now has its own value and if he/she is selected for your Defense, the opponent must have someone stronger to clear that Defense slot. It is wiser to put even just one Hero or minion to the defensive posture than to leave that slot with bots.

Arranging Rooms is very important and currently, there are many tactics on how to do that. In my opinion, the 2 most important rooms are Armory and Barracks. Those rooms provide insane bonuses for you defending and attacking teams so their protection is very important. Placing Engineering and Security so those rooms could be adjacent to both Armory and Security is of the utmost importance. You can do that in several ways but the best way is to place Engineering on the bottom of the left or right side of Hellicarrier while placing Security in the middle, diagonal of Engineering. If you do that you can place Armory beneath Security and Barracks above Engineering and booth rooms will have bonuses from Security and Engineering. Also, you can place Reactor above security and Bridge on the opposite side from Barracks and you will have another 2 important rooms defended by Security Bonus. Medbay and Hangar are important but not as important as other, already mentioned rooms. If you want to protect one of those rooms as well you could move Security and Engineering one place upward but if you do that most important rooms will be exposed to attacks sooner rather than later.

When you are under attack your enemies see only the first 2 teams in your defense and they cannot see all the teams you have. This opens a possibility to lure the enemy on to your strong rosters by placing 2 weak teams in the first two slots, while the other 6 slots are filled with stronger teams with the strongest team at the end. On the other hand, if your defense is a week and you don’t want to be attacked you could place 2 strongest teams in the first 2 slots to frighten the enemy.

At this moment Asgardians, Agent Coulson/S.H.I.E.L.D., Marauders/Cable and Red Skull/Hydra are the META teams for Alliance Defense and everyone who wants to have serious defense should try to have them on at least 200k team power without Room buffs. The rest of the teams for defense depends entirely on your roster and your attacking aspirations. I must point that Brotherhood of Mutants and X-Men are easily overwhelmed by joined attacks of 2 average teams so in my opinion they should not be put in the defense at all. Ultron can be scary in the Defense if he is combined with Heroes who have synergy with him but it is questionable whether he is more useful in defense or the offense. In short, if your Defense doesn’t take at least 4 victories while under attack your Defense is bad or you have been attacked by a lot stronger enemy.

Attack Phase is a totally different story. For Attack first and utmost thing is to communicate with your teammates. Every attack matters and you should not waste your attacks before you made a plan. In the beginning, all of your attacks should be focused on one flight deck. It would be ideal that you assault the middle deck because the middle lane provides the best possibilities but in reality, everyone puts the best Defense in the middle so it might be wise to take right or left side. It is important to mention that beating 1 defender in the room will open you the way below and that you need to beat both defenders if you want to go left or right. Do not use 5-man teams if you don’t have to and always try to clear the room with the weakest team possible. Carefully study enemy defenses and contemplate with your allies who have the best suitable team for the attack. I strongly suggest that you use Skype, Discord or Line for communicating because attacking without a plan will lead you to the certain defeat against the alliance who actually communicate between themselves.

The most important rooms for attacking are Barracks, Armory, and MedBay because those rooms grant global bonuses that greatly influences the outcome of the battle. Reactor and Bridge will probably be on lower decks (lately lot of Alliances put those rooms right beneath Flight Decks to soften enemy attacks and protect Barracks and Armory as long as they can) but those rooms are not affecting global bonuses so you should not try to reach those two rooms at any cost although point rewards from those two rooms equal 6 other rooms. For collecting point rewards from a room you will need to utterly destroy that room and beat all existing defenders. Upon destroying a room, the enemy’s Helicarrier loses all bonuses granted from that room. During the attack, you can see the full history of attacks on the selected room (which is very useful if you want to know which teams are used for beating your defense) and you can boost rooms which are about to be attacked with boosts purchased in Blitz Shop (avoid boosting weak teams).

An interesting thing you need to know about the attack is that you can leave battle once you started it without losing anything except War Energy. In the other words, when you attack someone and you see that you will lose without making any real damage to the enemy you can leave the battle before everyone in your team dies and leave that slot to someone from your Alliance who can beat the node you attacked – you will have full team with full health ready for next attack but you will lose 1 attack energy. I know that this is abuse but trust me, your opponent will use this abuse for sure, and I don’t see the moral dilemma why you should not do the same.

Every attack counts and you will be rewarded for each defeated enemy Hero. Killing one Hero or minion will award you with 10 War Credits which means that clearing the defense slot will grant you 50 War Credits. Rewards for Alliance War depends on your Alliance War League Tier. Every win or lose is counted to your overall rating – you start in Bronze League Tier trying to reach Diamond Tier at the end. Depending on your current League Tier rewards are Gold, War Credits, Elite War Credits, and Advanced Basic Catalyst Parts. Credits and Elite War Credits are used in Alliance War Store where you can buy gear or Character shards for War credits, or you can buy Blue Gear Orb, Purple Gear Orb or Orange Gear Orb for Elite War Credits. Characters whose shards can be bought in the Alliance War store are:

  • Pyro,
  • Carnage,
  • Cable,
  • Graviton
  • Nobu,
  • Hydra Sniper,
  • Mercenary Sniper,
  • Ravager Bruiser,
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Operator,

Prices are pretty steep and in the best possible scenario, you will earn up to 18000 War Credits each week (if you win every War and you are in the Diamond League).

On Alliance War Screen you can also see a Leaderboard and Participation. In the Leaderboard, you can see the ranking of best Alliances compared by the number of points they earned. Participation shows you the table with information about all participants of the existing War. You can see how many attack points have been earned and how much damage has been caused by each member of your and opposite alliance. It is a very useful tool to recognize everybody’s role in victory or defeat.

Alliance War definitely brought a new life to Marvel Strike Force and it will keep many players who wanted to quit MSF active. For me, it is a whole new experience that provided me with joy and happiness about a mobile game I haven’t felt a long time ago regarding any other mobile game. It remains to be seen if the matchmaking is good because everything depends on that. I hope that FoxNext did their homework and that we will not have issues many of us experienced before with matchmaking in other games.

Tips and Tricks

How to improve your gaming experience and gameplay…

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Here is another part when we get a bit more in-depth. We compiled a list of useful tips and tricks that will help you throughout your gaming journey and hopefully make it more fun and easy! Enjoy!

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How to get Ultron?

Ultron can be unlocked by clearing the second stage of Dark Dimension, “Fear of the Darkness”. First clearing will unlock Ultron with 5 stars while second clearing will earn him 7 stars. For participating in the “Fear of the Darkness” the player needs 5 Heroes equipped with Tier 13 gear. Full guide for clearing “Fear of the Darkness” can be found on the “Starting Goals” section of this guide.

How to get Nick Fury?

For unlocking Nick Fury player will need 5 Kree Minions with 5 stars. Here is the list of farming spots for Kree minions:

  • Kree Noble – Premium Orb. Cosmic Conflicts 1-6
  • Kree Royal Guard – Premium Orb, Blitz Supplies, Blitz Orb
  • Kree Oracle – Premium Orb, Raid Supplies, Raid Orb
  • Kree Cyborg – Premium Orb, Beta Raid Orb, The Nexus 3-6, Cosmic Conflicts 2-3
  • Kree Reaper – Premium Orb, Heroes Assemble 5-6, Cosmic Conflicts 2-6

How to get Phoenix?

For unlocking Phoenix player will need 5 Heroes with Mystic, Controller and Villain treat. Those heroes must have 6 stars to unlock Phoenix. Here is the list of farming spots for those Heroes:

  • Loki – Mega Orb, Premium Orb, Mystic Forces Rising 3-6
  • Hela – Mega Orb, Premium Orb, Special Offers
  • Ronan the Accuser – Premium Orb, Legacy I Orb, Raid Supplies, Raid Orb
  • Mordo – Mega Orb, Premium Orb, Legacy I Orb, Arena Store
  • Nobu – Premium Orb, Hand Orb, Legacy I Orb, Villains United 6-3
  • Hand Assassin – Premium Orb, Hand Orb, The Nexus 7-6

How to get Cyclops?

After the introduction of the 7th chapter in Heroes Assemble Campaign, Colossus became farmable in Heroes Assemble 7-9 mission. Besides that, his shards can be obtained via Premium Orbs and Mega Orbs.

How to get Black Bolt?

For unlocking Black Bolt player will need 5 Asgardian heroes with 5 stars. Asgardian heroes can be farmed in:

  • Loki – Mega Orb, Premium Orb, Mystic Forces Rising 3-6
  • Hela – Mega Orb, Premium Orb, Special Offers
  • Thor – Legacy I Orb, Raid Supplies, Beta Raid Orb, Raid Orb,
  • Heimdall – Mega Orb, Premium Orb, Arena Store
  • Sif – Currently unavailable except in Offers

How to get Thanos?

Earlier Thanos could be unlocked only in special Thanos Raid but after the introduction of Alpha, Beta and Gama Raid Thanos became available in Premium Orbs and Mega Orbs.

How to get Star-Lord?

For unlocking Star-Lord player will need 5 Guardians of The Galaxy Heroes or Ravager Heroes with at least 5 stars. Here is the list of all farming spots for those Heroes:

  • Rocket Raccoon – Mega Orb, Premium Orb, Legacy I Orb, Raid Supplies, Raid Orb, Beta Raid Orb
  • Gamora – Premium Orb, Legacy I Orb, Blitz Supplies, Blitz Orb
  • Drax – Premium Orb, Legacy I Orb, Gamma Raid Orb, Arena Store
  • Groot – Mega Orb, Premium Orb, Legacy I Orb, Gamma Raid Orb, The Nexus 2-9
  • Mantis – Premium Orb, Legacy I Orb, Blitz Supplies, Blitz Orb
  • Yondu – Premium Orb, Legacy I Orb, Heroes Assemble 1-9
  • Ravager Boomer – Premium Orb, Beta Raid Orb, Blitz Supplies, Blitz Orb
  • Ravager Bruiser – Premium Orb, Heroes Assemble 4-6
  • Ravager Stitcher – Premium Orb, Raid Supplies, Raid Orb

How to get Red Stars?

There are several ways of obtaining the Red Stars. Every Monday Red Star Blitz is available where is possible to earn up to 18000 Red Star Orb fragments (9 Red Star Orbs) depending on Blitz ranking. Every Saturday, Login Rewards grant additional 100000 Red Star Orb fragments (5 Red Star Orbs). Also, by completing Orb Fragments Challenge (Tier 10, Tier 11 or Tier 12) every Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday players can earn up to 2100 Red Star Orb fragments per Challenge. Other than that, Red Star Orb fragments can be bought in various Offers.

How to get raid keys?

By spending Campaign Energy, the player participates in Raid Key contribution. Every player can earn up to 600 Raid Keys on a daily bases. 1 Campaign energy spent earns a 1 Raid Key meaning that players need to spend at least 600 Campaign Energy for earning the maximum number of Raid Keys. In order to do that player needs to collect all bonus energy available (3 times per day) and to buy additional energy for Power Cores. The First 4 energy refills cost 50 Power Cores per refill and grant 120 energy per refill. After that, the price rises and the player will have to pay 100 Power Cores per refill for the next 4 refills (price is doubled after every 4 refills). Collecting 600 Campaign energy on daily bases is mandatory for every serious player of Marvel Strike Force.

How to leave Alliance?

In order to leave Alliance, the player needs to enter Alliance Screen – then enter to Alliance Members Screen – then click on “Switch Alliance” – and then join the desired Alliance or create its own Alliance. Unfortunately, it is not possible to leave the Alliance without joining another Alliance, at least it is not possible by itself. The only way to that is to ask Leader or Captains of the current Alliance to be kicked.

How to beat Asgardians?

Asgardian Team is the META team for Alliance Defense and a lot of people have problems with dealing with them. The easiest way to beat Asgardians is to use the X-Men team or combined Ultron team (for example Ultron, Korath the Pursuer, Captain Marvel, Invisible Woman, and Namor) but recently some other options proved to effective against Asgardians. That other option is using the Ultimus, the non-Minion Kree (Korath and Minn-Erva) and Kree Cyborg along with Kingpin. The strategy is to kill Thor fast enough before he can use his passive and ultimate. To do that you must place taunt on him by using Korath’s special ability. If you can do that Ultimus will receive Offense Up and he will be able to practically one-shot Thor with his ultimate that is usable at the start. Upon killing Thor the rest of the job is easy. The problem with this tactic is if Thor resists Taunt or if Asgardians focus on Minn-Erva first. In any way, with this tactic, you will be able to clear Rooms with Asgardians of lower power (which was not possible before) leaving strongest teams at your disposal for the other teams.

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