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Mobile MMO RPG’s keep getting better and better, especially in their appearance, and Perfect World Mobile is currently at the pinnacle of that development trend. Of course, the MMORPG genre is sacred and it is not to be touched; all developers understand that of course. These types of games thus either attract you or they do not, and if they do then this title is probably the most advanced game of its kind on mobile devices you can play right now.

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Made by Beijing Perfect World…

perfect world mobile

This mobile game is actually a mobile version of the Perfect World PC game, made by Beijing Perfect World. It was ported by Perfect World Games, their own house branch, and published as well by their media branch. The original PC game was released back in 2005 in China only and it spread from there over the past decade and a half. It was particularly praised by its heavy featured Chinese mythology content.

All these mentioned features are brought into this new mobile version of the game. It comes with incredible 3D graphics and appearance with a familiar game setting. It was released on September 9 and it already has some impressive scores. On Google Play, PWM scored 4.2 from over 14K votes. On the iTunes App Store, it has an even higher 4.5-star rating and is #120 in Role-Playing so far. Other notable works by this developer include Torchlight I & II, Neverwinter Online, and similar titles.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


The original beautiful setting and scenery…

perfect world mobile

As the publisher’s own description of the game states, this title is a grand return of the original series, and it brought back the original beautiful setting and scenery. Although it is the same mythical world of Pangu, the story plot of the game is new, completely different from the PC counterpart, but you do move through the same towns, ports, and even encounter the same NPCs. In Chinese mythology, Pangy is, in some versions, the first living who created the whole (or some) of the mythology there. The game is set in such a time where the mythology is very alive, with all the various races which can fly, use magic, and do awesome stunts.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


The skills and abilities are quite innovative…

Like any MMORPG, this title will feel quite familiar for the developer’s haven’t messed with the genre’s highpoint much. However, the skills and abilities the characters possess are quite innovative in terms of the genre and gaming in general. For instance, a winged elf cleric has wings and can fly, other classes have jump, double jump, and can even combine it with other abilities to practically fly for a prolonged time. Out of combat, there are mounts and flying mounts.

One feature this game possesses that has pushed the boundaries of the genre for mobile games and it does not concern appearance, is the character ability ‘wheel’. Namely, like all MMORPG games, the abilities for your character are organized in a circle, with 6 main ability buttons grouped. However, you can also swipe the ability ‘wheel’ up or down and get to four more ability slots. And, on top of that, there is a bonus ability bar above the ability wheel, with some utility abilities…so, that’s a lot of abilities.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


At the very top of mobile video games…

perfect world mobile

As mentioned, this game is currently undoubtedly at the very top of mobile video games regarding appearance. It features 3D graphics with incredibly precisely detailed models. Everything is crystal clear and animations work flawlessly, provided you have a Smartphone strong enough to run it. The environment and the scenery are so advanced that it looks identical to a high-end PC game.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


You will have one hell of a time…

perfect world mobile

PWM is the perfect way to bring back an old school cult favorite MMO game. Back in the day, this game competed with the World of Warcraft, which was at the height of its fame, and thus it only gathered a moderate amount of players. But, what fans it gathered remained loyal and people are now happy to see this game return in such high-class style. If you have a decent Smartphone which can run it with Max settings, you will have one hell of a time.


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If you have a decent Smartphone which can run it with Max settings, you will have one hell of a time.

User Rating: 3.07 ( 11 votes)

Perfect World Mobile guides and TIPS

What you need to do and how to do it…

perfect world mobile

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Here is the part when we get a bit more in-depth. We compiled a list of useful guides, tips, and tricks that will help you throughout your gaming journey and hopefully make it more fun and easy! Enjoy!

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How to level up fast?

Leveling up and rising your power unlocks more and ultimately all of the functions in this game, however, this is quite challenging compared to other MMOs. However, with higher levels, you will also unlock Perfect World Mobile quests, hidden quests, other locations, and more ways to gain even more XP, with the level cap for each new level growing bigger of course. The focus is on questing and events, but in order to progress as fast as you can, you need to also watch your skills and gear. The best options are:

  • Questing
  • Events
  • Joining a guild
  • Instant Boosters
  • Quests

Focusing on questing is an all-time favorite of any serious MMO experienced gamer because they provide the best EXP, reveal some part of the story, and make leveling more fun, and this is the case in this game as well. You will find available and active quests at the top left side of your in-game interface. Quests also provide spirit, silver coins, and other rewards besides experience points. If you want to maximize your leveling speed, prioritize quests that award character EXP.

There are several types of quests you can do:

  • Main quests – serve to progress the main storyline and yield the highest amount of experience points compared to other quests. However, they have level caps and unlock with your in-game progression, even chain quests may lock when you reach a certain point without sufficient level. However, it is a good idea to pursue main quests until you are locked with your level cap, and then proceed to other types. The letter “M” underneath your avatar will open the quest list
  • Side Quests – also procured from NPC’s, these quests yield a decent amount of additional EXP and are good for when you’ve reached your level limit with the main ones. The letter “S” underneath your avatar will open the Side Quest list.
  • Oracle Quests – these are daily quests that will increase Oracle status, which determines the behavior of your character, and they are divided into prowess, insight, popularity, fortune, willpower, and wisdom. Increased Oracle status will increase the chance of rewards in your favor. The letter “O” underneath your avatar will open the Oracle Quest list.
  • Hidden Quests – these are acquired from certain NPCs in town and the letter “H” will open the list
  • Guild Quests – these are only available if you are a member of a guild and will increase your guild status, contribution, and yield many other fine rewards. The letter “G” will open the list


There is a wide variety of in-game Events that grant Experience fast and easy, which makes events suitable for grinding EXP. You will find the Events button on the top lift side of the in-game interface. Just tap it and check out the details of Events that are currently offered. The usual events available are:

  • Arena – awards EXP, exclusive items, silver coins
  • Bandit Battle – guild contribution, superior skill book, EXP
  • Cultivation Clan, Elder – EXP, guild points, EXP
  • Cultivation Dungeon – Eidolon, equipment, Universal Unit, Supreme Skill Book
  • Celestia Hunt – psychic gem, EXP, gold coin
  • Challenge Dungeon – astral antenna, universal unit
  • Divine Valley – EXP
  • Guild League – EXP
  • Guild Quest – guild contribution points, EXP
  • Group Dungeon – crafting material, equipment
  • Heavenfall Tower – engraving chest, orb
  • Monster Massacre – silver coins, treasure map, EXP, mirage stone
  • Path of Asura – EXP
  • Phoenix Creek – silver coins, EXP
  • Paperclip for a Villa – silver coins, soulstone
  • Phoenix Valley – silver coins, EXP
  • Spring Safari – guild contribution points, silver coins, the sacred book
  • The Pinnacle – EXP, mirage stone, blessing stone, Elysium stone


Other rewards, like resources, artifacts, and in-game currencies can also be acquired in different ways, which include but are not limited to those mentioned above. Creating a guild or applying for an active one will also open various rich opportunities to progress in the game. The perks of being a part of such a social environment, which is the foundation of any MMO experience, begins with guild quests, events, and guild contribution, and everything yields various lucrative rewards as well as enhances your gaming experience overall.

Instant Boosters

Instant boosters can be set up by tapping the “+” located at the bottom-center part of the screen. You can set up the desired booster and/or recovery items, which can be used in combat for various situations, like healing. They are obtained from various sources in-game, usually simply by progressing through.

Free rewards

Perfect World Mobile offers various free rewards for active players. For example, just by logging in for eight consecutive days after you start playing will yield a New Server Gift. Also, rewards are given based on how much in-game time you spend daily, as rewards are given at every 15, 45, 60, 90, 120, and 150 minutes of in-game time when you stay online. These may yield silver ingots and spirits, which are quite valuable. Also, reaching level plateaus will yield rewards, starting from level 20 and every 10 levels afterward to 50, and then every 5 levels from 50 to 90.

PWM Pets

PWM pets are called Eidolons, and there are eleven of them currently in the game, although there are other types added to the game like the Venomancer. Eidolons can increase the player BR power and help through the course of your adventure in various ways. Each of the eleven Eidolons provides different skills and additional stats and are chosen based on the player’s role and class.

There are several general rules for finding any pet. IF you can’t find the desired pet at the location of the spawn, try switching the channel and look around nearby. Also, party up with a friend or find a group for a faster kill. Ultimately, if you can’t find your pet no matter what you try, try again tomorrow. Some pets take several days to spawn, like the golden pets, and the respawn time differs from the timing of the last kill.

Recommended pets are mostly from A and B grades, as those below yield weak perks. Pet S comes from top-up (spending cash in-game) or is bought with Gold Ingots which can be earned in-game, like Phoenix and Hercules. A and B pets come from Cultivation Dungeons, which are done in a group with your friends, so this is where being in a guild really is necessary, or having active friends in-game. Finishing cultivation dungeons may give you a really good B or even grade A pet for free, so it’s quite worth the trouble.

All pets come from dungeons except the Oak Spirit, which is obtained after you buy 50k unbound Gold Ingots. That said, Oak Spirit is a pretty good defensive pet with great damage, both physical and magical depending on how you stat him. It is a pretty good tank pet overall. As far as the rest, just strive to always do the highest-level cultivation dungeon you can with your group.

How to get Eidolon and Venomancer?

Your first Eidolon will come when you complete the game download and log in for the first time. Other Perfect World Mobile pet locations are scattered throughout the game and come from various sources. The first Eidolon you get will probably be a C grade with only 1 skill, which is pretty weak but okay for starters. You should strive to level up fast and get grades As and Bs, which as mentioned come from Perfect World Mobile Cultivation Dungeons.

You can also purchase “A” grade pets on the market for about 100k gold. If you get a good A or B grade pet in the Cultivation dungeon, that you do not need, you can also sell them at the market for 100k gold or 180 gold ingots. You also get the Rainbow J pet on the 5th day of login.

Once you get a per, whether by purchasing or award, you should reroll them right away and chose the stats you need and optimize as best you can.


Venomancer is currently a highly valued new class in-game and it is also called Vulpine, so if you are looking for translated guides try looking for that name. Most of the info needs to be translated from the Chinese version or at least looked upon the PC version, so they may be differences in skill, pet, and even class names. Since it’s a new class, you only need to roll a new Vulpine (Venomancer) character and there are no limitations in how to get Venomancer.

How to get stronger?

When you first start playing Perfect World Mobile, during the tutorial you will get to experience the max level of your selected class, with all the skills unlocked. Unfortunately, after you finish the tutorial, you are back to square one, or level 1 that is. So, the obvious thing here is to level up to 60 as fast as you can, meaning you need to pursue fast sources of experience, like those referred to in the “How to level up Fast?” section.  However, many other ways allow you to get stronger, like your equipment, skills, pets, and stuff.

Improving equipment early on is best done through refining, as your gear through levels won’t be something you will keep for too long. You access the screen for refining by tapping the button marked as “Enhance”. It will cost Silver Coins and Mirage Stones to refine your gear and every refinement will have a success chance. This means that you have a chance to refine your item and to increase the level, but it can also fail and result in resource loss. This chance can be increased with Blessing Material. Also, Soulstones can be used to increase the stats of your equipment, which are infused with it, but you can’t add them to all gear.

Demon or Sage Wizard?

This is currently a tricky subject and according to community feedback, high-level players go with Sage Wizard in the end-game. Sage 3 skills are generally very powerful and the Sage Wizard does deal more damage overall, but Demon Wizard has better burst damage. Also, Demon has more CC (crowd control) abilities, so the matter depends on the situation and your role in Perfect World Mobile.

Marriage – how to get a spouse?

Perfect World Mobile marriage is something recently added to the mobile version and it allows us to wed other players in a ceremony inspired by oriental tradition. You need to be level 40 or higher to participate in a marriage ceremony and the couple needs to go to Archosaur city. There, you need to find the Golden Boy and chose from various options for the wedding to take place in-game. You can personalize and tweak the ceremony in lots of ways and also invite other friends to participate in the celebration. Marrying will yield Blessing Points and rewards in the form of contribution points, epic loot, and other stuff.

PW Mobile Wrath Seed hidden quest

Unlike most other quests, you can’t click and auto-path the hidden quest for wrath seeds. So, when you are in Archosaur or any other city, travel to Dreamweaver Port, which requires a minimum level 30. Once there, check your map and find the Devils Altar. Auto-path is again unavailable but just go there by ascending until you reach enough height. The exact location of Wrath Seeds hidden quest is just a little bit west of Devil’s Altar, on a platform. Once you find the platform, it is likely to contain one or two of them, just switch the channel to get more spawns.

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Tech Compatibility
F2P Friendly


If you have a decent Smartphone which can run it with Max settings, you will have one hell of a time.

User Rating: 3.07 ( 11 votes)
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