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Ah…Rick and Morty – undoubtedly the best and most original animated TV show in the entire multiverse. Period. A TV show which right from the gecko throws you into the dysfunctional relationship between hard-drinking mad genius grandfather and his disappointingly mediocre grandson, as they explore the vastness of multiverse, basically looking for the most awkward and painful situations to get Morty killed. Or at least seriously damaged.

★ ★ ★ ★

Development and Reception

Breaking all known laws of physics…

rick and morty pocket mortys

Rick and Morty: Pocket Morty is an Android and iOS mobile game that closely follows in the footsteps of its celebrated animated predecessor. A piece of entertainment software where cute, bizarre, disturbing, offensive, vile, humorous, strange, hilarious, imaginative and bunch of other conflicting qualities inhabit a single game, breaking all known laws of physics (not to mention every possible standard of political correctness), just like it was the case with the original TV show.

As you might’ve guessed by the degree of intentionally unadulterated humor and veracity towards the original show in virtually every aspect, Pocket Mortys game is developed by Big Pixel Studios (Land-a-Panda, Mega coin Squad, Rick and Morty: Jerry’s Game, Off the Leash, Piyo Blocks, etc.) in collaboration with the guys from adult swim. Although the game itself had been released back in 2016, it’s been updated, polished and fine-tuned regularly, which made everything even more enjoyable and challenging. A true testament to the quality and quirky charm of this game is the fact that since the day of its release it had more than ten million downloads. What’s more, this is the game that even Justin Roiland, the co-creator of the original series and the voice of Rick as well as Morty, still plays religiously, along with his writer’s staff. Could you wish for a better recommendation?

★ ★ ★ ★

Atmosphere and Story

Fans will undoubtedly recognize that the game is inspired by the “Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind ” episode…

rick and morty pocket mortys

“There are dimensions everywhere, Morty. All inhabited by other Mortys.”

Rick Sanchez

The story of this particular Rick and Morty (mis)adventure starts like so many others – in Rick’s secret lab in the Smith family garage. As Rick briefs Morty about his chance discovery – that Mortys from other dimensions are somehow being separated from their Ricks, which suggests some sort of foul play – a portal suddenly appears, releasing another Rick and Morty duo. The arrivals obviously came from some other dimension, most likely with nothing less than nefarious intentions. As it turned out, this mysterious new Rick – who looks like he shares the same fashion stylist with general M. Bison from the Street Fighter series – is some kind of avid Morty collector and has come to capture Morty from our dimension.

The battle between two Mortys ensues, and our Morty emerges victorious, having managed to beat his adversary, another Morty armed with a vicious looking stray cat. After alternate-dimension Rick and Morty had fled back through the portal, our pair of unlikely heroes had no choice but to bravely go after them and to get to the bottom of this inexplicable epidemy of Morty abductions. Beyond awaits interdimensional madness in the best tradition of the original TV show, for it seems that the multiverse had been infected with a new craze – Morty collection with countless Morty trainers scouring through the dimensions in search for new Mortys. It seems that Rick and Morty will have no easy task before them in solving this mystery. What’s even worse, if they expect to return home safely, they’ll not only have to collect and train other Mortys but face the dreaded Trans-dimensional Council of Ricks as well.

If you’re a fan of the TV show, you’ll undoubtedly recognize that the game is somewhat inspired by the “Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind ” episode. You also know that Rick hasn’t parted on the exact best of terms with the Council of Ricks, which certainly won’t make his life any easier. Another rather obvious thing is that Pocket Mortys game pays homage to the Pokémon franchise. Or perhaps they lovingly mock Pokémons – with Rick and Morty and their special brand of caustic humor you can never be quite sure. In any case, if it already seems that there are too many Rick and Mortys to keep track of them all, just wait a second – you ain’t seen nothing yet.

★ ★ ★ ★


The developers really took the time to make some ingenious designs…

rick and morty pocket mortys

As you can imagine, just like in any product from the Pokémon franchise, collecting, training and pitting various Mortys against each other represent the core of the game mechanics. The developers really took the time to make some ingenious designs for various Morty types, from garden-variety kinds which you wouldn’t give a second look if you’ve passed them on the street, through veritable abominations with too much (or too little) limbs and organs, to mutations, Mortys with psychic powers, ghost Mortys, elementals, undead, living pizzas (!?!) – you name it. If you’ve seen it somewhere in popular culture – or, perhaps, in your nightmares – then it probably made an appearance in Pocket Mortys game.

Furthermore, these extremely imaginative different types of Mortys aren’t merely introduced for the sake of shallow light-headed cosmetics. Each type has its distinctive characteristics and special types of attacks. Of course, Pocket Mortys wouldn’t be a proper Pokémon clone if you wouldn’t be able to evolve your Mortys into the more advanced and powerful versions. And although few Mortys can’t be evolved, most Morty types have three tiers which afford a considerable variety to the entire gameplay. Another great thing about it all is that developers are keep adding the new types, which means that you can expect even wackier designs in the future.

The combat itself represents another key segment of the gameplay. Although it is relatively simplistic, with only several options, the fact that there are so many different Morty varieties adds a respectable tactical scope to the entire experience. Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that, as far as the basic type of the attack is concerned, all Morty types come in three varieties – rock, paper, and scissors. That means that certain Mortys will be particularly efficient against the others because…well, rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper and paper beats rock – you know the drill. Thankfully, developers introduced the switch button among combat options, which will allow you to swap the type of Morty that’s currently active in combat. When you’ve sufficiently reduced the energy of your foe Morty, you’ll be able to attempt to claim it for yourself by using Morty Manipulation Chip.

Between these two essentials – evolving and combat – Pocket Mortys will allow you to engage in plenty of other rewarding activities. These parallel dimensions you’ll be visiting are populated with an interesting cast of characters – to say the least – some of which will give you quests. Of course, since Rick wouldn’t be Rick if haven’t been making something all the time, crafting is another important segment of the gameplay which will allow you not only to create yourself new items by combining a variety of basic ingredients, thus saving you pretty penny, or rather, schmeckles, but it’ll also be important for solving several quests.

★ ★ ★ ★

Graphics and Tech Compatibility

Simplistic, yet highly effective graphics which, at certain points, boasted almost psychedelic quality…

rick and morty pocket mortys

Ok, so far this is what you can expect from Pocket Mortys game. A ton of caustic, delightfully twisted, tongue-in-cheek humor. Check. An interesting storyline and engaging Pokemon-based concept with virtual hundreds of Morty characters. Check. Sciency stuff, Sci-Fi mumbo-jumbo, surreal plotlines, and emotional roller coaster. Check. And all that thoroughly suffused with plenty of pure, unmitigated insanity which acts like a superglue that binds together all those various components.

But what about that other recognizable feature that made the original TV show stand out among so many others – its unique visual identity? In the very best tradition of modern cartoons,  Rick and Morty show had a simplistic, yet highly effective graphics which, at certain points, boasted almost psychedelic quality. Indeed, visually as well as intellectually, with such a concentration of mind-bending details and bizarre concepts, the whole show was a forceful assault on the senses, and that’s exactly what the game is aiming for. Pocket Mortys game faithfully – and, we might add, quite unapologetically –  translates the familiar visual style of the TV show into the medium of a video game, so you’ll have the impression that you’ve found yourself inside one of Rick and Morty episodes.

Thankfully, you’ll be able to enjoy all this on a variety of mobile devices – from android smartphones (4.1 and up version is required) to iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch (with OS 9.0 or later) Finally, even those conservative players who prefer playing on their desktop computers will be able to do so, thanks to the emulators such as BlueStacks.

★ ★ ★ ★

Free-to-play Friendly

Free-to-play friendly for the most part, if you don’t mind a bit of honest grinding, that is…

rick and morty pocket mortys

Now, this is the point where most mobile games fail miserably, no matter how good they are. Just think of it: you invest yourself and your time into a particular title, you grind for hours just to get better, but then comes along some schmuck who’s way better than you just because he wasn’t shy from spending additional cash for the game. We’re sure that this scenario sounds familiar to most players.

Fortunately, Pocket Mortys game is free-to-play friendly for the most part. Sure, there are some microtransactions in the game, related to Blips and Chitz dispensing machine, as well as option to earn some extra cash by watching adds, which, admittedly, is one of the most annoying concepts that gaming world have ever seen, because it completely ruins the flow of the game. However, they aren’t so obtrusive and they are completely optional. They will make your life much easier if you wish to invest additional cash because they’ll speed up things quite a bit, but they aren’t the guarantee of success like in some other games. The point is, you’ll be able to achieve everything on your own, without microtransactions. If you don’t mind a bit of honest grinding, that is.

★ ★ ★ ★


 The storyline is interesting and deeply rooted in the lore of the Rick and Morty TV show…

rick and morty pocket mortys

So, what is our final verdict for the Pocket Mortys game? As you might’ve noticed if you’ve gone through previous sections of this text, for the most part, we’ve sung its praises in sweet, melodious chorus. The storyline is interesting and deeply rooted in the lore of the Rick and Morty TV show. Actually, the impression is that this particular story, along with the dialogues and everything else, is something that could’ve been penned by some of the writers that worked on the original series, which is a great accomplishment in itself.

The gameplay is simple, yet engaging. It does sound a bit derivative on the first look, but since the concept of the game, as far as basic gaming mechanics is concerned, is inspired by Pokémon, that’s to be expected. Besides, it is stacked with unique Rick and Morty details and lore, that it’s completely transformed. Finally, for all those of you science buffs who couldn’t be bothered to go through the whole review, and you prefer to deal with precise statistics and numbers – which is something that Rick Sanchez himself would wholeheartedly approve of, along with a few shots of Rusty Nail – here’s our Pocket Mortys score.

✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪

Pocket mortys Guides, Tips, and Cheats

How to improve your gaming experience and gameplay…

rick and morty pocket mortys

Ok, ’nuff with long intros, maddening prefaces, and blood-curdling preambles – that’s not why you’re here. If you’ve made it this far, that’s because you want to get better in Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys mobile game. Because you crave collecting the elite pocket Mortys, finding out the best-hidden secrets of its gameplay, deducing the hints to its most intricate and rewarding quests and compiling to-die-for Pocket Mortys recipes. Because you simply drool to experience the supreme sugar rush of our wholesome tips, tricks, and guides, spiced-up here and there with a few succulent cheats. Well, ladies, gents, and esteemed extraterrestrials step right in – time to get schwifty!



How to Evolve?

Remember that famous line: “Become the best version of yourself? Well, evolving is one of the key tactics in Rick and Morty: Pocket Morty game which will provide you with the more powerful versions of different Mortys from your menagerie, preparing them to raise hell with flair and conviction across the multiverse. And although it does take some time and effort, it’s not nearly as complicated and time-consuming as it was for our simian ancestors. Basically, all you have to do is stroll to Morty Day Care Center, which is located in the main hub. Activate the evolve option – it’s a bright yellow button, so you can’t miss it – and you’ll be transferred to the list of your currently available Mortys. After that, it’s just simply a matter of selecting which types of Morty from your collection you want to evolve. Now, if you’ve been asking yourself which Mortys can be combined – the answer is that you can only combine Mortys of the exact same type. For instance, if you have a couple of Scruffy Mortys on your hands, by combining them you’ll get so-called Unkempt Morty or even the erratic Hobo Morty, which proudly sits on the top of the evolutionary ladder for this particular type of Morty. And just how many Mortys are there? Well, at the moment there are 300+ different versions of Morty, from the humble Scruffy Morty to the majestic One true Morty – which means you’ll have a great time catching, combining and training them all.


How to Combine?

Note that in some versions of the game, you’ll find the combine option in Morty Day Care Center instead of the evolve button. Don’t let this confuse you – they are one and the same thing! Combining and evolving share the same basic function – they merge Mortys of the same type, allowing them to reach their maximum evolutionary potential.


How to get Egg Morty?

So, you desperately want to lay your hands on legendary Egg Morty and consequently The One true Morty – one of the biggest badasses in the Pocket Mortys multiverse – but you just don’t know how? Then you should know that all great things have small beginnings. Of course, this isn’t just some piece of random zen wisdom – in this particular case, The One true Morty literally comes from a humble Egg Morty which serves as a mere vessel for this awesome god-like character. If you’re really keen on acquiring Egg Morty, know that it’ll take some effort, especially if you intend to see it evolved in its higher form. For starters, you have to initiate “New Chef in the Rickchen” quest. If you talk to Masy Kallerax (standing near the Council Building), he’ll ask you for some Purified Fleeb – a special ingredient which should give an extra kick to brownies he intends to bake as a treat for his pack of Mortys. Now, you don’t have to waste your time wandering aimlessly around the map in search of this ingredient, because crafting certainly holds the most elegant solution to your problem. You can craft this ingredient by combining Fleeb and Turbulent Juice Tube, but it’s also awarded after the successful completion of “The Rick In Me is a Rick In You Quest”. In any case, when you supply Masy Kallerax with Purified Fleeb, he’ll award you with level 5 Egg Morty. When Egg Morty reaches level 20, he’ll hatch into The One True Morty – a daunting task because Egg Morty virtually has no attack so you can imagine that he’s excruciatingly difficult to level up. However, if you want to skip the tedious pedestrian way – which you certainly do – you can simply use Level Up Mega Seed and level it up quicker.


How to get Coupons?

Whether you need them for mundane earthbound situations, or something a bit more engaging – for instance, to acquire Morty Manipulation Chips, Halzingers, Plutonic Rocks and other nifty commodities from Salesman Rick – money, various coupons, and schmeckles are just an unavoidable fact of life. As their name suggests, Blips and Chitz coupons are used for Blips and Chitz dispensing machine which can get you an assortment of interesting prizes from capsules with random pocket Mortys to various items, and they also have several other cool uses (for instance to expedite certain events such as Morty games). Currently, there are two ways to acquire Blips and Chips coupons: via in-game purchases and as loot after you’ve defeated members of the Council of Ricks.


How to get Tickets?

Club Rick Credits (sometimes informally referred to as Club Rick Tickets or even coupons) can be acquired in two ways – by leveling in multiplayer mode or via in-game purchases. Whichever way you get them, they can be used for buying packs of Mortys.


How to get Chips?

Who wouldn’t want a mind-controlling chip, right? Well, in Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys game, the way to go is with so-called Morty Manipulation Chips. This essential piece of equipment is something that every aspiring Rick should have in his arsenal since it will enable you to catch wild Mortys and subjugate them to your iron will…err..tame them and receive them into your loving flock. There are several ways of varying difficulty concerning how you can get your hands on them. First of all, those of you with a deep pocket, excess of schmeckles and lack of initiative, can simply buy them from Salesman Rick. They will cost you a (relatively) modest sum of 500 schmeckles and will appear in Salesman Rick’s inventory after you’ve earned three badges. However, if you have a knack for crafting, you can create them by combining Supercharged Battery, Circuit Board and Tin Can. Finally, with some luck, you’ll also be able to win them from Blips and Chitz dispensing machines, as well as a reward for completing several quests.


How to make Fuel?

As you might’ve guessed, we aren’t talking about just any meager fossil-based fuel – this is Rick and Morty game after all where even the most advanced accomplishments of modern science rank as low-tech. The fuel in question is actually something much more valuable, not to mention potent – a Dark Matter Ball. This awesome object is closely related to “This Rick Must Fly” quest which you’ll be able to initiate after you’ve collected 16 badges. Talk to Dandy Rick and he’ll complain that his car had run out of gas. He’ll also ask you to supply him with fuel for his flying car. Unfortunately, Dandy Rick won’t be able to tell you precisely what kind of fuel he needs since Morty tasked with refueling his car has been dazed. Now, prepare your crafting supplies, because to finish this quest, you’ll have to create a Dark Matter Ball from scratch. The recipe is deceivingly simple – just combine Dark Energy Ball and Turbulent Juice Tube. However, Dark Energy Ball is also a composite item you’ll have to craft yourself. Dark Energy Ball is used in several other concoctions, but in the case you aren’t familiar with the recipe, it is as follows: combine Fleeb and Bacteria Cell. Now that you’ve successfully created a Dark Matter Ball you can take it to Dandy Rick and he’ll reward you with a Morty Manipulation Chip.


How to make a Motherboard?

Besides being a quest item for “Rickbooting a New Life” quest, Motherboard is a uber useful ingredient, which can be used as a crafting component for several recipes, from Courier Flap to Neutrino Bomb and even the coveted IQ-Enhancing Helmet. That means that you’ll certainly find more than a few uses for it during your Pocket Mortys experience. Just like in our previous section, allow us to make your life easier and supply you with the correct Motherboard recipe. Here goes: combine Battery, Circuit Board and Cable and you’ve just crafted yourself a brand new Motherboard. However, take note that this recipe is only applicable for the multiplayer mode.


How to get Mega Morty?

What looks like an unholy spawn of Morty, Frankenstein’s monster and Creature from the Black Lagoon? Yep, we’re thinking the same thing – that’s Mega Morty. This especially ugly looking specimen of Morty fauna is one of those Mortys which unfortunately can’t be acquired by combining its evolutionary lower-tier predecessors in Morty Day Care Center. Just as it’s description claims, this artificially created Morty has been unleashed into the world so that it could be field-tested. If you’re interested in adding him to your Mortys collection, you’ll find him in the dimension of Mortopia. And how will you get him? The old-fashioned way – beating him into the bloody pulp until he’s dazed, and then using Morty Manipulation Chip on him.

Pocket Mortys

Tech Compatibility
F2P Friendly


The storyline is interesting and deeply rooted in the lore of the Rick and Morty TV show...

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