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The tame came out in 2017 and it is a game unlike any other, for it will generally make you a part of the cartoon. As in, the characters from the cartoon will talk to you and you will become a part of their team, as they battle in “cowboys against Indians” and similar scenarios. This game makes smart use out of the entire mobile gaming setup and it adapts South Park characters, the setting, story, and the gameplay very cleverly to make a completely cool and immersive atmosphere. We’ve dedicated this page to a South Park: Phone Destroyer review and we’ll also be producing some guides in the second part of the page, so just continue reading down please or skip for guides.

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Development and reception

This is a real-time strategy with collectible card game features…

south park phone destroyer

As mentioned, this title was released for Android and iOS devices both in 2017. It is developed by RedLynx, which is a Finland-based studio founded in 2000. Ubisoft bought it in 2011, and they also handled the publishing for this game. Phone Destroyer has gotten very favorable reviews and scores and enjoys critical acclaim. On Google Play, South Park: Phone Destroyer Android has 4.5-stars out of over 420k votes. On the iTunes App Store, South Park: Phone Destroyer iOS has an even higher 4.8-star rating out of over 170k votes and its #101 in the Card genre, although that’s not exactly the right label for the game’s genre. It is a real-time strategy with collectible card game features.

★ ★ ★ ★

Atmosphere and story

It is based upon the animated sitcom as it features all of the standard characters…

south park phone destroyer

As mentioned, it is based upon the animated sitcom as it features all of the standard characters. It follows their lives in the small town as they play games together, in the themes of adventures, fantasy, sci-fi, superheroes, and similar niches. The player comes in as a new kid in town, and you become a part of the gang. They actually call you on the phone (in-game) and talk about you, often in a way they talk to each other, which is often unpleasant.

As the player comes in, the kids are arguing about which theme they should play with. Cartman is in favor of Cowboys against Indians, where he will be the sheriff. Cartman contacts us via FaceTime and asks us to join his cowboy team and play against the Indians using a Smartphone. This is where the immersive story cleverly includes the card genre, the real-time strategy, and mixes it all in very engaging gameplay.

★ ★ ★ ★


A real-time strategy game, but it also reminds of the old arcades…

south park phone destroyer

As mentioned, this is a real-time strategy game, but it also reminds of the old arcades, and it has the mentioned card collectible aspect. It is played with decks of cards that cost energy and represent various characters from the animated sitcom. Energy is restored over time and the cards also have a timed cooldown, so you can play them multiple times during a match. Playing a character card will summon that character, and they are divided into three basic roles:

  • Tank
  • Assassin
  • Ranged

Most of the characters have special abilities that recharge over time, like Cartman who is a tank and can soak up lots of damage. His special ability is Bullet-Tantrum – he spins around and fires in all directions, dealing high damage to everyone in the radius.

There are also special powers and spell cards, that also use energy, have a cooldown, and cause a special effect, like the Fireball spell card that casts an area of effect damage spell.

Each new theme the kids decide to play gives new costumes to the characters i.e. different character versions. Many can be unlocked via the in-game shops, such as the Daily Shop, PvP Shop, and in other ways. Players can pursue the single-player campaign, but they can also battle in PvP. The decks can all be customized, of course, and the game is competitive in both modes.

★ ★ ★ ★

Graphics and appearance

Follows the same art style and visuals from the animated sitcom…

south park phone destroyer

The game follows the same art style and visuals from the animated sitcom. This includes the models, which are officially licensed, and various other animations. The costumes are detailed with great care and everything mentioned increases the immersive atmosphere and makes us feel like we are participating in the cartoon story. The user interface, out of combat portion, and combat are all filled with various functions and options but are quite comprehensive. Cut scenes are entirely done like the cartoon itself.

★ ★ ★ ★

Tech Compatibility

This game can be a bit demanding at certain points…

south park phone destroyer

Despite the collage art style game adapted from the source material, this game can be a bit demanding at certain points. Cut scenes caused our mobile device with 3GB of Ram to have huge lag spikes, but everything was alright in-game. Except for the cinematics, everything else will work perfectly on pretty low-tech Smartphones. The game requires Android 4.4 or later and iOS 9.0 or later. It is also rated 17+, like the cartoon, for the game does contain bad language and violence, true to the source material.

★ ★ ★ ★

Free-to-Play Friendly

Spending real money in-game also affects the single-player ending…

south park phone destroyer

The game is free-to-play and features two main in-game currencies, and those are Cash and Gold. Gold is earned the easiest from various rewards and quests, while Cash is earned more slowly. However, you can also purchase Cash for real money at a rate of about 500 Cash for $5. Cash is also used to purchase card packs, which is what it’s all about. While the gameplay is affected by microtransactions as much as any other card collectible game, spending real money in-game also affects the single-player ending.

The single-player ending has three variations, based on the real money spent in-game (SPOILERS AHEAD):

No money spend – the South Park kids all get disappointed and state that the developers of their game did not get anything for their trouble by making the game Freemium

Some Money Spent – the kids’ reaction is somewhat more positive and Cartman says that the New Kid, i.e. the player, spent as much as he thought the game was worth. They then comment on what they can buy with the money and Stan says that the method of playing the games in the old days was better.

A Lot of Money Spent – The South Park kids are all overly happy about the money the player spent, while Kyle says that you should see some expert about your mobile game addiction.

★ ★ ★ ★


The game justifies its success and critical acclaim at every turn…

south park phone destroyer

The game justifies its success and critical acclaim at every turn. The only thing some might find lacking is its somewhat bothersome monetization which, like in numerous other games, could be less imposing. However, everything else makes the experience really cool. The immersive atmosphere puts us right in the middle of a South Park episode and the player really does feel like a part of the whole cartoon. The gameplay is also packed with very cool elements, wisecracks, name-calling, and other trademark jokes from the show all delivered in original voices from the cast. It is no wonder this game is so successful.

✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪

South Park: Phone Destroyer Guides, Tips, and Cheats

How to improve your gaming experience and gameplay…

south park phone destroyer

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As already mentioned it is a fun and immersive game, but it also has a lot of competitive potentials. This goes both for multiplayer and single-player modes. It all revolves around cards, decks, and guides for strategies that have emerged on Reddit in the past two years since the game’s release. We will be covering some of the basics and answering most commonly asked questions about the game found in community, and those are:

First things first, levels and how to get them are the two primary concerns for any new player, for many of the game’s features are locked and have a level restriction. Under each locked feature there will be a number displaying how many levels you need to attain in order to unlock it. Unlocking all basic features is best done by following the Main Quest Line, which is conveniently divided into episodes, which are then divided into stages. Each stage represents a single combat match, with the player i.e. the New Kid playing versus one of the Characters from the show that is not on Cartman’s team.


How to Change a Name?

The very first thing when starting up a new game is the character creation process which is, contrary to what many might expect, very intricate. You can set up your Avatar’s appearance (character for all purposes), including your gender, tan, starting outfit, hair, colors for all of the mentioned features, and some accessories. What you don’t get to set up is your character or account name. Instead, the name you typed into your Google Play or the iTunes App Store accounts will be displayed. However, you can change those anytime you wish, so the answer to this question is rather simple:

  • Close the App
  • Go to Google Play for Android or the iTunes App Store for iOS users
  • Edit your profile
  • Change Name into your desired one
  • The new name will now be displayed in-game


How to get Gizmo Ike?

A rather popular question in the Reddit community is how to get Gizmo Ike’s character. While there isn’t any definitive way to get him, he will pop up eventually, most likely while playing through the Sci-Fi PvE campaign titled “Yay! Look out!”. He unlocks when the player reaches level 5 and can also pop up in PvP in reward packs, but most players in the Reddit community have encountered Gizmo Ike in PvE. Community reports say he is not that strong for PvP, but OP as hell for PvE. Gizmo Ike is of Epic rarity 3-cost assassin and his special ability is to duplicate himself.



Cards come in several different types, but the main ones are Characters and Spells. Now, cards also have rarity types, and those are Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. However, cards are also divided into themes that the kids are using to play with, and those are Adventure, Sci-Fi, Mystical, Fantasy, and Neutral. When you start the game, you will get some cards automatically and play for some time without the need to customize your decks. However, you will soon get to build decks, edit, and delete decks according to your own strategy and card collection.


How to build decks?

Deckbuilding is done in the Home Base and players can only build decks from two card themes at a time. However, neutral cards can be added to any deck as many as needed. If you try and include cards from a third theme to a deck that already has cards featuring two themes, you won’t be able to use it unless you remove all cards from the third theme. Most of the basic stuff can be found at South Park: Phone Destroyer Wiki.


How to delete deck?

Tapping on Home Base will get you to the Deckbuilding interface, and your decks will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, with the cards displayed in the main section of the interface. You select a certain deck by swiping it up. Just tap the deck name, hold, and swipe up. This will bring up that deck, and besides the cards that are contained within, you will also have several options on both sides of the cards. One of those options is to delete deck, while you can also copy the deck, auto-fill (randomize), and discard all changes made.


How to level up cards?

You can upgrade and level up cards in this game. Cards can be upgraded for Coins, but in order to level up cards, you need two things first. The first thing you need is to collect enough copies of a certain card needed for the level up. Cards need different numbers of copies to level up, usually around 3 to 5. Also, in order to level up the card, you first need to upgrade it the maximum number of times allowed at that certain level it is at now. Meaning if a card is level 1 and can be upgraded 5 times, you need to upgrade it 5 times and have all the copies needed to level up. Then, you only need to pay some Coins and you will level it up, increasing multiple stats.


How to get Cash?

Cash is the premium currency in and it is earned through in-game progress, but rather slowly. Winning a match in the PvE campaign will award you with 1-3 bucks, while the main method of obtaining Cash is through microtransactions i.e. purchasing it for real money. It comes rather expensive, with 500 Cash costing around $5 bucks. However, Cash is very valuable in-game and you can purchase almost anything there is to buy with it. 50 Cash can buy you 1000 Coins. The game also offers you to spend cash for an extra locker open at the end of each stage or PvP match, and this is not recommended as the potential reward is not enough to outweigh the 1 or 2 cash lost. In the Reddit community, there is a general saying about cash – the best way to obtain it is with a legendary card called the Credit Card.


How to beat Cartman?

Cartman changes teams when you get to the Fantasy theme. He becomes a wizard, like in the animated show, and he can get a bit tricky as many players have asked for help on Reddit. However, Cartman is rather slow at spawning characters and he mostly spawns melee assassins. It shouldn’t be hard to overwhelm him with a well-balanced team, but you should take care of some special cards he plays. One of those is the Dwarf Engineer Dougie. Once Dougie is spawned, you should have some energy saved to spawn a fighter to protect your character in the back, as Dwarf Engineer Dougie will ignore all other characters and run for you. But, he is easily countered and killed by any decent fighter. Nathan is a good character against Cartman. If you protect him he can live quite a while and drop plenty of bombs on Cartman.


How to get Stan of Many Moons?

Players often want to get stan of Many Moons because it is a legendary card and it used to deal enormous amounts of damage to all other enemy characters on the battlefield with Stand’s special move. “Used to” because according to South Park: Phone Destroyer Wiki, Stan of Many Moons was nerfed since. His knockback and damage randomization were removed. However, his base ability damage was increased from 60 to 200 and the maximum ability damage was increased from 200 to 600 in the most recent patch, making him pretty strong. So, he is still rather good, as he is a legendary card after all, but Stan can only be purchased with real cash and it is an unanswered question if he’s worth it. Players on Reddit usually agree that he is strong but if you are looking to get Stan of Many Moons for real cash, you are looking at an enormous expense. Legendary cards will come in time and it is best to have patience.


How to leave a team?

You can leave the team simply by tapping the (I) in the team interface, under the Top 3 display. Tapping (I) will take you to the interface page where you can find the leave team option.

  • Tap the I in the team interface
  • Tap “Leave team” on the next page

Some members of the Reddit community reported that they’ve had a better experience when they play on PC. This can be done via appropriate emulator programs, like BlueStacks, NoxPalyer, and others. Most of the basic stuff about the game and loads of useful info is available on South Park: Phone Destroyer Wiki fandom and Reddit posts. This is where we’ve extracted most of our info along with our own experience with the game. It keeps evolving and we will stay tuned to follow up all the upcoming changes and possibly come up with more useful stuff.

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South Park: Phone Destroyer

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This game justifies its success and critical acclaim at every turn...

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