Game Of Gods Preview

Game of Gods Expected in March 2019

After the successful Noblemen: 1896 game in 2017, everyone familiar with this alternate reality third-person turn-based strategy expected the next big thing from the developer Foursaken Media. But after their announcement about their Black Fortress: Empires, they pretty much went silent until August this year when they confirmed this project is still a go. However, Foursaken Media has made another announcement recently and this one was all about Game of Gods – their new and upcoming game.

Foursaken Games is a relatively young studio established in 2010 by four brothers and dedicated to creating games for iOS and Android devices. They have made several games already which attracted considerable attention to the studio like above-mentioned Noblemen: 1896, then Block Fortress, N.Y. Zombies 2, Heroes and Castles, War Tortoise, Color Bots, and others. Just like their previous games, Game of Gods promises to be quite an adventure and fun title to play.

Game Of Gods Upcoming Game

The plot will involve giant gods and players get to choose the one to worship. There will be good and bad gods, so subsequently the players will get to decide whether they want to eradicate their enemies and conquer the humankind, or if they are interested in saving humanity. The background story will, also, introduce a powerful force known as Chaos which will unite the gods to defeat it and save the world. Of course, players will have an option to play choose both sides, if they can’t decide whether they want to support good or bad gods exclusively.

Just like in ancient times when people believed that the gods they worship will give them strength to defeat their enemies, the same applies here. It’s just that unlike in history when that was only a religious belief, here the gods actually meddle in the dealings of humans. Thus, players will be able to use their god’s powers to stop the enemies by simply dragging the spell to its target on a screen. Game of Gods will also feature a multiplayer mode where players can fight for the alliance they make or aid each other in tough situations.

Game of Gods is scheduled to launch in March 2019 and at some point, Foursaken Media will look for beta testers, so keep your eyes open.