Game of Sultans 1.7 Update Announced

Game of Sultans 1.7 Update Announced

In this new installment, Mechanist Internet Technologies plans to implement some of the changes and fixes to their global hit Game of Sultans that the player community has been eagerly waiting for. The main issue for most people, judging by the posts on social media, has been the inability to block certain users or turn off chats completely because more often than not they (mainly Local and Cross-Server) would be full of tasteless sexual comments coupled with toxic behavior. Although the game already has a rudimentary form of censoring certain words and phrases, it didn’t have any impact on the aforementioned problem. With the new patch, players will have the option to turn off the undesirable chat, as seen in the picture below.

Game of Sultans

This might not be the perfect solution, but certainly is a start in a good direction, meaning that the developers are listening to the players and are willing to meet the needs (some of them at least) of the community.

One more burning issue that hasn’t been addressed in this update is the extremely low chance of obtaining Diamond Rings, which are needed for a marriage between your and other Sultan’s heirs. Whether this will be changed in the future versions, we will have to wait and see.

Game of Sultans Update

With all of the above comes the new Vanquish battle system. Also, the Vizier level limit is increased to 450 and the number of Main Quests to 900. From now on, the Consorts experience will also be a part of Ranking Rush for local servers. The update is due to come out by the end of this week.