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Game of Sultans guide: Consorts and Heirs

If you play Game of Sultans, you know how challenging it can be, as it does have a steep learning curve with a plethora of options available to its players. With this in mind, we wrote a Game of Sultans Tips and Tricks guide to help you maximize your potential in the shortest time possible. If you haven’t already seen that article, go read it, and if you have, keep reading for a deeper guide on a very important segment of Game of Sultans, Consorts, and Heirs.

Posted by Game of Sultans on Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Consorts are the beautiful women in your Harem, your wives and mothers to your worthy Heirs. Being Sultan, you’d think it would be extremely easy for you to charm any woman you meet and have her dying to give you Heirs, but it wouldn’t be Game of Sultans if it were so easy. Your first Game of Sultans Consort you’ll get easily enough: a gorgeous girl called Canfeza will promptly join your Harem and give you an Heir. However, getting more Consorts will be a bit more challenging.

Why would you need more than one wife, you might wonder? Well, kings of Islamic empires had the fortune (or misfortune?) of being able to marry as many times as they wished (or, realistically, as many as they could afford), which gave them a choice of lovers, mothers of Heirs as well as strategic partners. The same is true in Game of Sultans, as you improve many facets of your empire by having as many Consorts as you can get.

You can get a new Game of Sultans Consorts in one of a few ways, but the principal one is at the Masquerade, a structure in your Castle where you go specifically to meet new love interests. Once you’re there, you can choose to visit one of the specific buildings inside, such as the Theology School, the Haberdasher, the Grand Bazaar or the Manorhouse, among others. These buildings have various townsfolk working there, so you’ll have a random encounter with one of the NPC’s.

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You get 3 tries each hour and each of these tries can go one of two ways. Sometimes you’ll just have a conversation with one of the men working at these establishments, but other times you’ll meet a potential love interest, like Lydia or Cecilia. In order to increase your chances of meeting a Consort, you should have a high Fortune stat, which you can upgrade through various items you receive while questing and conquering. Meeting a potential Consort isn’t enough, however, you’ll have to sweet-talk her into falling in love with you and agreeing to be your wife.

Sometimes it will take several visits and trying hard on your part to make up their mind – sort of like in real life. Another way to get Consorts is to log in daily, as you receive a free Consort once you’ve logged in seven days in a row. You can also spend real-world currency to purchase Consorts and increase your VIP level, granting even more girl.

Once you’ve successfully married a girl, she becomes a Consort, affecting your Empire in a few beneficial ways. Consorts have two main roles which are influencing Viziers and birthing Heirs to your Empire. Each Consort is associated with one of your Viziers, and improving that Consort’s stats will grant new attributes to the Vizier in question. The higher the stats of the Consort, the better the pay-off for the associated general.

Consorts have two main stats, Charm and Intimacy. Charm affects how quickly the Consort gains XP when you pay her a visit, whereas Intimacy affects the chances of getting an Heir, as well as improving the odds that it will be a rarer and higher quality Heir. You can increase the attributes of the Consorts by paying them visits, as well as bestowing them with gifts with the Reward Me button. When you click this option you’ll be taken to your inventory where you’ll be shown every item you can use to increase the chosen Consort’s stats. Some influence the Charm stat, others the Intimacy stat, and the best ones affect both. You also occasionally unlock Maids which you can associate with your Consorts and boost their Charm a bit. Both Charm and Intimacy are important but one could argue that the latter is a bit more valuable, as it affects the chances of getting Heirs and better ones.

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Making Heirs is presumably the fun part of having a Harem full of women, but again, it isn’t easy. Nothing in Game of Sultans is. It isn’t impossible, though, and you’ll want plenty of Heirs to solidify your Empire’s power and influence, so you’d better get busy. The way you produce Heirs is by visiting your lovely ladies in the Harem. Click on the structure on your home screen and you’ll be taken to the establishment, where you’ll see how many married and unmarried Consorts you have.

You can click to visit a Consort randomly, and this expends Vigor, an attribute that replenishes automatically and gives you three visits. If you’d like to visit a specific Consort instead of being randomly taken to one, you can spend gems, but we wouldn’t recommend this option unless you’re madly in love (with a virtual character?) and/or have an abundance of gems to spend. Having all Consorts leveled up to the same degree is better than having just one extremely highly leveled woman, since the visits are random and you increase the chance of each specific visit resulting in an Heir.

When you visit one of the girls, the Intimacy stat will play a role in whether you’ll be given an Heir, and how talented the kid will be. If your visit with the Consort is fruitful, you’ll have a new baby to take care of and develop them. You do this by spending Vitality, an attribute that also refreshes automatically, and thus you increase the attributes of your Heir. Make sure you visit them regularly to help develop them the fastest you can. The rarest and best Heirs take the longest to develop, as they have the highest attribute ceiling, so you’ll need to work with them more than with the less talented ones, but the rewards they’ll bring will be higher as well.

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Heirs have a specific attribute rating, and this rating increases the four attributes of your Empire, the Military, Political, Research and Prestige stats. Heirs are also useful in spreading the influence of your Empire through marriage. They can marry only within their own talent level, so you can’t have a low-level Heir marrying a high level one, or vice versa. When looking for a suitable candidate to marry your Heirs off. These are Heirs of other Sultans, meaning other real players of the game.

The easiest way is to have a specific player’s ID and arrange a marriage directly, but if you don’t have one, you can search for suitable Heirs in the Marriage tab. However, this search can be long and arduous. It can take many attempts by hitting the Matchmake button until you’ve found a good match, but in the long run, it will prove invaluable in furthering your Kingdom’s strength. Hope this Game of Sultans Consorts and Heirs guide will help you run your harem efficiently!