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Game of Sultans guide: Frontier

Game of Sultans offers a rich and varied experience to its players, with myriad activities to engage in and a plethora of bonuses to try and attain. Being ever vigilant and visiting your Empire regularly is paramount to success in this game, so make sure you’ve got all daily bonuses lined up and each activity planned. Two of these require special planning because they’re available only for a limited time each day. I’m talking about, of course, the Frontier.

game of sultans

When you click on the Frontier option just to the right of the Game of Sultans Imperial Parliament, you’ll be taken to a screen offering two options, the Fortress Siege and the Hunting Grounds. These are time-limited activities where you can send your Viziers to try and win you bonus goodies.

First of all, make sure you’re well informed as to when the Frontier activities are available to you. Currently, the Hunting Ground is open each day from 12:00 to 14:00 (GMT +3), whereas the Fortress Siege is available from 20:00 to 21:00 (GMT +3). However, these might be subject to change, so make sure you read the info by clicking on the question mark to the top right of the Frontier screen to keep you up to date with the schedule of the Hunt and Siege.

Now, how do you get the most out of your activities each day? Most importantly, try to regularly visit the Frontier at specified times, so you have a steady supply of bonuses each day.

game of sultans

The Hunting Ground

When hunting, each of your Viziers will have one attempt at capturing his prey daily. Start by using your weakest Viziers first, as the first animals are usually not as hard to kill as the ones coming afterward. Try to aim for the head of the animal, as headshots do the most damage and ensure a successful hunt. Each hunt that proves fruitful will bring you tokens, gold and will increase your score. The tokens can be used to redeem items while the score puts you on a global leaderboard with other Sultans. If you’d like to hunt with one Vizier more than once daily, you can spend PvE Seals to restore his hunting attempts. Lastly, while hunting you have a chance to encounter a chest with rewards that you can share, and you’ll see the names of the sultans that have recovered boxes pop up on your screen.

The Fortress Raid

This activity pits all participating Viziers from all Sultans who attempt to complete the feat. There’s a Fortress which yours and all other Viziers attack and try to destroy. You’re looking to be the one to occupy it, which you accomplish by being the one who deals the final hit to the Fortress. This brings abundant rewards and probably an increase in reputation among the other players. However, not only the occupier gets rewards, the top 100 damage dealers will get XP rewards after the Fortress event is over. Of course, you’re looking to be the one that occupies it, so send your best Military Vizier to the event.