Game of Thrones – Winter is Coming Game Review


Game of Thrones – Winter is Coming Browser Game is licensed officially by HBO and is out for a little under two months. Overall, the fans of the show and gamers are enjoying themselves as having an HBO license means Gtarcade could use official characters and their likeness in the game. Also, the game contains the same storyline and all the features to mirror the Game of Thrones HBO TV show.

Gtarcade & HBO

Actually, besides Gtarcade and HBO, Game of Thrones Winter is Coming browser game also has Warner Bros. and Yoozoo Games included as the WB games holds the license as well. Gtarcade stands behind such titles as Era of Celestials and League of Angels, which are quite successful. However, this may be their highest reaching project so far and definitely puts them among such big names.

Game of Thrones – Winter is Coming Features:

  • Real-time Online Strategy
  • Participate in the battle for the Iron Throne
  • Control official characters from the show
  • Play as the Westeros lord
  • Plan, build, explore, research, and battle

The story puts the player right in the middle of the never-ending conflict between all the Seven Kingdoms. You are a custom Lord from Westeros, with your own castle and a feature in the intro much like the HBO TV show. Your goal is to stop the war and bring peace, uniting all Seven Kingdoms and saving the people.


As mentioned, Game of Thrones – Winter is Coming is a strategy game. During combat, the players will battle in a real-time strategy environment. They will control their army and the assigned hero, which can even be a major character from the show, like Jon Snow. Also, out of combat, you will need to develop your kingdom and grow your city. You will have advisors, like Melisandre the red priestess, and you will control everything happening in your city as it evolves. You fight primarily for land and resources, which are needed to grow and evolve. Also, you will test your governor skills as you need to successfully manage your people and even deal with riots.


This is where this game really shines. The models, appearance, and all characters are entirely faithful to their Game of Thrones HBO show representation. Everything is smooth and polished, especially the artwork on the loading screens. The major characters from the show which are in the game are practically identical to their TV versions and are among the best ever seen.


Game of Thrones – Winter is Coming Browser Game pits a familiar and beloved world of George R. R. Martin in a familiar strategy environment. It is a much-needed edition among Game of Thrones games and a solid one at that. Other than that, this Online strategy gameplay and gaming experience is nothing new and undoubtedly best left like that. As far as the competitive side goes, it is still undetermined how well it holds up. The game came out right before season 8 of the HBO TV show, which is no coincidence.

7.3 Good
  • Atmosphere 7
  • Graphics 8
  • Gameplay 7
  • User Ratings (109 Votes) 3.8