Raiju Mobile

Game on any Android phone with Razer Raiju controller

The aspect of gaming that mobile phones still have to catch on comparing them to consoles and PC counterparts are the native controls. Truly the control options for the mobile phones are quite limited so games that were made for mobile phones suffer from the lack of the precision and the gameplay itself has to be adapted in order to accommodate to those shortcomings. The solution to that problem is some usually third-party hardware that emulates the advanced controls.

The Razer company, known for its gaming-oriented machines including the Razer Phone, launched the latest accessory for serious Android gamers on Wednesday, is the mobile gaming controller called simply Raiju, and it should provide more accuracy and precision comparing to the on-screen controls. People who tried this new controller say that switching from the default controls to the Raiju controller feels almost like cheating.

Design wise, Raiju Mobile is a combination of Razer Wolverine and Raiju PlayStation 4 controller. You can customize keys and thumbsticks by the Razer Android app. This controller is equipped with an adjustable phone mount that can tilt up to 60 degrees. The Raiju Mobile controller features the standard layout of control sticks, D-pad, shoulder buttons, and triggers. This controller also has some advanced control features like trigger stops and hair-trigger mode, for those times when you need to quickfire and keep moving. There are also physical Select, Back, Home, and Start button. But that’s not all, underneath the grips there are two additional buttons called “Mecha-Tactile”, that we presume will be used for specific in-game actions.

All these nice features mean nothing if your battery dies at the most important moment. Therefore, Raiju Mobile’s battery can deliver up to 23 hours of life on a single charge. To make things better, it seems that the controller features a USB-C port for charging.

Raiju Mobile

Razer specifically mentioned Vainglory, Lineage 2, Dead Trigger 2, and Gear-Club as mobile titles compatible with the Raiju Mobile. But we are sure that any game that supports controllers is compatible with Raiju Mobile too.

However, this new controller isn’t made just for the new Razer phone 2, but it can’t connect to phones running Android 6.0 over Bluetooth or USB-C blog. There’s even an adapter for the phones with the micro-USB ports. In the future, even the PC compatibility will come, so you could switch playing the game from the phone to the PC without changing the controller.

Later this year it will come a wireless variant of the Razer Raiju Mobile controller. The preferable way Razer wants you to use this controller is with the Razer Phone 2. The good news is that the disk controller is most likely compatible with the wide array of Android-based smartphones, including Samsung Galaxy S9, Huawei P20 Pro, Google Pixel 2 XL, OnePlus 6, and many more. This controller will be available in the next few months for $150. It’s compatible for the devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and newer, or Windows 7 and up.