Gears Pop! is releasing August 22 on Android and iOS

Gears Pop! game release date was originally set for September, but Microsoft switched gears and the game will release 10 days ahead of schedule for Android and iOS, on August 22 i.e. tomorrow.

Why this project is eagerly expected is sufficiently explained by the fact that it’s a union of Gears of War and Funko Pop!, both hits in their respective communities. The collaboration will be made into a free to play strategy and the trailer perhaps explains it best:

The crazy cool trailer for Gears Pop! Features fan-favorite characters from Gears of War, but we are promised that all characters are accounted for and available for collecting, upgrading, and playing in Funko Pop! visually-styled extravaganza. The game will bring a real-time PvP online multiplayer-only action, in a highly competitive environment.

The iTunes App Store still seems to display the September 2nd date, but the Gears Pop! game release date is officially confirmed for August 22, for both iOS and Android. Google Play store does feature updated content and you can already pre-register for the game on both platforms.