Gears of war comes to mobile! Well sort of, the popular third-person franchise is going mobile with a brand new game, the likes of which we have not seen, with the Funko pop brand riding on the coattails of the Gears franchise and the recent announcement of Gears of War 5.

If you don’t know what Funko POP! Is, it’s a brand of figurines, usually from popular culture, they are quite easily recognized by their giant head, tiny bodies, big eyes and lack of a mouth. The Pop! Style of figures have caught some backlash as being uninspiring and not good-looking by some critics, others seem to love the brand and their cute figures.

From what we have seen, the game captures the Funko POP! Style pretty well, so far we don’t know much about the game, only piece of information we have seen so far is the CG trailer and it really doesn’t say much.

We know that most of the gears crew will be returning, but will the game be a third-person shooter or something else? What will the leveling system be like, will there be online multiplayer and a single player campaign? We’ll have to see these things over time as we get more information about the game.

While Gears POP might not be what you would want from a gears game, Gears Tactics and Gears of war 5 were recently announced as well, with Tactics being a true PC turn-based strategy game, while Gears of War 5 will be the XBOX one sequel to the franchise we all know and love.

Gears POP! is expected to come out on Android and iPhone in 2019