Art of War 3 Tips

General non-combat related tips

Hey guys, today we are sharing with you few tips from one of our contributors that like to stay anonymous. Have to say it changed the way I think (I became slightly more proactive in searching for a better clan also, changed the way I deal with the premium account time) and would like to share this with you (Click here) as it may help you correct some minor issues you didn’t even know you have. Anyway, we are glad some of you guys are showing enthusiasm in helping community stand tall and I want you to know it is very much appreciated. If you like this guide, or there was something you changed as a result of reading it through, please consider sharing with others. Also, if you have something to say, something from your own experience that may help others have a better time playing the game, contact me via facebook (search for VojinBM), otherwise have a great day and enjoy the game of AoW3.