Marvel Super War post

Get a Headstart with our detailed MSW guides

It’s almost 20 days since the beta test for Marvel Super War ended. During the period (28th of May – 10th of June) few members of our team dedicated all of the time to test and playout every aspect of every MSW hero in different setups, circumstances and with various builds.

After finishing extensive research, testing and creating notes, three of us sit down on 10th of June and by now we finished all Marvel Super War content, mainly finishing off in-depth hero guides, as well as creating MSW Tier List representing the current state of the game. By the time MSW goes live, we expect to see some changes, probably stats- and not gameplay based. Once it does goes live we will compare stats “before” and “after”, and reevaluate the list.

In the meantime you can find out more on the heroes by checking out Bluemoongame Marvel Super War Hero guides, preemptively learning their strengths, weaknesses, and some tips and tricks. We believe these guides will help players have a good start, and later on to assist those struggling to achieve desired goals.

As always, we welcome all suggestions and constructive criticism and will strive to improve the quality of the content as we move forward. In order to do so, if anyone feels like they have something to say or share about the game, and we find it to be valuable for the community at large, let us know and we will do our best to get your voice to be heard.

Stay tuned with Bluemoongame, the best place to get Marvel Super War content.