Giants War Tips And Tricks

Giants War Tips and Tricks

Game Revealed studio has recently released the Giants War, their brand new RPG which features great Heroes, boss fights, PVP Arena, the elements of building and many more. In order to beat your rivals and rank up, there are lots of things you have to take care of. We made this guide so we could help you learn the ropes and rule this game.

Giants War Gameplay

Before we dive into advanced strategies and tricks, let’s say a word or two about the basic mechanics of the game. In Giants War, you can choose up to 5 Heroes for the battle. The number is the same for the adventure mode as well as in PVP mode, and the same Heroes can be deployed in defense. At the beginning of the game, you will have only two Heroes, and you will get more as you level up, for free. You don’t need to spend crystals to summon heroes but if you want you can. At first, it is not very difficult to defeat the enemies, but as you progress further in the game it becomes gradually more difficult.

When you start the game most of the features are locked. There are no bases, no fever mode,  no extra cards, no base defense, and so on. The defense settings get unlocked when you unlock the town hall to level 3, and you can assign Giants to defend resources. Now you can level up Giants, towers and get the stronger base defense in order to avoid getting looted. In the beginning, you might get the feeling that the game is too easy, but soon enough you’ll be convinced in the opposite. If you want to progress fast in this game you should build a party of best Heroes, increase the base defense and prepare your units for each battle.

Giants War Boss Battle

Heroes are the main element in Giants War, and you have to build a team of best heroes out of which you have to pick up to 5. We recommend you not to waste crystals in buying new Heroes, because you will get them for free after you clear an area on the world map. It’s advisable to build the team of 3-stars Heroes as soon as possible, and it is possible to transform 2-star Heroes into 3-star ones by evolving. Ranking up allows a hero to equip high-quality gear, and it also increases the hero stats. In order to rank a hero up, all you need to do is equip a hero with 6 equipment. After that, you can craft or produce high-quality gear and equip them to increase the hero’s stats. 

When the battle starts your Heroes will attack enemies automatically, but you have full control over their skills which can deal massive damage when fully charged. You can upgrade or unlock a new skill under the heroes menu in the skill section. One of the most important items in Giant Wars game is the core. The core is used in increasing the combat rating of a particular Hero. You can equip one hero with three Cores, however, you have to evolve that Hero in order to unlock more slots. The cores are also used in evolving, but they need to be the same type as the character. For example, Human Warrior character needs a Human Warrior core. You can get cores by defeating the boss in boss battles, or by buying them using the crystals. Another way to increase a Hero’s abilities are Inscriptions, which you can find by meeting Soldria the Tattoo Artist during the exploration. Whenever you get stuck in the game, remember to increase the Heroes’ power in the aforementioned ways.

Giants War Game

Now a little bit about exploration. Basically, it’s quite simple, go to the world map and select an area to explore it. Exploring will cost you gold coins, but you can earn those goings as a reward. When you explore the area you get cards, which include equipment, NPC characters, gold, Ether, boss, enemies, items, PvP ticket, and looting card. NPC characters provide you buffs, and they are Witches, Magic Merchants, Alchemists, and Tattoo Artists. In order to get buffs, you need crafting material, so when you tap the card (NPC Characters) a shop option will appear so you can buy material from there. 

Your base is your central place in this game. There you can produce items like dark ether,  wood, rhinestone and so on. Each resource is produced by an appropriate facility, like mines, lumber mills and refinery (for dark ether). These resources are necessary to upgrade the town hall and to add defensive items to your base. Your enemies could steal your base resources so it’s really important to build Towers and upgrade them.

Giants War Adventure

Telepode is a feature where you can summon Heroes, Cores, and collect supplies, which could be ether, gold and much more. There is also a Fever mode, which gets activated when you feel the fever gauge and which will give you various bonuses. In this mode, you can skip the fights if you have the enemy cards. You can earn stars by solely exploring and avoiding fights. 

And now for tips. First of all, don’t spend crystals in hero summon, because you will get a free hero everytime you clear a new area and a manual summon will cost you 1000 crystals. It’s better to save those crystals to summon cores. Cores are necessary to evolve Heroes, and they are used in evolving and increasing combat rating of Heroes. Speaking about Heroes, don’t rely on your luck and wait for new Heroes, but upgrade the heroes you’ve got for free. In Giants War bosses are really challenging, and to defeat them you need to use finisher skill with the right Hero. The finisher skill gets activated after a certain amount of hits when the side icon appears. The best time to use the finisher skill with the healer is when the heroes’ hit points are low. The healers are the most suited for the finisher skills because they can replenish other heroes’ hit points. In this game, healers are Orc Shaman, Human Priest, Dark Elf Druid, Beast Healer, Dragon Healer, and Machine Bard.  

Giants War Hero List

Due to the very sharp difficulty curve, you will need every possible help to successfully walk through the game and defeat all the bosses. Hopefully, this guide will help you in your endeavors in the fantastic world of Giants War.