Guns of Boom Battle Career Season 2

GoB Battle Career – Season 2

Eagerly awaited competition “Battle Career” is back after a respite, and the Season 2 definitely aims to add “a bit” more power to it. It literally kicked-off with a boom-brawl. A day before the Battle Career officially started, a Rocket Party Brawl challenge emerged where the only one thing really matters – How big is the Boom? With unlimited amounts of G-Launchers as the main feature, one can fairly easy assume what kind of battlefield this was going to be. And it is.

Battle Career Season 2 Overview

One thing prominently sticks out from the start of this second season, and that is the possibility to earn gold by gaining ranks in the ongoing event. Of course, gold as a reward is reserved only for those who buy the Elite Contract. Yet, the Elite Contract (for the time being) costs “only” 400G, which is quite a nice bargain since you can eventually get some of the gold back just by playing the game AND you also get some other cool stuff. Let’s glance at what some of those are…


The evolution of Emote mechanics is seemingly one of the many toys the Guns of Boom developers like to play with, so in Season 2 we’re presented with a Backflip emote, Break and a Hiii Jaah – where the first two are obtainable by the Elite Contract holders only.


Survivor and Recon Team are two of the costumes featured, where the first one you get immediately after purchase of the Elite Contract, while the latter is also Elite – but reserved for the ones able to fight their way to the last rank, or buy most of the way for the last rank for the stunning 1820G. Hell, buy everything for only 5600G. You deserve it.

Other loot

Several Skins and Insignias are included in the deal, followed by a hefty amount of G-Launchers and a decent supply of other support weapons and consumables.

Prior to the event GoB released the 5.3.0 Update which, from the technical aspect, didn’t bring many changes (earlier Hotfix 5.2.6 took care of that) but we will mention them never the less.

Headshot numbers now don’t pop out straight over the enemies heads, which sometimes made aiming a bit difficult, but rather to the side – leaving players with a clear sight of the “sweet spot” all of the time.

The second improvement is in the Matchmaking Queue, where you now have approximate waiting time before the game is found. In addition, the game won’t start if there aren’t equal number of players in both of the teams, so there also will be an in-game timer indicating that the game is waiting for more players in order to commence.

The third and the last one is an expansion of a previous feature, which was the possibility to try out any weapon or gear, except knives and pistols. Now, you can try everything that the main battle arsenal has to offer. It’s a really handy feature that enables a player to test out a weapon or any gear before deciding to go for it.


The main goal of this Season 2 event seems to be to promote player involvement in all of its designed features by not stressing players resources as before (au contraire). Add Gold as a reward, also G-Launchers, Rocket Party, Battle Case goodies – and it seems we are getting closer to a Boom Festival.

Want to see more of the GoB weapons, their stats, behavior, acquiring, possible origin? Well, you can then check out our Guns of Boom Weapons pages, you might just find what you are looking for.