GoB Event – Heroes: Breaking Point


With the hype for Marvel’s Avengers: End Game being at its peak, we also got the chance to try ourselves in the new Guns of Boom event of the similar theme called Heroes: Breaking Point. Waiting for us in this one are two main new costumes, bunch of heroic masks, skins and insignias, hordes of consumables and last but not least – new machine gun plus new head gear. Let’s give a warm welcome for Hero, the unstoppable led showering machine gun and Mirage, the astonishing… where is Mirage?

Guns of Boom Community, in general, agree that machine guns have lost their effectiveness at higher levels, so the devs sought to make one that will stand a chance in that arena. The weapon has three rather interesting abilities that might, in combination with Hero’s stats, lead to its implementation into ESL competition. Of course, it is still too early to speculate about that scenario, so we will wait and see what the players are going to make of it. For more info about this weapon, you can visit our Hero Machine Gun page.

Mirage head gear certainly won’t make its way to ESL, but it’s a very entertaining piece of equipment to play with. The name itself implies activating a form of invisibility (translucent player contour is still visible, but hardly) which can last for quite some time actually, if maxed. It takes some time getting used to it and choosing the right moment to slip into invisibility, but when mastered you can practically hear the phone glass being meshed under the enemies fingers after not knowing what hit ‘em. For more detailed info, you can visit our Guns of Boom Gear page.

The Heroes: Breaking Point event, as mentioned, brought two new heroic costumes. You can obtain 30 fragments of one of them just by buying the Contract, which costs 500G at this time. You also get some consumables and some tokens for that price, as well as the ability to earn all of the missions rewards.

Included in the event are also Daily tournaments and Ranking rewards that will fill up inventories of those more persistent players. Lastly it should be mentioned that, unlike brawls, event battles do affect the overall score of the player.