God of War Mimirs Vision

God of War: Mimir’s Vision

So, did you ever wanted to play God of War on mobile? I guess you did, and now you can do it with Mimir’s vision, the Sony’s first mobile game in the GoW franchise. Well, take that “game” part conditionally, because it’s more a marketing stunt in form of Augmented Reality game. Mimir’s vision is another one of those free companion apps that publishers release as part of the marketing push for their big-budget console games. In this case, that big budget game is the recent and highly praised PS4 reboot of the God of War series.

As you know already, the new God of War game had its antihero Kratos quit murdering Greek pantheon in favor of some Norse god bloodshed. It means there’s a completely new setting to explore with new deities and lore to learn about. Mimir’s Vision was made to help players get introduced with the Nordic mythology.

The “gameplay” is simple, you just point your device at a flat surface and tap the screen. Upon doing that, 3D map of Midgard will spread before you. This is augmented reality, so you can pan and zoom around the map by moving your device all around the surface. If you’ve never had any experience with AR, this will feel quite impressive. If you have, quite less so.  

This app is purposely made for lore dispensing. When you tap the button right of the screen, you’ll see a bunch of hot points highlighter. Tapping on points will give you a paragraph of text on the location, along with an image, narrated by the titular Mimir. Titular Mimir is the disembodied Norse god accompanying Kratos through the main game, and he as a cheeky Scottish accent, which somehow doesn’t sound out of place.  

Mimir’s Vision isn’t very meaningful as a standalone app, and its use of AR isn’t that sharp since it could be straightforward interactive map too, without any AR gimmicks. Let’s say it again, this app is only worth downloading if you’re currently playing God of War and want to know more about Nordic settings. Beyond that, it has virtually nothing to offer. For a true God of War game on the mobile, try PSP emulation.