GOG and Steam - Black Friday Deals

GOG and Steam Black Friday Deals

The White Dawn of the Black Friday is here, November 29th! Many discounts and deals have been going on for the past week or so, but we all know that the juiciest deals are kept exclusively for today. With so many stores to choose from, we checked out CD Projekt Red’s GoG and of course Steam. The reason is that GOG.COM surprised everyone by opening today with over 2000 deals, some of which go up to -90% for digital games. Since the prices vary compared to other publications, we will emphasize the discount value.

GOG.COM Black Friday sale lasts until December 3rd, 2 PM UTC, and here are the most notable deals in our opinion (discounts grow in descending order):

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Steam.com Black Friday Sale the best deals in our opinion:

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In addition to the lucrative discounts, there are several other big titles and premium packs that are offered in special deals, like Dead Cells (-30%), Grand Theft Auto V (-50%), Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Online Edition Megalodon Shark Card Bundle (-59%), Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (-65%), and many others. We suggest you check out both Steam and GOG.COM, for both stores will keep the deals for a day or two, and virtually any title you can imagine has some kind of a discount.