GOG Winter Sale 2019

GOG Winter Sale is here – claim your Wasteland 2 for free

GOG.Com Winter Sale has kicked-off with a free offer of Wasteland 2, valid less than 24h from now. Besides the free offer of this outstanding tactical RPG, the upcoming period will meet us with Special Offers, Completion bundles, GOG Connect, and a sum total of over 2500 deals that go up to -95%. Again, the word ‘sale’ is to be taken with reserve, as many of the titles will be freebies or DRM-free, and there are different ways in which you can increase your discount payoff!

Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut Digital Classic Edition is currently free of charge. It is the sequel to the very successful first-ever post-apocalyptic tactical RPG by Chris Avellone, the renowned designer. This Classic Edition comes with the Original Wasteland from 1988 as a bonus, so its two games with one free click. This offer lasts until December 13, 2PM UTC!

Other Winter Sale lucrative deals include Ultimate RED Collection, which is at $97.77, and it includes a Cyberpunk 2077 pre-order and all Witcher games that have come out so far, which are now at their cheapest. This offer expires on December 27th, 2PM UTC.

GOG Winter Sale Ultimate RED Collection

Paradox Strategy Bundle is another fine grab that gives an additional 25% discount if you complete your collection of these five games: Imperator: Rome (-33%), Age of Wonders: Planetfall (-33%), Surviving Mars (-66%), Stellaris (-75%), and BATTLETECH (-66%).

GreedFall, the recently released action-RPG, is also available on GOG.Com DRM-free and with 25% off. This offer lasts until December 26, 2PM UTC.

There are over 2500 more gaming deals to consider in this GOG.com Winter Sale extravaganza, making this an alluring holiday shopping season. Again, many of the titles are a free giveaway for a period of time, so be sure to check it out, and completing certain sales can yield even greater bonus discounts. GOG Connect is also again available, which enables DRM-free copies of games users already own on Steam. The first wave includes DUSK, Age of Wonders: Planetfall, Through the Ages, Galaxy Trucker, and others.

GOG Winter Sale lasts until January 2nd, 2020, at 2PM UTC