If you ever wanted to find out what it’s like to work on game development, then Google Play might be able to answer that. With their new video series First Person, Google Play will center on three creative individuals from the video game industry and present their stories in a few minutes via YouTube.

Video games always had a special place in pop-culture, and we can freely say that it’s impossible to imagine life without them. They even birthed their own dictionary, which players use among themselves, and some of that lingo has slipped into everyday speech as well. Although they are usually perceived as something bad that will occupy too much of someone’s time, the same was said about books when they first showed up.

Mobile gaming is a new level of playing which made games available to everyone, not just the people with high-end computers and deep pockets. Smartphones awoken a whole new generation of players and the boundaries between genders, age and financial status slowly started to dissolve. Today, there are so many games you can play on your phone, which satisfy anyone’s taste, that it’s simply impossible not to.

If you want to find out what lies behind this industry, then Google Play’s First Person: The personal stories of the creative people behind mobile gaming will give you the answers. We also recommend these video series for those who want to be game developers and start their own companies. You will find out a lot about the game making process, development and design in these three episodes, which are available now.

First Person talked to Ashly Burch, Vassiliki Khonsari, and Bennett Foddy about game development and their take on it. Khonsari is the co-founder of Ink Studios, and Foddy is an instructor at the Game Centre of the New York University, and a designer as well. Ashly Burch gave a voice to characters of Aloy in Horizon: Zero Dawn and Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series. These three individuals all work on different jobs in the gaming industry and are able to show you different perspectives and challenges.

Bennett Foddy, Vassiliki Khonsari, and Ashly Burch

“First Person celebrates the creativity behind mobile gaming, through genuine narratives about real-life game makers who propel our virtual worlds forward, and motivate us to play,” Google said. “From hard work to high scores, these are the stories of the people that help bring mobile gaming to life.”

Three episodes of the First Person series are available now on YouTube.