Future of Gaming by Google

Google to Announce the Future of Gaming Next Week

We are used to Google being revolutionary and innovative, so when the company promised to show off the future of gaming – the world listens. On March 19 at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET. Google will announce its vision for the future of gaming at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2019.

A month ago, Google announced that it will host a gaming-related event at GDC by inviting media to “gather around.” This invite included the message that “all will be revealed” and followed with a GIF of light exploding in the hallway. The company always took part in GDC since as an event focused on developers, it had a lot to add because of Android. However, this year, we might be getting something different and mind-blowing from Google.

The latest teaser Google posted on its official Twitter account has really boosted the media curiosity considering how cool it looks. Namely, the teaser showed various settings from sci-fi, fantasy to racing which not only look amazing but also bring great promises. The teaser, however, doesn’t say anything so we can’t be sure what exactly are we seeing. Some rumors say that this may be an announcement for Google’s game-streaming service which is created from what was already accomplished with Project Stream. Additionally, this could all be connected to the game controller whose patent was leaked to the public last year.

Now, many believe that twit from Google’s SVP of Hardware Rick Osterloh indicates that the event could be about the company launching new hardware for gaming. Although some may say that Osterloh could be supportive of his company, a placeholder page on Google Store announcing the event may say differently. Basically, advertising the event on Google Store does say that the event will include some physical device.

When you look at all the info, you can’t stop but wonder whether we will witness the biggest and most important announcement by Google yet. Or, it will prove to be something cool but not as huge as the mystery surrounding it tries to depict. Whatever might be the case, we will find out soon enough on Tuesday, March 19 at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET when all eyes will be pointed at GDC.