GreedFall Review

GreedFall Review

GreedFall release date was on September 10, 2019, and the game arrived on PC, PlayStation4, and Xbox One. Now, what makes this action role-playing game stand out from similar titles are its setting, visually impeccable style, an intricate character progression system, and a very engaging combat system. These attributes all participated equally in the feedback the game has been getting in the past two weeks, and we shall delve deeper into that as well as in the game itself to see our side of things.

Development and reception

GreedFall is developed by Spiders, which is a video game developing company stationed in France. The studio also developed games such as Sherlock Holmes Versus Jack The Ripper, Faery: Legends of Avalon, Gray Matter, Mars: War Logs, and several others. In terms of genres, all these titles vary in style but they have a common thread which is using interesting and unconventional gameplay settings and mechanics to try and present an engaging story, rather than making a game a chore.

Thus is the deal with their latest title, which uses the basic action RPG elements, but quickly turns away from them and gravitates towards the game’s fantastic setting as the main source of innovative gameplay mechanics, connecting it with the story quite successfully. It was published by Focus Home Interactive and, on Steam, Greedfall has Mostly Positive reviews, with Respectable online publications ranking it above 80 or 90% of their total score meter.

The Story

GreedFall storyline is set in a fantasy setting, during a 17th century-styled era of the fantasy world. The game’s narrative follows an immersive story development that should not be spoiled for the player. All we can say is that the stage is set in a newly discovered island, where several of the most powerful factions of the world, which is plagued by an epidemic, come to escape from the disaster and claim the new land for themselves. As the factions all battle each other or perhaps scheme together, the player represents a faction that strives to make peace with the native people.

The gameplay

This game brings several new things that explore the RPG action genre. Firstly, the character progression system is organized into three main branches: warrior, technical, and magic. The warrior and magic will be familiar to the players, although they also bring something new. However, the technical skill tree refers to the intricate equipment system presented to the player.

This game features an endlessly deep crafting system for equipment, weapons, and consumables, which can also be exploited through the mentioned Technical skill tree, as well as paired with other talent categories. Players can mix and match, or they can choose to commit. Skill points are awarded by leveling, but there are also skill altars found in various locations on the map.

Lastly, skill point investments do change the gameplay style greatly, both combat and out-of-combat portions. The foes in GreedFall are tough and will attack the player with much more than just weapon swings or projectiles. The players must utilize all their assets to prevail, attacking the enemy, avoiding damage, and even curing various effects with potions that are crafted on the workbench. The game also offers a sort of a stealth approach to exploration, similar to that of The Arkham Asylum Batman games.


GreedFall graphics look astounding and utilize the power of PS4 and Xbox One consoles, as well as strong PCs, to their maximum. Modeling is done in accordance to the 17th century setting of the game’s narrative, and the entire atmosphere follows this, which gives it a quite stylish flavor. Animations and visual cues are also quite comprehensive and well thought out.


GreedFall game uses a very engaging method of storytelling to immerse the player into its own world of fantasy meets 17th century history. This narrative is further presented by unconventional gameplay mechanics and in-depth features offered to the player, meant to further enhance the pleasure of immersing oneself into this setting. The game is also quite challenging and rewards players for understanding and using all its innovative features, not forgiving the opposite. All in all, it is quite a good take on the action RPG genre.




The game is quite challenging and rewards players for understanding and using all its innovative features, not forgiving the opposite. All in all, it is quite a good take on the action RPG genre.

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