GTFO Left4Deadi-sh horror co-op – will be finalized in the spring

GTFO is a game made by the Swedish independent game developers 10 Chambers Collective. This studio is formed in 2015 and it consists of video game veterans, known for making the games such as PAYDAY: The Heist and PAYDAY 2. GTFO is very close to release, and it will be a 4 player co-op horror FPS for hardcore players. Imagine Left 4 Dead, just less casual.

The playable demo of this game was playable at last year’s E3 and Gamescom, and it was exceptionally received, even winning awards for “Best Cooperative Game” and “Editors’ Choice Award” as well as nominations for “Best of E3” and “Best in Show”.

Last year in June Ulf Anderson, creative director for GTFO, presented the impressive use of Unity technology in a way that makes the hostile shadow entity the enemy that can be seen only in the reflection of light. In the recent presentation, Anderson revealed that GTFO will be the first game that will feature the new Unity’s camera system called CineCast. Basically, that’s the camera system that connects scene cameras with advanced director system which evaluates the potential shots and creates cinematic gameplay footage in real time.

“Premiering this technology with GTFO feels absolutely right. It’s a game that continuously changes from stealth to intense action gameplay with an adaptable the impressive soundtrack to add, making it a cinematic experience that really showcases the potential of CineCast’s technology”, says Adam Myhill, Creative Director at Made With Unity. “Also, GTFO is a game that is being built upon a very loyal and already engaging community and we hope this tool will be of great value to them when they create their own content of GTFO to share.”

The first presentation of CineCast technology took place live on stage at Unite LA. The audience has seen a video which looked like a professional gameplay trailer, but it was actually four people playing the game behind the stage live, and CineStar technology was making the footage in real time.

Everything you need to know about GTFO, including the press kit and the live demonstration video you can find on this link. GTFO is going to be finalized in the spring, and you can already put it in your wishlist on Steam.