Guns of Boom 4.9 Update

GOB 4.9 is Here

The new update for the game is available for download and it includes some slight game modifications, such as re-balancing of Paradise Island, Construction Site and Old Factory maps. The main feature of this patch is the new Quadcopter – a “super generous” flying drone that generates gold every day, as well as gives a one time bonus of 200 gold after purchase (its price is around $4). It can be obtained by all players ranging from levels 3-16. One thing should be noted though: when you buy the drone it will be active for 10 days after which it will fly off in an (un)known direction and you will have to buy another one. Because drones…

It seems that the maintenance team from Game Insight didn’t have enough time to finish off all they have planned, so some features will remain unavailable until next update. Those include Voice Chat and Clan Chat.

As a compensation for a slight overdue in maintenance time, every player will receive 250 Battle Coins.