Guns of Boom

GoB Features Updated

Day and night our mice have been collecting, sorting and adapting various new features that the Guns of Boom devs have prepared for us this winter. On our pages, you can explore core elements that this game has to offer. If you are not certain which weapon you should buy, which gear would suit you best, or you’re simply seeking some tips to improve your gameplay – hop down to our guides section where you will find a lot of useful info.

Guns of Boom Guides

Apart from guides, we’ve prepared a detailed item description along with their stats and abilities. Included here are also the new guns and gear such as Icebreaker, Scorpion Helmet or Mustang Pants. In order to navigate more easily, we made separate sections for every type of weapon found in the game: Knives, Pistols, Shotguns, Rifles, Assault Rifles and Machine Guns.

Guns of Boom Guns

Those who like a bit more tactical approach can check out our Maps section, where we break down each map in order to find the optimal playstyle and see which weapon works best in a given situation. Additionally, top-down images can help you in planning out actions with your teammates.

Guns of Boom Maps

Video section for Guns of Boom is still in preparation and will be available in the near future. It is envisioned to serve complementary with our existing content, but also as a center for players wishing to promote their awesome gameplay and achievements.

If you feel that some of the information presented is incorrect or outdated, you can notify us through the comment section below every page and we will address the issue as soon as possible. Happy Holidays!