Katowice Invitational Tournament Recap


Guns of Boom has a rare trait among mobile games, and we’re don’t mean the worst name ever, but the fact it’s a game you actually want to keep playing once you finished the main story.

Guns of Boom puts you in a four-versus-four match, where you must battle it out for victory across a number of different maps in a gorgeous looking game. The best aspect of this game is how fluid the controls feel for a touchscreen game. You control your character’s movement and aiming by dragging your finger across the screen, but actions such as shooting are automatic once a target is in range. You have a few buttons to perform additional actions such as healing, throwing a grenade, aiming down sights, or changing weapons, but the focus is always on shooting your enemies. Nothing takes away from that focus, and if anything, you are pushed more into the zone by the placement of on-screen prompts and HUD elements.

Mobile developer Game Insight has partnered with tournament organizer ESL  to develop an esports scene for its mobile first-person shooter Guns of Boom. The game’s inaugural esports season will feature a $200K prize pool spread across multiple events.

ESL will add Guns of Boom to its open weekly tournament series, Go4, in North America and Europe. In addition to the open tournaments, Game Insight will host two invitational tournaments. The first was a stand-alone four-team European Invitational which took place in Katowice, Poland, on July 29th. Later in the year, the eight best teams in the world will compete in a season championship in Los Angeles, California.

Four teams are called to the EU Invitational tournament in Katowice, and those teams are ForZe aka TRIADA [ZEON], [HARA] Yakuza, [BTOB] Back to Back, and [JUGG] Knights of Honor. In the first matches, Knights of Honor team collided with ForZe, and BTOB got themselves against Yakuza. The first matches were better suited for Kings of Honor and Yakuza. Kings of Honor managed to win against ForZe (2:0) and Yakuza defeated BTOB (2:1). The Knights of Honor team had an easier job with ForZe, while Yakuza won in a very close match against BTOB, confirming the status of favorites for both teams.

In the semifinals, Knights of Honor pitted against Yakuza team, who gave them a proper whooping and won very convincingly (0:3), which made them the first finalist of the tournament. In the first losers’ match, Back to Back got to compete against Forze, and defeated them in a very close match (2:1), qualifying to the decider match against Knights of Honor for the second finalist. In the decider match, Back to Back totally dominated Knights of Honor (3:0) and went to the finals against the favorite Yakuza, whom they competed against in the first match of the tournament and lost.

The final match between Yakuza and Back to Back was under the Best of three rule. In the first exciting and unpredictable round, Back to Back won by 3:2, making the winning streak after they were losing 1:2, and resetting the bracket in the process. However, in the second game Yakuza team showed why they were the favorites for the tournament trophy by remaining calm and winning the second round with 3:1

Here’s the entire table of the tournament:

Yakuza team has proven their role of the favorites, winning convincingly throughout all the competition. They won the tournament and got the price of $20.000. The members of the winning team are XLNC aka Callum Tyrone Morris from the United Kingdom, MIGATTE_NO_GOKUI aka Javier David Prado Lencina from Spain, LORDMANO aka Roberto Miguel Oliveira Ruivo from Germany, and DIVINE KING aka Kevin Arnulfo Castellanos Meneses from the USA. The Back to Back team won $12.500 as the second placed, the third-placed Knights of Honor won $5000, while the fourth-placed ForZe team won $2500.

The upcoming major cups are a seventh and eighth round of Go4GunsOfBoom Europe Cup, which are going to take place on August 4th and August 11th. According to the current rankings, the leading team is still Back to Back, followed by Knights of Honor and Yakuza.

This tournament is another proof that mobile gaming became a serious competitive area with great tournaments and hefty prize pools. We’ll be there to inform you about these and other Guns of Boom tournaments as they take place in the upcoming days.