Guns of Boom Pro Series Brazil

Guns of Boom Pro Series Brazil Countdown

Second GoB Pro Series event is closing in slowly, and this one is going to be held at BadBoy Leeroy Arena in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The clash has been set for the 8th of June with the prize pool of $40.000. Let‘s see which teams booked their tickets for sunny Brazil after the Spring Challengers.

North America

  • Impact Gaming
  • Eanix

The Champions of the previous Guns of Boom Pro Series held at Texas, Impact Gaming, again showed an outstanding performance throughout the Spring Challenger season. Their ability to display excellence in every single match is truly an inspiring sight, where every action seems so natural and easy. They‘re probably the strongest contestant on the tournament and it won‘t be much of a surprise if we see them in the finals again.

Eanix team also managed to secure its place through Challenger Cups, although admittedly with a bit more struggle compared to IG. Still, they showed great spirit and perseverance which was enough to book them a second ticket for the Season 2 Pro Series event. Will it be enough for one more finals remains to be seen.


  • Lazarus
  • DustTwo Esports

Everything was also booming in Europe since the start of the Spring Challenger. The thrill and excitement were overwhelming as teams rapidly shifted places on the scoreboard. Lazarus team played well when it was tough, yet it had some drawbacks in the beginning and mid phases of the competition. Nevertheless, they managed to amass enough points to qualify for the Major‘s and here is where they‘ll have an opportunity to shine, as they already have a lot of experience in events of this magnitude.

DustTwo Esports had many matches with „close calls“ but still managed to turn bulk of them in their favor in the lasts seconds. They showed great play and a considerable amount of coolheadedness, which will certainly be their trusty ally in the upcoming matches in Brazil.

Latin America

  • Brazukas

With their unbelievable movement and terrain coverage, Brazukas team seems determined to find their way to the finals in the upcoming event. They radiate with extraordinary potential and we are most certainly going to see more of them on the events of this kind in the near future.

South East Asia

  • CycloneGG

The first SEA team that is going to participate in the event of this scale will be CycloneGG. Without a single lost match, they rightfully won a spot in the second Pro Series of this season. It will be interesting to see how they will manage against the battle-hardened veterans at the BadBoy Leeroy Arena in Sao Paulo.

The event is only 10 days away and for those of you who are just tuning in, there will be a live stream on June 8 at the Guns of Boom‘s official YouTube channel and their Twitch channel.

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