guns of boom pro series texas

GoB Pro Series Texas summary

This season’s  Pro Series Texas tournament held at Dallas Arlington Stadium is over, and the Impact Gaming team goes home with the trophy and a hefty $20.000 reserved for the winner. They showed excellent play throughout the tournament and as a result didn’t lose a single match. A flawless victory indeed.

guns of boom texas

They defeated UnBreakable in the semis after which came Eanix for the grand finale. Besides really good play, with every match following to finals members of Impact Gaming team showed that they are relaxed and not burdened by the pressure of the tournament, which undoubtedly gave them some edge over their opponents.

Team Eanix also showed some really good play in all three rounds, but it seems like the rough semi-final battle with highly experienced veteran team ForZe (Eanix won 3:2) exhausted them just enough to not be able to fully immerse themselves in the final match.

The rest of the teams also put up a good fight and showed that their participation in this tournament is no coincidence, but the tides went more in favor of the North American teams this time. The Guns of Boom Esports events are slightly past inception stage and many of the teams are also new to this kind of competition, so we can safely say that this is only the beginning where some teams are yet going to show what they’re really made of.

Back to the finale. The mix of skill, experience, and cool-headedness proved to be more than enough to smoothly bring everything to a closure in the finals against Eanix, and after a score of 3:0 for Impact Gaming we now have the second contestant in the next Gods of Boom event taking hold at June in Cologne. We are yet to see who else will be joining IG and team Noble in the second Gods of Boom tournament of this ongoing Season 2.

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