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Guns of Boom

Game offers various game modes, over 50 weapon models and exciting game events. Grab your friends and play wherever you want in one of the most popular mobile FPS! Here at BlueMoonGame, we have the most important guides about Weapons, Gear, and Maps. You can find stats of every weapon, information about recent updates and beginner tips to get in faster and grow from zero to hero!

You can use category buttons at the top of the page to quickly navigate through the site:

Weapons button will take you to the page where you can browse six main weapon categories :
Assault Rifles / Machine Guns / Knives / Pistols / Rifles / Shotguns. You can access the desired category by clicking on the corresponding image.

Gear button will lead you to the GoB’s arsenal where you can find three main gear categories, which you can gain access by clicking on one of the three images :
Head gear / Torso / Pants

Maps button, once tapped, will teleport you to our GoB’s Map Warehouse page. After that, just choose one of the maps of your liking, tap on its thumbnail and enjoy the detailed overview we’ve prepared for the nitty-gritty type of players.

Guides button is reserved mostly for new players and critics, and on the page behind the blue button, you will find basic tips on how to handle certain weapons, situations, and how to deal with the most common challenges early in the game. Also, we’ve listed all guns in their respective category and sorted them out by their maximum values, including Power / Accuracy / Range / Magazine.

Videos button opens a page where we will post educational, funny, interesting or awe-inspiring gameplay videos – every week. Stay tuned!